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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ND Recruiting Class of 2012 – Minus Three

What do Tee Shepard, Gunner Kiel, and now Davonte’ Neal have in common?

**  All three Rival 5 – Star Recruits.
**  All three offensive players.

**  All three from the class of 2012.
**  All three leaving the Irish.

Tee left for academic and Notre Dame acclimation reasons (rumor).

Gunner for depth chart reasons (rumor).
Davone’ to go home to Arizona and help father his six week old son (rumor).

So to add to the injuries of Chase Hounshell (shoulder), Amir Carlisle (broken collarbone), the transfer of Gunner Kiel, the transfer of Davonte’ Neal, and the latest rumor, the transfer of Justin Ferguson, that is five bad things.  Former head coach Lou Holtz said bad things happen in three’s, ---wrong again.
Let’s hope this is it.  Keep in mind, spring practice has just started and a lot can happen.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Irish Amir Carlisle and Injuries

There are very few photos of Amir Carlisle in a Notre Dame uniform and in most of them he is carrying or using a crutch.
Well the internet rumor is that Irish wannabe running back Amir Carlisle has suffered yet another injury.  This time an unofficial reported broken collarbone.  The kid cannot catch a break.  (Sorry lousy pun.)
He was basically let go by USC and Lane Kiffin over ankle and knee injuries/issues in which the Trojans were not willing to maintain a precious scholarship during the drastic NCAA punishment period.

Coming to Notre Dame in January 2012, he was granted immediate playing time by momma NCAA.  Then Amir broke his ankle before spring practice and then had subsequent nerve damage issues which caused him to Red Shirt all of 2012.
Now a broken collarbone to suffer through during spring practice and 7-7 unofficial workouts this summer.  It would appear he can physically be ready for fall practice, however, what about mentally and being behind four or five other running backs?

The NFL does not look kindly to injury prone running backs that traditionally have about a three year window to succeed in the NFL.

A classmate or fellow player needs to head down to the Grotto and lite a row of  candles for Amir.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Funk City and Other ND Ruinations

Guess it started with getting our butts kicked down in South Beach. 
Then this Manti Te’o thing, I was alright with it until I watched the Dr. Phil interview with the moron who thinks he is a girl.  Now I don’t know what to believe about Manti’s manhood or sexual leanings.

The one highlight since getting clobbered by Nick and the Boys has been the number four ranking for the Irish 2013 recruiting class.
Brian Kelly and his flirtation with the Eagles which had all the drama of a pimple-faced kid asking out the head cheerleader for his first date.  Text book example of how NOT to look for a job.

The NFL Combine was a bit underwhelming for a number of players including Te’o and Zeke Motta.  It will be interesting to see how the Irish seniors do at the ND’s pro day.
Jamoris Slaughter did not get another year of eligibility which really hurts his chances at the next level.

Now this Gunner Kiel transfer announcement.  You have to really wonder what he was thinking coming out of high school.  Indiana, LSU and Notre Dame, no good fits anywhere, figure he has one shot left. 
I guess it means that Everett Golson is the real deal and Gunner did not see himself starting or getting any meaningful playing time.  I’d always thought Andrew Hendrix was the odd-QB-out and he still may be.

Then to top things off, the Pope ups and quits.
Here is hoping spring practice will prove interesting and solidifying running back, linebacker, and OL.  No injuries and no more transfers.