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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good News from ESPN

Well things are starting to look up. 
No, not the Fighting Irish.  Way too many question marks there at quarterback.

The college football announcing scene!   Huh. This fall we won't have to hit the mute button as much!  

ESPN has finally dumped Pam Ward from the ranks of college football announcing and has relegated her to some backwater sports nobody watches.

Add Notre Dame hater and buffoon Craig James who is running for the U.S. Senate from Texas.  ESPN had no choice there with the free publicity and conflicts if he remained.  If James would somehow blow the race and lose, we’re sure ESPN would be dumb enough to hire him back.
Last winter we were pleased that the University of New Mexico was stupid enough to pluck Bob Davies from the obscure bottom rung of football game color analysis and named him head coach.  We charitably will give him three years at UNM and then he will disappear into the high school coaching ranks.
Now, will Mr. Peacock oblige us and send Tom Hammond packing? 
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Anonymous said...

Davies is at UNM not NMSU. He is a Lobo not a Aggie.

kreyfish said...

And here, I thought I was the only one that couldn't stand to listen to Ms. Ward. I have nothing against women sports broadcasters, but I just can't do women in the booth when it comes to football...or maybe it was just her, I dunno.

Sooooooo glad to see that Craig James and Bob Davies are trying, at least, to get out of the booths...oye.

Now, as far as Tommy Hammond, I respectfully disagree. Full disclosure, I'm from Lexington and worked briefly for Mr. Hammond at his video production company. That said, he didn't say "boo" to me while I was there. But, jumping into the Bcasting business as I did (now going on 30 years), I have a lot of respect for him. NBC and the Irish could do a LOT worse.

Subway Alumni said...


Fixed it. Thanks. Dummy me, I knew that.

Subway Alumni

Subway Alumni said...


Hey, my youngest son lives in E-Town and works in Lexington and is trying to move there.

You are correct that we could do a lot worse with someone other than Tom Hammond.

Subway Alumni

kreyfish said...

Lexington is a great little town. Clean, friendly and the hub of central Kentucky. Etown to Lexington must be a bitch of a commute. Once there, I think he will enjoy it.

Yes, Tom Hammond is a vanilla shake without the malt, states the obvious...but, he praises the Irish when they need it and comes down on them when they deserve it. However, he's no Keith Jackson that's for sure (gawd, I miss KJ).

Hope your boy makes it to Lex safely!!