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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Congratulations George Dohrmann

George Dohrmann

The Sports Illustrated article on Jim Tressel is damning.  Read it here.  Congratulations to Pulitzer Prize winner George Dohrmann, Notre Dame Class of 1995 for great investigative reporting.  We suspect more to come out of this sleazy affair.  You can be well assured that we will have an opinion too.

Assistant Head Coach Luke Finkell has been named interim Head Coach for 2011 while tOSU attempts to find a possible replacement for a Program headed for NCAA sanctions that will make U$C’s look like a slap-on-the-wrist.

Loved the small piece where allegedly Tressel rigged a summer camp raffle for certain star recruits over those that had no chance of going to tOSU.  Like taking candy from babies huh Jim?

We here at Subway Alumni Station thought we would enter some names as possible Head Coaching candidates at “Tattoo U.”

Tyrone Willingham – Columbus has some great golf courses.

Rich Rodriquez – If you can’t beat them—join them.

Pete Carroll – Been there, seen it, done it.

George O’Leary – Where lying will fit right in.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Goodbye Tressel - Ohio State Will Be Better Off Without You


Ohio State University finally did the right thing.  It took way too long.  It forced Jim Tressel to resign.  The next step is to deep-six the athletic director, Gene Smith (A Notre Dame Graduate.)  The Ohio State Football Program stinks to high heaven.  The system needs to be cleaned up from top to bottom.  tOSU is faced with consequences similar to U$C or maybe worse.  The entire Program is under a cloud.  Was the National Championship led by street thug Maurice Clarett tainted?

Jim Tressel bent on a 2010 NC run did great damage to a storied and great football program.  Goodbye Jim.  Things must be very bad in Buckeye Land for Jim to quit.  Resign and lose his future wages instead of being fired?  Hmmm.

Why have we at Subway Alumni Station been on Tressel’s kester from the beginning?  Because just like Pete Carroll at U$C, individual coaches have done great harm to college football and what Notre Dame and all the rest of college football stands for.  (Please excuse the preposition at the end)

Here is Ohio State Quarterback Pryor and his car not sure how be obtained it. (Please excuse the preposition at the end)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Quick Fix on Notre Dame Football

If you need a quick fix on some info concerning Notre Dame Football during the Dead Zone, here is a good one.  Eric Hansen from the South Bend Tribune provides a good update on the Irish.  Noticeably lacking is mention of Michael Floyd. 

It appears the Irish Head Coach is touring the country visiting ND Alumni Clubs to booster support and show the flag while he is unable to recruit.  Wish he would come to West Virginia.  I guess I have to start a Club to get him here.

Of particular interest is the moving around of players especially incoming freshmen.  Shoot these guys are not even on campus yet for summer school.  Obviously, Coach Brian Kelly feels some can make an impact on the depth chart immediately and not just Special Teams.  The need for a kickoff return and punt return sparkplug is hopefully being addressed.  Man we sucked last year.

The switching of positions highlights Kelly’s desire to find players who can play where they are needed and have that Right Kind of Guy athleticism that he keeps talking about.  Anytime you can strengthen the depth chart you are creating competition for playing time and that sure is better than what Charlie Weis had going during his lean years.

I’m going to have to have that new ten second run-off option explained to me a couple of times by Tom Hammond before it sinks in.  The more taunting and hot-dog rules the NCAA can add to the college game is fine with me.  I'm sick of it in the NFL.

Understand USC is in a bit of a bind recruit-wise now that the NCAA infraction boys have said no dice to the Reggie Bush appeal.  It appears USC stocked up on recruits in 2011, have a total of 75 scholarship players, but can only recruit six in 2012.  They are going to have some skewed recruiting years until the three year, 75-scholarship limit runs it course. 

Speaking of tainted football programs.  The chickens are coming home to roost in Buckeye Nut Land.  Former sometime player Ray Small has come clean to tell his selling of Big Ten Championship Rings and sweet car deals during his short time playing for tOSU.  This was not out of any sense of righteousness but good old revenge.  Small was in the Doghouse more than he was sitting on the bench.  If you got nothing better to do here is the low-down.

Well have a great Memorial Day weekend, don't burn the burgers.

Subway Alumni

Thursday, May 26, 2011

So You Think You Know Notre Dame Football? # 4

4 #  Which Notre Dame All-American did not leave school early to pursue a professional football career?

Jerome Bettis

Tim Brown

Tom Carter

Rocket Ismail

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Michael Floyd Is Back !!

For god's sake can we beat Sparty at home?  Subway Alumni Station Crew will be there!

Therefore, reading the tea leafs and between the “BrianSpeak,” it appears Michael Floyd will be back catching passes from Dayne Crist in the opening game of the 2011 season versus South Florida. 

Hmmm.  Go IRISH

Obviously, we do not know the details but fear finger pointing and repercussions from the Notre Dame haters.

Hmmm.  Go IRISH

Let us hope Dayne Crist is up to finding Michael open and that Notre Dame can weather the storm of abuse coming.
Hmmm.  Go IRISH
We think in the long run, multipe quarterbacks will steer the Notre Dame offense in this run for the National Campionship.  The 2012  schedule does not look inviting or promising.
Hmmm.  Go IRISH

Nuts And Bolts On Where Notre Dame Football Stands

The nuts and bolts on where Notre Dame Football stands during the Dead Zone.  What's the heck is the Dead Zone?  Here it is.

Over some of our favorite very cold iced down brewski’s.

With some friends.

Three of us here at the Station deliberated over a number of issues to be thankful for concerning the state of Notre Dame Football.

1.  Other than Cameron Roberson, the IRISH came out of spring practice pretty much intact.  Here is a previous post on Cameron.

2.  Michael Floyd apparently is lying low and staying out of trouble while he awaits a June court date.  We suspect he will get a game(s) suspension(s) of some sort from Kelly but will be allowed to participate in fall camp.  A fine, community service, counseling, and DUI class if he is found guilty.  Most of which we think he has been working on.

3.  No one has transferred or dropped out of the Football Program based upon the results of spring practice, depth chart assignment or the issuance of semester grades.

4.  It appears the current seven 2012 recruits are exactly what Notre Dame needs for the future.  They are scattered from around the country, a great sign of national recruiting.  Keep it up Brian Kelly!  Check them out on the right side of the blog.

5.  No IRISH Assistant Coach has headed for greener pastures.  But just wait until we win the NC, that will change.  A pleasant future predicament for Coach Brian Kelly.

6.  An unprecedented five Notre Dame primetime night games and counting!  The 2011 Schedule is somewhere on the right side of the Blog.  Rumor has it that either Wake Forest or Pitt may also be a night game.   This gives us five Saturdays time to pick and choose an afternoon game to watch, work some chores off the ole Honey-Do list and even catch a nap.  Sweet.

This is a pretty short list.  But the beer ran out and the ladies demanded dinner.

Monday, May 23, 2011

So You Think You Know Notre Dame Football? # 3

3 # Was the sod from Notre Dame's Cartier Field transplanted onto the then new 1930 Notre Dame Stadium?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Subway Alumni Station Milestones For A Notre Dame Blog

Well for cryin out loud.  We here at Subway Alumni Station screwed up again.  Two milestones passed us by without recognition or a well deserved pat on the back!

On March 26th, we completed our first year as a Blog. 

On April 15th, we posted our 200th article.  The current total is 212 as of today and counting.

This Blog was started as an alterative location for Domers and Subway Alumni to gather on Notre Dame Football game day and post comments before, during and after each game.  The intent was to fill in where the great Blue-Gray Sky Blog left off when they went off-line.

Well that did not happen.  The loyal Blue-Gray Sky Bloggers went elsewhere or didn’t care to carry on ranting and raving in the comment section of SAS.  So be it.  We then just started writing and tried to create a niche where other Notre Dame oriented websites and blogs did not bother to tread.

As it turns out thanks to NDNation adding us their blog list, we have sustained a loyal following of Notre Dame Football Fans.  Thank You.

We have written some pretty crappy posts.

We have written some very thought provoking posts.  Next time you have some extra time on your hands, scroll through the archives.

BTW, if you are interested in some different Catholic oriented short stories, check out The Saint Philip Neri Reading Room here.

Thanks for reading.  Go IRISH.

Subway Alumni

Jimmy Clausen Graduates From Notre Dame

Sunday, May 22, 2011, Jimmy Clausen fulfilled his promise to his mother and received his bachelors degree from the University of Notre Dame.

Congratulations Jimmy and the best of luck in all your future endeavors. 

Especially in beating out Cam Newton for the starting quarterback position with the Carolina Panthers. 

That is if the NFL even has a season in 2011.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

So You Think You Know Notre Dame Football? # 2

Most colleges have one mascot and two school colors.  Although Auburn has taken the mascot thing a step further with the “Auburn Tiger” and the “War Eagle.”  Notre Dame is unique in that it boasts three school colors.  Green, Blue, and Gold.  The green is formally called “Kelly Green.”

2 # Is Madonna Blue and Papal Gold the official colors of the Fighting Irish?



Recruit Number 7 - Mark Harrell

During a month in which head coaches are prohibited from recruiting, Notre Dame picked up verbal commitment number seven.  His mug shot is at the right side of the blog.  Our math specialist Shaun indicates that Notre Dame is after between 18-20 recruits this year.

Here is a link to a typical local article with some interesting comments from Irish Head Coach Brian Kelly.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

So You Think You Know Notre Dame Football? # 1

The Wizard is back by popular demand. Every couple of days we will be offering another question concerning Notre Dame Football to help get us through the Dead Zone. Take the Yellow Line from Subway Alumni Station and join the crowd. You can find the question on the right side of the Blog to mark your selection and vote. Check back to keep up with the Wizard. Can you beat the Wizard? No fair Googling!

When the smoke settles we'll run all of questions and will post the answers.

Beware of Wizard tricks!

Good Luck!  Go IRISH!

Question # 1: Which ND coach has the highest winning percentage?

Jesse Harper                 

Frank Leahy                

Jack Marks                  

Knute Rockne

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Notre Dame Recruiting Wars


Some folks get more excited about the Notre Dame recruiting wars than others. Take Cyndi for example. She is our recruiting specialist here at the Station and is the only one who seems to care. Sure the Fighting Irish Football news is downright slow just now. After all we are in the DEAD ZONE and will just have to grin and bear it.

The current six verbal commitments can be found along with their mug shots on the right side of the Blog.

The rest of us here do not care to jump out of basement windows every time a prized five-star recruit decides to take his talents elsewhere. Take Noor Davis for example. He is a 6'4", 225 pound LB from The Villages, Florida, had a top five of Notre Dame, Florida, USC, Alabama and Stanford. He took his time, studied his finalists and made his decision.

Davis will be heading to the Pac-12, as he will be attending Stanford, which came as a bit of an upset to some observers. But what the heck?

It seems every day a recruit somewhere commits to “College A” and he lists Notre Dame as one of those schools that made him an offer. How can this be?

It appears that Coach Brian Kelly has approximately 130 offers on the table out there in recruit land. Notre Dame management of the procress appears to be an art form and exact protocols and philosophies are a closely guarded recruitment secret. We did offer an explanation here.

Anyway, Cyndi wanted to let you know that Keith Marshall a #1 running back will be visiting Notre Dame shortly. He’s 5’ 11” and 190 lbs. and the best running back out of the class of 2012 out of Millbrook High School in Raleigh NC.

If he ends up committing to Notre Dame, we don’t know what Cyndi will do. We are hoping for a free round at our favorite watering hole from her though.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Subway Alumni Station Threat

We here at Subway Alumni Station want to thank all the loyal bloggers who emailed us with concerns over possible al-Qaeda targeting of trains, subways and stations in America.

Not to fear, we are prepared! Our Red Line to South Bend will be running every Saturday during college football season. The Blue Line will continue to report game day activities. The Yellow Line will always be tracking and reporting illegal, unauthorized activities and NCAA rule violations in college football recruiting and Football Program administration .

Of course our security consists of…….


Nuff Said

Notre Dame Did The Right Thing

Notre Dame is in the middle of upgrading its image and enhancing the Football Game Day experience on campus.  One of the areas needing attention was the Stadium concessions.  Notre Dame has always allowed and encouraged local nonprofit organizations to run concessions during football and basketball games.  It was a win-win for the School and the Organizations.

When the University decided to update and modernize the menus and refreshments at Sporting Events it became clear that the local organizations were out of their element and league.  Thus, initially Notre Dame turned to Centerplate Inc. to take over the management of the food and beverage concessions at Notre Dame Stadium and other campus venues.  This raised a cry and hue over Notre Dame looking only at profits and a big guy coming in and muscling out the little nonprofits.

Well now, everyone is grinning and happy.  Notre Dame changed their minds and everyone is a winner.  Notre Dame gets their good South Bend public image back and a broaden food and beverage choice.  The fans get to pay $$ for a watered down soda and a cold dog.  Centerplate gets to increase their operations and profit margin.  The nonprofit volunteers will still staff the concession sales, but instead of working alongside university employees, now they will work with Centerplate employees.  The nonprofits now will collect a 12 percent commission, compared to 15 percent in past years.  For some groups, that still will add up to thousands of dollars annually.   

We here at SAS only hope we can still buy our brats and canned coke on the Quad, on game day Saturday morning.  Yum.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Notre Dame Sports Network

Boy does that title sound impressive and strike fear in the hearts of Notre Dame haters, The NCAA, BCS Guru’s and the rest of college sports.  Let’s face it, the Notre Dame – NBC contract, agreement and mutual admiration society is obsolete.  It expires in 2015.  Why it was extended to 2015 without due diligence, forward looking vision and the aspect of reaping big $$$ is beyond comprehension. Especially for Notre Dame and its desire to make $$ and continue to portray a national image.
The Big Ten (12) Network was a wakeup call that college sports was changing in a way that it provided viewing in which advertisers could capitalize upon and exploit.  Then the formation of the PAC-12 and that Conferences TV deal.  The best is the deal between Texas and the $300 million agreement with ESPN.
Let’s face it, college sports is a venue worth providing to viewers hungry for good clean athletic competition.
What does Notre Dame have to offer up?  State-of-the-art facilities in Football, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, et. al.  A national audience.  The Subway Alumni.  Who wants to watch Texas play Baylor in New York City?
Notre Dame is coming back in Football (Thank God).  The men’s basketball team was supposed to make a run for the Final Four but fell short.  Not the women who made it to the Championship game.  Notre Dame’s Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, and now Women’s Golf (Go Nicole Zhang, Kristina Nhim and Katie Conway) are all competitive and worthy of following and cheering for Ole Notre Dame.
NBC owns Versus Network, they are the ones who broadcasted the 2011 Blue-Gold Game last month.  Versus is readily available on DirectTV, Dish, and most cable companies.  Soon they will add “NBC” to their name.  It would be nice to add: Notre Dame Sports as well.

Don’t forget to add us to your favorites list: http://subwayalumnistation.blogspot.com

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Self Destruction of tOSU Football Program Continues Unabated

So now it is being investigated by the NCAA that as many as 50 Ohio State players may have received special deals for automobiles from a Buckeye fan and car dealer. The dealer picked up game and Bowl passes in return from the players. Read it all here.

It had been previously reported that Terrelle Pryor drives a Corvette around his home town of Jeannette, Pa., now we know where he got it.

A Skunkbear fan up in Michigan thinks the whole Jim Tressel affair funny and had the below billboard sign posted between Ann Arbor and Detroit on I-94.

This is a Coach and Program infected with a mentality of winning at any cost and is flaunting illegal activities in the name of sportsmanship and fair play.

We think the OSU Football Program should forfeit all games in incidences where players who received “special favors” participated. Coach Jim Tressel and Athletic Director Gene Smith should be fired and the Program be given the Death Sentence.

Why do we here at Subway Alumni Station consider this important and newsworthy on this Blog?  For the sake of honest college football that Notre Dame is a part of and to try and keep it that way.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Notre Dame 2011 Draft – Busted

The Fighting IRISH had nine players eligible for the NFL 2011 Draft.  But only one TE Kyle Rudolph was selected by the Vikings in the second round.  Why?

Many expected NG Ian Williams and CB Darrin Walls to get picked up late in the selection process.

Why weren’t they?

Now the eight are stuck in greed limbo between the NFL players and the owners.  Resolution and getting down to playing football is now anybody’s guess. 

To refresh your memory here are the nine Fighting Irish, eight seniors and Rudolph the junior.

Armando Allen – RB – Fought through injuries, ran behind a less than stellar offensive line for a couple years.

Robert Hughes – FB – A nice young man who played fullback for two coaches that did not have many plays in there playbooks for a fullback.

Duval Kamara – WR – Played in the shadows of Golden Tate and Michael Floyd.  Showed up overweight for fall camp and ended up in Charlie’s dog house.  Left Notre Dame and the Team before the Sun Bowl.  Strange.

Kerry Neal – LB - Hope Kerry got his degree.

Kyle Rudolph – TE - Nuff said.

Brian Smith – LB - Hope Brian got his degree as well.

Chris Stewart – OG - Chris may want to relook law school.

Darrin Walls – CB - So strange, he was such a high prospect coming out of high school.  That year he left Notre Dame for personal reasons was strange as well.  Someone will pick him up.

Ian Williams – NG - Someone will pick him up as well.

These guys are probably wondering what if they had chosen a school other than Notre Dame.  What if they had played the majority of their college careers under a different coach at Notre Dame. 

Hopefully they will all at least get a tryout with some NFL team.  Maybe Canadian Football.  Hopefully not Arena Football.
Joke of the Day:  Jim Tressel knew about the raid to get Osama bin Laden two weeks ago.  He just never bothered to tell anybody.  :+)