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Friday, May 27, 2011

Quick Fix on Notre Dame Football

If you need a quick fix on some info concerning Notre Dame Football during the Dead Zone, here is a good one.  Eric Hansen from the South Bend Tribune provides a good update on the Irish.  Noticeably lacking is mention of Michael Floyd. 

It appears the Irish Head Coach is touring the country visiting ND Alumni Clubs to booster support and show the flag while he is unable to recruit.  Wish he would come to West Virginia.  I guess I have to start a Club to get him here.

Of particular interest is the moving around of players especially incoming freshmen.  Shoot these guys are not even on campus yet for summer school.  Obviously, Coach Brian Kelly feels some can make an impact on the depth chart immediately and not just Special Teams.  The need for a kickoff return and punt return sparkplug is hopefully being addressed.  Man we sucked last year.

The switching of positions highlights Kelly’s desire to find players who can play where they are needed and have that Right Kind of Guy athleticism that he keeps talking about.  Anytime you can strengthen the depth chart you are creating competition for playing time and that sure is better than what Charlie Weis had going during his lean years.

I’m going to have to have that new ten second run-off option explained to me a couple of times by Tom Hammond before it sinks in.  The more taunting and hot-dog rules the NCAA can add to the college game is fine with me.  I'm sick of it in the NFL.

Understand USC is in a bit of a bind recruit-wise now that the NCAA infraction boys have said no dice to the Reggie Bush appeal.  It appears USC stocked up on recruits in 2011, have a total of 75 scholarship players, but can only recruit six in 2012.  They are going to have some skewed recruiting years until the three year, 75-scholarship limit runs it course. 

Speaking of tainted football programs.  The chickens are coming home to roost in Buckeye Nut Land.  Former sometime player Ray Small has come clean to tell his selling of Big Ten Championship Rings and sweet car deals during his short time playing for tOSU.  This was not out of any sense of righteousness but good old revenge.  Small was in the Doghouse more than he was sitting on the bench.  If you got nothing better to do here is the low-down.

Well have a great Memorial Day weekend, don't burn the burgers.

Subway Alumni

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