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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Notre Dame Independence - Texas A&M And The SEC

BIG - 12
It appears college football is in for another round of conference shake-ups thanks to the University of Texas getting $$$ greedy over a lucrative cable broadcast deal.  Here is the latest and Here as well.

What does this mean for Notre Dame?  Nothing, stay the course.  Win football games.  Regain the momentum in annually pounding the Skunkbears and continue slapping U$C around. 
What does this mean for Texas A&M?  Getting out from under big brother (UT) and avoiding getting smothered by a Longhorn Cable Network.

What does this mean for the Big 12.  It will be the Big 2 but only temporarily.  Then the Big Nothing.
What does this mean for UT?  Possibly going the independent route and big, big $$$.  They can still schedule OK and Texas A&M and remain independent.  Those were their only meaningful games on the schedule anyway. Now they can schedule East Middle Texas School of Mining and other such non-football schools in good conscience.  Keep the cable network and high school broadcast deal with ESPN. 

What does this mean for Oklahoma?  Initially being screwed very, very badly.  They could get invited to join the SEC or Big Ten to stay alive.  Should have gone to the Pac-12 when they had the chance. tisk, tisk.  That’s what happens when you look at the BCS, Big Network deals, Super Conferences, $$$, Advertising $$$, all though the knothole of a privy door.  OK has a crappy national following and small TV audience.  Tough sell.
What does this mean for the Big Ten?  Probably nothing.  To accept Oklahoma would basically mean accepting a second school to maintain divisional parity.  Although mathematical, you could work around two unevenly divided divisions.  Also slices the pie thinner without more broadcast $$$ coming in.  Hurts perennial powerhouses like Northwestern and Indiana.

What does this mean for FSU, a likely choice to balance Texas A&M in the SEC?  Nothing, stay the course in the ACC, it’s their best shot at a BCS Bowl Bid year after year.
What does this mean for Nebraska?  Apparently a very early smart move to the Big Ten.

The two decisions that will set the dominos falling are where/what will Texas and Oklahoma do?  The Super Conferences are getting full.  Fourteen is a better bet than sixteen without raising the number of playable regular season games from 12 to possibly 13 or 14.  It cuts the revenue pie smaller.  Look at Vanderbilt getting the same slice as Texas A&M.  What the heck is that all about?
Notre Dame needs to win and keep winning to maintain a seat at the BCS and $$$ table.  The rumblings of NBC and it’s new NBC Sports Network possibly televising Notre Dame Football games is another reason to quickly regain national prominence to achieve leverage in future negotiations over it’s broadcast rights.

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Anonymous said...

Texas A&M can live in obscurity in the Big12-10 or they can join the SEC and live in obscurity. The A&M football program leaving would be like Indiana, Arizona, Maryland, Mississippi State or Syracuse leaving their conferences. Does it really matter? Do they matter? No.

trey said...

Clearly, youre not a Texan or you wouldnt be making that ignorant comment. Yes, no question UT Is the big dog down here, but Texas Aggies are huge as well. They have tremendous history, albeit currently in a bit of a down time(much like ND) an on the rise

Anonymous said...

I am a Texan. Ive lived in San Antonio for 35 years. A&M is middle of the road program. Sure they have history. UT San Antonio suits up a team in 3 weeks and they will have won as many NC as A&M.

Subway Alumni said...

So apparently Rivals and ESPN jumped the gun without all the facts. Maybe a little too early before the pieces were put in place. Stay tuned.

A&M now looks like a bride left at the altar.

The Big 12 can again start the cake walk with 10 walking, 9 seats and the SEC playing the tune.

Subway Alumni

Anonymous said...

From what I understand, there are some roadblocks including breach of contract issues that have to be sorted out...


Anonymous said...

Do the winners of the annual UT vs A&M still get invited to the Chicken Ranch?