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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gunner Kiel - Indiana - Notre Dame

Gunner Kiel
Notre Dame and Brian Kelly half-heartedly pursued high school standout quarterback Gunner Kiel.  The story line was great, former Notre Dame standout QB Blair Kiel uncle to Gunner.  The name too, Gunner what the heck, did his parents know he would be a quarterback and be rated the number 1 QB and second best overall player in the nation for the 2012 recruiting class?
Blair Kiel
Gunner picked Indiana as his home for the next four years.
What the…?  You say?  Yeah, we did as well.
He will be expected to twitter, call, e-mail any and all blue-chip wide receivers and anybody else who wants to play with a winner like Gunner at Indiana.  Jimmy Clausen tried that same tactic prior to coming to Notre Dame with very limited success.
The 6-foot-4, 220-pounder Kiel passed for 2,645 yards and 36 touchdowns as a junior at East (Columbus, IN) he also ran for seven additional touchdowns.  Jeff George and Rick Mirer quarterbacked there as well.  Quite a quarterback factory.
He was not the best possible fit for Kelly and the Irish.  Kelly can be choosey; he’s got four quarterbacks on the books with plenty of eligibility options for all of them.  Yeah he's got to keep them happy, but that's another post.  Kiel is not the exact type quarterback to help guide the Irish to the BCS Championship Game.  Indiana does not run a spread offense.  In fact, they have not run much of any offense in the last 7-10 years.  They are the doormat of the Big Ten.
Meantime, Gunner has possibly made a terrible decision.  Indiana?  Why?  What was involved in the decision process?
** His brother Dusty plays there.  Plays quarterback as well.  So where does that leave his brother?
** Gunner will probably start as a freshman.
** Will be close to home.
** Bloomington is pretty in the fall.
It will be interesting to watch if Gunner can survive the defensive likes of Nebraska, Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan State with his Indiana offensive line.  Welcome to the big boys.
Good Luck Gunner.

We shall watch and see.
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1 comment:

Bill Brasky said...

Can we say jealous? Notre Dame has been the most overrated team of the decade. When you decide to join a conference then you can 'play with the big boys'. Until then, sit quietly and enjoy the show!