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Friday, August 5, 2011

Coach Brian Kelly Inadvertently Names His Starting QB Against USF

During the question and answer period at the Friday August 5 Notre Dame, press conference, the following two questions and answers transpired.  The second question was a pure set-up that Head Coach Brian Kelly missed.  Unfortunately, the Notre Dame public relations department does not require reporters/questioners to announce their name and affiliation before they ask their questions.  Thus, we do not know who slipped the question in.
Q. Coach, you were able to use contact on both Everett and Andrew during the spring.  Will that continue through the August camp?  Also with Dayne and Tommy, as well?

COACH KELLY: No, Dayne and Tommy won't be in a contact situation.  Everett will definitely be in a contact position because he put the ball on the ground too many times. We've got to bang him around a little bit more and get him to secure the football. Andrew, probably going to have to let him get tackled, too, because he's a threat running the football. At what level we'll do that, he'll probably get one shot at it where he's live, and that's about it. But the first two guys that I mentioned, Crist and Rees, we'll have a cylinder around those guys.

Q. Dayne's first hit will be against South Florida?

COACH KELLY: I hope not.  I hope he'll be clean against South Florida, too. I know he doesn't want his first hit to be because he got a paper cut on the sideline not playing, so... He's just going to have to prepare himself.  He did a great job of preparing himself last year without contact.

In being “clean” meaning not getting sacked.

In not playing, “his first hit to be because he got a paper cut on the sideline not playing” meaning Kelly does not want him injured and sitting on the bench against South Florida.


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