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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Notre Dame Versus Denard Robinson

Denard Robinson - 2010 Running Past ND Defenders
Amazing, you take the most prolific offensive player in Michigan Football history and you change how he goes about his business.  The shotgun position is basically out for Denard Robinson and now he will be taking a majority of snaps under center.  Don’t believe us?  Read it here.    Sure, sure they will mix it up but we predict Denard will be scrambling and running for his life more than ever.  With luck, he will still get his yardage but the cost in punishment will be greater.

Well I’ll be.  Sure the Skunkbears have a new Head Coach in Brady Hoke and he comes in with a pro style offense, but geez, will the Skunkbears still pile up the points?   Just like Notre Dame over the past six years, NO DEFENSE.  New journeyman Defensive Coordinator and former Irish coach Greg Mattison will fix that but it will take time.

Coach Hoke comes in following a long line of Head Coaches around the college landscape with the wrong style quarterback on the roster.  You don’t have to go any farther back that Brian Kelly and his spread with a pocket quarterback in Dayne Crist.  If you want to go back, Bob Davie trying to employee Lou Holtz's option with Ron Powles. 

This is the year to beat UM, in there House, at night and wearing goofy uniforms.

Denard Robinson is listed at 6’0.  That is very, very generous.  It will be interesting to see if he can sit in the pocket, find his receivers over the heads of 6’4 – 6’8 defensive linemen, and rush ends.  Robinson is a very good dink passer to the flats and can find an occasional tight end but he can’t throw long with any accuracy.   He drove me crazy last year such that Notre Dame could not defend the pass in the flats.  Why the Irish did not employ a “spy” to zero in on Robinson is beyond comprehension.  Manti Te’o would have been a logical choice to birddog Robinson and get him out of his comfort zone and rhythm. 

We shall see.
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