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Monday, August 1, 2011

Beat The Wizard Answers

So here are the Questions and Answers.   You can check the entire question and how well you did on the left side of the SAS Blog.  In some cases we did include all the answers to support the correct answer and provide Notre Dame trivia knowledge.

1.  Which ND Coach had the highest winning percentage?
Jack Marks - .933.  This was a trick question, Marks only coached for two years (shame on the Wizard).  Rockne was second with .881.

2.  Is Madonna Blue and Papal Gold the official colors of the Fighting Irish?
True  What you thought Navy blue?  Shame on you.  Wilipedia says Navy Blue and that is incorrect. 

3.  Was the sod from Cartier Field transplanted onto the then new 1930 stadium?
True  Rockne was into stuff like that, he actually was the Notre Dame P.T. Barnum of his day.

4.  Which Notre Dame All-American did not leave school early to persue a professional football career?
Tim Brown  Why to go Tim!

5.  Which famous coach said "to hell with Notre Dame"?
Bo Schembechler

6.  Why is famous Michigan coach and AD Fielding Yost reviled by Notre Dame fans?
All of the Above

7.  Which two ND coaches had never coached at the college level before coming to Notre Dame?
Brennan and Faust  After graduating from Notre Dame Terry Breannan did coach the ND freshman team before taking the head coaching job.  Gerry Faust came to us from Moeller High School in Cincinnati Ohio.  Both were way in over their heads.

8.  Which ND Heisman Trophy winner won the award while having a losing season?
Paul Hornung

9  Terry Hanratty was on the Heisman Trophy ballot three years in a row.

10.  Which jersey number has Notre Dame retired?
ND has not retired any numbers.  Another Notre Dame tradition.

11.  Who holds the career game passing record for Notre Dame?
Joe Theisman 

12.  Who holds the career rushing yards record for Notre Dame?
Autrey Denson  4316 yrds 1995-98

13.  What year was the IRISH Guard formed?

14.  Who is the single game rushing leader for ND?
Julius Jones  262 yrds, Pitt 2003

15.  Which Team has played Notre Dame the most in Bowl games?
All of the Above  3 each

15.  In the renoviated Notre Dame Stadium who paid for the lights? 
NBC $200,000 It was cheaper in the long run rather than renting portable lighting.  We needed the lights because NBC insisted on playing games starting at 3:30 p.m.

16.  How many losing seasons have the Irish endured?

17.  Which school has produced more Academic All-Americans than Notre Dame?
Nebraska  This is kind of a trick question because the answer is actually for all varsity sports.  Notre Dame is second.

18.  Who posted the "Play like A Champion" sign on the locker room stairs?
Lou Holtz

19.  Knute Rockne coached for 13 seasons at Notre Dame.  Who coached the second most seasons?
All of the Above  11 each

20.  How many undefeated seasons has Notre Dame had?
Remember to include ties.

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