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Friday, August 12, 2011

Going To See The Skunkbears Lose To Notre Dame (Humor)

Here is a hilarious blog exchange between Notre Dame Diehards in giving console to a reluctant ND Fan headed to the Big Stink House with Skunkbear friends.  It is never too early to start bashing the Skunkbears.

ND Fan:  Great seats, $200. The only problem is I'm riding up and staying in a luxury RV with two Michigan fans. If you're going.......help me.  The game happens to be on the Mrs. and my 6 year anniversary. She told me to have fun.  I think I'll keep her.

Response 1#:  Embrace the Suckage.  Go big and go hard. Screw Michigan.  Revile your passengers with graphic descriptions of the triumphes of Oliver, Brown, Rocket, and so on.  Remind them that Yost was a bigot and Bo never won anything that mattered. Really.  Embrace the Michigan residents that taunt you, and educate them on how they have not won a unanimous national championship since the 1940s.  And clarify to the alum that their school generates more douchebags than any other institution in the U.S. Period. Be proud. Go Irish.

Response 2#:  Dummy. Why did you let her schedule a fall wedding?

Response 3#:  Act with class.  Have fun with your friends, after all, they are your friends. Pay no attention to the anti-ND sayings that may come from your friends. If they can't take a friendly ribbing, then they need to have a seat and take a deep breath. Win or lose, act with class.

Response 4#:  I would decline the RV-Big House offer-Take your wife to a 5pm dinner and watch the game @ 8pm on your Big Screen at home.  I have had two offers to head up to that game @ the Big House and have respectively declined.

Response 5#:  I'd rather shove my dick into a toaster.

Response 6#:  You get to stay in their trailer? Given they're UM fans, luxury probably means running water and/or a case of Pabst.

Response 7#:  Here is what you do:
Upon arriving at The Big Outhouse, sell your ticket to someone to get your $200 back. There is no such thing as a "great seat" in that cesspool. I know you. Your ass is bigger than a 6 year old. You will be uncomfortable.

After selling the ticket, give me a call and I will come out and pick you up. We'll have a nice day of drinking and eating here at Chez Wineaux. We'll watch the game on my TV, thus saving you from the suckitude of M fans in general.

After the game, tell the "Luxury RV" (like the term 'best McDonalds') guys to meet us at a pre-determined spot for the ride home. It'll take them at least an hour to maneuver that pig out of the parking lot.

Seriously; M is about the last place I'd recommend anyone to go watch a game. It is a horrible spot.
I know you'll still go anyway. Just call me the little bug in your ear that said, way back in August - "I told you so".

Response 8#:  While I hear where you are coming from...There is nothing........nothing.....better than being in that suckhole when we beat Michigan. 

Watching their fans stream out the stadium with 10 minutes left in 1987? Fantastic. Watching Kevin Mcdougal break around the left side in 1993 when they were #1 ? Intoxicating. 

Don't even get me going on Rockets runbacks.

On the flip side, driving back to Chicago after getting drilled 38-0 is a bit of a long drive.... but this is a high risk, high reward endeavor.

I was at the Harry Oliver game in 1980, missed 1981, and then went to the first night game in ND Stadium as my first ND game as a student. I didn't miss this game....home or away...until 2007 when the Georgia Tech fiasco left me a little bit angry with ND football.

Haven't been to Ann Arbor since Weis' win in 2005 which, again, felt pretty damn good at the time.

I'm feeling a big day.

Response 9#:  Ann Arbor after a UM loss is heavenly.

Response 10#:  I remember what it was like walking out in 2003 and 2009, I never, ever want to go back to that place. The people are miserable, the seats suck, the team sucks, the band sucks, the piped in crowd noise sucks, the pulsating Zombie Nation playing over the sound system sucks. That it'll be at night is even more reason to stay away. Fuck that place.

Response 11#:  Luxury RV?  By Michigan standards or John Madden's standards? Just want to know what your working with!  It's like when someone in the BR says she's a solid 7 - I need to know where. South Beach or a NASCAR race. Big difference. 

Response 12#:  This is the RV he's probably taking you in:

Least we forget:

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IrishPT said...

Two words. Michigan sucks.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon this site & have enjoyed reading your rants about my town & my team. It's interesting to read what people who have shillelaghs stuck up their asses really think.

Anyway,I hope you went to the game. I hope you cried the whole way home.
I hope you are nervous that next year the Wolverines will be better & will make sure it's not such a close game in our win against ND.
The luck of the Irish left you long ago.

I would happily sign my comment, but I'm not interested in getting bombarded by alumni who went to a school that is overrated, pompous & not even really serious about their education emailing me & throwing around their silly, second-rate, reused taunts & jokes that were played out years ago.
So I will just say....Go Blue!

Subway Alumni said...

Great. Stumble your way back to whatever hole you crawled out of.

What a moron.

-Subway Alumni