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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas, God Bless, Happy New Year

Joe Montana Scrambling In My Christmas Tree
Well here it is Christmas Eve.  A good time for a short reflection over some alcoholic spirits and a large tray of finger foods that is only going to end up in places where we don’t need it.
This Blog was started on March 26th, 2010 and 371 posts later we are still going like that little pink bunny and the drum.

A number of Notre Dame oriented websites and blogs have folded since we started Subway Alumni Station back in March.  Bleacher Report has exploded on the college football reporting scene and they always seem to have a couple of Notre Dame stories each day.  Some pretty good, others quite lousy and shallow.  Ha! We should talk.   People in glass houses should not throw stones.

Our purpose and direction has changed a little and we still do not claim any great insight into college football.  But we are having fun.  When the fun stops so will we.  This brings us back to the title of the post.

We have been greatly blessed this year with good health (well almost except for getting thrown off a bike), beer money when we needed it, good friends, the opportunity to watch the Irish play twice, and hope for the future.

This country’s economic situation is touch and go.   At least two of the three branches of our Government are dysfunctional.  The moral decline of the citizenry in America continues.      

We hope and pray things will get better.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Champs Sports Bowl and Notre Dame

Blatantly Stolen From the Champs Sports Website
Well well, Champs Sports Bowl, week from today.  Be there or be square.  The Station crew will be sitting in section 225 screaming our lungs out and grousing about the Indian chant and tomahawk arm waving idiots from FSU.

Last time I looked Notre Dame was a 3 point underdog, unranked, going against 25th ranked FSU.  It is obviously good to be the underdog and not have to worry about over confidence and taking things too lightly.

See that FSU had to discipline three street thugs and they will not be playing.  Week to go and anything can happen with those morons.

Sure would like to see a thumbs-up from Tyler Eifert and another year.  Nice Christmas present for ND Nation.

So what’s our prediction?

Everyone is talking about how good FSU’s defense is and that they are fast and athletic.  Hmmm, if Notre Dame brings their best defensive game to the Bowl, it could be a low scoring affair.  FSU has struggled on offense this year.  Hmmmm, that sounds familiar with the Irish as well.

Notre Dame 24—Florida State 21

Most valuable player on Offense – Andrew Hendrix --- 12 for 16 and 191 yards passing, 1 TD and 61 yards rushing on 5 attempts.

Most valuable player on Defense – Harrison Smith --- 8 tackles and 1 interception

Most valuable player on Special Teams – David Ruffer --- game winning field goal


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Swag, Bowls and the Gift of Receiving

Fossil Watches
Well it’s that time of year again when Santa brings SWAG to all the nice boys who made it to one of the thirty Bowl games this year and the beginning of next.  Not all Bowls and Santa treat the boys the same way.  Not all SWAG is equal.  The only thing common is the rule mother NCAA has laid down.
$550 limit per person

Samsung Galaxy Tablet
Most Bowls go with a “Gift Suite” which is setup as a private event where game participants and often Bowl VIPs are given an order form and allowed to select a gift, or gifts up to a value that is predetermined.  Gifts usually are custom made with the Bowl Logo.  Watches, sunglasses, rings, clothing are popular.  A number of Bowls are lazy and present gift cards for the majority of the $550 limit.  Best Buy in the case of Notre Dame and FSU takes the boys to a store to pick out what they want.  Here are some of the better SWAG deals.
Oakley Eyepatch Sunglasses

GoDaddy.com Bowl:  Nikon S80, Timely Watch Co. watch, leather luggage bag, commemorative football.

Military Bowl:  Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple iPod nano, Deuce watch, LunaTik wristband (to hold iPod), beanie, Nike backpack.

Hyundai Sun Bowl: Gift suite, Timely Watch Co. watch, Majestic Pro-Base fleece pullover, VP Sports cap, Ogio Politan backpack, Helen of Troy hair dryer, souvenir coin

Taxslayer.com Gater Bowl:  Fossil watch, Gator Gear performance headwear, rolling luggage bag, Jostens ring, commemorative football

BBVA Compass Bowl:  iBeats by Dr. Dre (ear buds), Reactor watch, Oakley Eyepatch 2, Oakley backpack duffel, Big Game commemorative football

Gildan New Mexico Bowl: Gift suite, Oakley Eyepatch 2, Oakley beanie, New Era cap, Oakley Flak Pack 3.0, pen with box, Christmas ornament.  Lot of little junk.  Christmas ornament?  What the..

Sheridan Hawaii Bowl: Oakley sunglasses, Aloha shirt, Pro Athletics custom beach shorts, Oakley T-shirt, performance wear, cap or visor, backpack, beach towels, bowl calendar, playing cards.  Bunch of little junk.

Belk Bowl:  Estimated $400 shopping trip to Belk’s flagship store in Charlotte, Fossil watch.  Guess you'd better find something you like at Belk's.

Valero Alamo:  $400 Best Buy gift card, Fossil watch, Schutt mini-helmet, panoramic team photo.  Wow a mimi helmet and a team photo.

Outback Bowl: $150 Best Buy gift card, Fossil watch, Jostens ring, cap, $25 Outback Steakhouse gift certificate  Not much forthought went into these gift cards.

New Era Pinstripe Bowl:   Bowl committee would not disclose details about participants gifts.  Sounds cheap and fishy.

AT&T Cotton Bowl: committee would not disclose additional details about participant gifts.  No wonder they got bounced and shutout ofthe BCS Bowl system.

Well a gift is a gift in the eyes of the recipient as well.
For a complete rundown, Here is the site.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Curious Case of Notre Dame Safety Chris Badger

Chris Badger
Let’s review some facts and circumstances.
Chris Badger a 6 foot 1 inch, 195 pound safety out of Timpview High School in Provo, Utah was a 3 Star Recruit by Rivals. He had 77 tackles and three interceptions his senior year. Originally committed to Jim Harbaugh and Stanford, Chris changed his mind and signed with Notre Dame and was an early enrollee in First Year of Studies January 2010.
Badger participated in spring practice and had six tackles in the Blue-Gold Game. After his first semester, Chris changed his mind after a calling to complete a mission for his church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. With a couple of other player losses, the safety position got a little thin experience and numbers wise in 2010. He left Notre Dame for a scheduled two-year stint of missionary work teaching the people of Guayaquil, Ecuador.  Coach Brian Kelly gave his blessing and thought it best for Chris.
During his short time in South Bend, Chris worked alongside then fellow Mormon teammates Manti Te’o, Kona Schwenke, and Justin Utupo.
He started his missionary work in August of 2010 and expected to return in time for fall practice August 31, 2012. Then he changed his mind and was able to move up his schedule and complete his mission in March 2012. Now Chris has changed his mind again and the family is looking for another dispensation for Chris so he can be on campus this January.
The family has been shipping cans of protein powder to Chris and he works out every day to try and keep in shape. Not exactly the same thing that his fellow teammates are doing every day here at Notre Dame.
The graduation loss of safety Harrison Smith automatically opens up one safety position.
What is Chris’s competition?
Jamoris Slaughter, 5th year candidate
Dan McCarthy, 5th year candidate
Zeke Motta, Senior
Austin Collinsworth, Junior
Eilar Hardy, Sophomore
Nicky Baratti, Freshman
C.J. Prosise, Freshman
John Turner, Freshman

Hmmmm. Yup. Time to come home Chris and as soon as possible. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Where Will Highly Recruited Gunner Kiel Land?

Gunner Kiel
Wow, Gunner Kiel the best and last quarterback available in the 2012 recruiting class is considering Vanderbilt?  We just heard/read that latest recruiting rumor off the wire.

First it was a commitment to Indiana, the perennial doormat of the BIG TEN.   Now he is looking at the bottom dweller of the SEC?  Who is counseling this guy?

If Gunner does not sign-up with Notre Dame he will be mired in doubt for the rest of his life.
The real stupid issue is verbally committing early to Indiana who has no business promoting or playing football.  Gunner then dropped off the radar screen.

The true issue is whether Indiana or Vanderbilt can provide the offensive line to protect Gunner and a receiver corps to sustain him?  We think not.
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Friday, December 16, 2011

Slim Pickins For Notre Dame News

Slim Pickens
No not Slim Pickens, slim pickins.  Notre Dame Football news is hard to come-by now with final exams over, players getting a short break before getting serious about preparing for FSU and practice. Plus the recruiting trail is dryed up for now.  Here are a few nuggets.

*** The crew here at Subway Alumni Station has received their tickets for the Champs Sports Bowl (CSB).  We are in Section 224, which is tucked away high in the Southwest end zone corner.  That’s what happens when you are not Domers.  It was our impression that the game was sold out.  For giggles and grins Peggy (not the credit card Peggy that enjoys screwing Lou, Bobby and Kurt) checked out the availability of tickets at the CSB website.  Low and behold, you can still purchase tickets for $67; however you need a parachute or oxygen tank as a precaution.  Sold Out?  Hmmmmm?
*** What’s this rumor about the Stanford and Notre Dame game being played in China in 2012?  That pretty much screws the local West Coast Alumni from watching the Irish play in 2012.  I thought the purpose of East and West Coast games were to provide a venue for the subway alumni?

*** Brian Kelly’s latest recruit has been added to the left side of the Blog.  Ronnie Stanley is one huge dude.  I’m all for as many linemen on both sides of the ball Kelly can recruit.
*** How long does this dead period last where recruiting is limited?  After the New Year?  16 recruits.  It appears that 22 is the magic number.  Also depending on the 5th year status.  Kapron Lewis-Moore, Braxton Cave, and Jamoris Slaughter appear the sure lock-ins.  Obviously Dayne Crist took himself out of the equation.

*** We are hoping Dayne Crist finds a home where he can start.  Pulling for Kansas and Charlie Weis.
*** It will be interesting to see if Theo Riddick can make a go at running back.  I have never known the bouncing around of talent and positions to benefit the player or his career. 

*** Here at the Station there was a lot of grousing over Michael Floyd not being selected for the AP All-American team.  Everyone talks up Michael as a first round NFL draft pick.  Turns out he was 9th in receptions and 25th in receiving yards.  Guess if Notre Dame had been 10-2 or ranked it may have put him on the radar.  He’s All-American in our book for just coming back his senior year and then dealing with his issues.
*** Recruit Quarterback Gunner Kiel probably will choose the Irish.  He will be an early enrollee and jump into the quarterback competition in the spring of 2012.  Wow.  Four quarterbacks.  Tommy Rees, Andrew Hendrix, Evertt Golson, and Gunner Kiel.  Kelly needs to sort that out and start grooming.  We do not need a repeat of 2011.  Don't expect any announced decision coming out of spring ball though.  Kelly will want to keep all four actively in the hunt. 

*** So what do the Irish players get as far as swag from the CSB?  A $420 shopping trip to a local Best Buy and a Timely Watch.  Mother NCAA limits the sway value to $550 maximum.  Phooey on the CSB.  A crappy trip to Best Buy?  So if the guys go over the $420, they have to pony the difference.  The real winner is Best Buy.  The best gifts and swag are the ones with Bowl logos, a real memento and keepsake, not a camera or electronic device. 
*** We will have a later post on the various sway awaiting players from the major bowls coming up.

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Go Irish, Beat Free Shoe U.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Latest From Notre Dame Inc.

Well Notre Dame subway alumni fans here is your chance to get a piece of the Irish Bowl action!  Latest from the Notre Dame Official On-Line Store direct to you.  Wear one just like the Domers.

What a piece of junk.  (See below)

But wait, this is the best part.

$ 19.00            T-Shirt

$ 5.95              Shipping and Handling

$ 2.50              Sales Tax

$27.45             Rip-off Total

Get yours now before they are sold out.  Order here.

Here is a better deal: we are free with no pesky advertisements or pop-ups!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nate Montana Quarterback Career Update

Grizzlies QB Nate Montana
Well we just paid a small tribute and thanks to a real class guy in Dayne Crist (below post). It will be fun to see where he lands and if he can contribute to another football program. We sure hope and pray that it be so.

So what happened to the last quarterback that left Notre Dame with eligibility remaining? Nate Montana remember him?
Hmmmm. What can we remember?

Nate did not have any scholarship or non-scholarship offers to play football anywhere. None. Zero. Zilch.
Famous dad and alumni got Nate preferred walk-on status with a famous quarterback coach and Head Coach.

Nate somewhere along the line left for a year to hone his quarterback skill at a junior college with mixed results.
Nate returns to Notre Dame and said quarterback coach eventually awarded Nate with a scholarship and real team member status.

He got involved in a spring practice quarterback derby but dropped on the depth charts.
Also participated in what is apparently an Irish football rite of passage and a brush with the Indiana Liquor Gestapo.

Saw his first game participation in the quarterback shuffle and interception riddled Michigan game back in 2010.
8 completions, 17 attempts, 104 yards, 1 interception. Rushed for 23 yards in 4 attempts.

Nate got mop-up duty in the Western Michigan game with 1 completion, 1 attempt, 12 yards. He rushed for 2 yards on 5 attempts.
Seeing zero chance to climb the depth chart with Dayne Crist, Tommy Rees, Luke Massa, and incoming Andrew Hendrix, Nate decided to take his quarterbacking skills to his name sake school: The Montana Grizzlies.

Nate is one of seven (7) rostered quarterbacks for the Grizzlies. Yes, 7 as in 5, 6, 7.
He no sooner showed up in Big Sky Country and he got himself arrested on a DWI charge. Hmmmmmm.
Along the way, his father took a cheap shot at Notre Dame and Coach Brian Kelly complaining in an interview that Nate got a raw deal and was not fairly treated. Phooey.

So how is Nate doing at Montana?
25 completions in 40 attempts, 264 yards, 2 touchdowns and 1 interception.  (Corrected data)

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Dayne Crist All- American Person

Dayne Crist
Good bye Dayne Crist, son we hardly knew ye. 

Life thus far has thrown you some tough curve balls.  Red shirting and riding the bench behind Jimmy Clausen, two serious leg injuries, a new coach, a new offensive system, some poor play and benching again. 
All your volunteer work in the community and efforts to raise awareness to many special causes is inspirational.  You could always be counted on to help out.  The leadership, team effort you displayed throughout your career is very commendable.

We think you will go far with your work habits, college degree, fortitude, loyalty, and determination.
Dayne Crist, God Bless and Good Luck.  The latter is something you’ve not had much of in playing football for Notre Dame.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Notre Dame’s Luke Massa A Team Player

Back in January 2011 we did a post on Luke Massa, read it Here.  There is something about the guy you really have to like.

Recruited as a quarterback out of St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati he opted out of a crowded position and settled his 6’ 4” frame into the wide receiver position.  This in itself is interesting as Jackson Bennett and Austin Collingsworth were moved from WR to the defensive backfield.
After fooling around on the scout team his freshman year, donning a red shirt, Luke has seen action as a WR in seven games this year. 

He does not show up in the statistics.  He does not show up on the two-deep depth chart.
His value so far has been working with the scout team, wearing a red baseball cap helping to signal in plays and spelling other WR’s on the field.  Coach Brian Kelly knows he has a “quarterback in waiting” similar to John Goodman if the situation turns desperate. 

We are going to keep our eyes on him, we like what we see.  Luke’s a Notre Dame man.  He's contributing any way he can.

Luke is enrolled in the Mendoza College of Business.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

A Riddle Wrapped In A Mystery Inside An Enigma

Theo Riddick Kick Off Return
To steal from Sir Winston Churchill. 
Looking back at the play of Theo Riddick this year he appears to fit Churchill’s famous phrase quite nicely.

He won the kick return, punt return, and WR positions at the start of the season.

He started nine games at WR, was out with a hamstring injury for two, and participated in the Stanford game but did not start.

Theo lasted all of two punt return attempts.  Both infamous and memorable in the USF game.  Two for two yards plus a fumble and one of the two was a muff he recovered. 

He was used eight times in three games at kick-off returning for 166 yards.

As a wide receiver Theo caught 36 passes for 429 yards and three touchdowns.  Two of those TD’s were in the MSU game.  A game looking back I don’t know how we won.  His best game was against AFA where he racked up eight receptions for 83 yards and his third TD.

His rushing yards were 6 carries for 27 yards.  In the Stanford game he earned six of those yards in four carries.  The other two rushes were reverses/end a round.

When all said and done, I’m sure Theo would agree that a number of experiments did not work out.  This includes his efforts being less than a 100% at running back in the Stanford game.  I’m not sure why Coach Brian Kelly did not utilize either George Atkinson or Cam McDaniel in the Stanford beating.

Here’s hoping Theo can find himself in the Champs Bowl and next year.

Here’s hoping Brian Kelly can figure out how best to use Theo’s speed and talent.

BTW.  The phrase originated from a statement made by Churchill in 1939 about what role the Soviet Union might play in WWII.

“I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia.  It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigna, but perhaps there is a key.  That key is Russian national interest.”

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