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Friday, December 16, 2011

Slim Pickins For Notre Dame News

Slim Pickens
No not Slim Pickens, slim pickins.  Notre Dame Football news is hard to come-by now with final exams over, players getting a short break before getting serious about preparing for FSU and practice. Plus the recruiting trail is dryed up for now.  Here are a few nuggets.

*** The crew here at Subway Alumni Station has received their tickets for the Champs Sports Bowl (CSB).  We are in Section 224, which is tucked away high in the Southwest end zone corner.  That’s what happens when you are not Domers.  It was our impression that the game was sold out.  For giggles and grins Peggy (not the credit card Peggy that enjoys screwing Lou, Bobby and Kurt) checked out the availability of tickets at the CSB website.  Low and behold, you can still purchase tickets for $67; however you need a parachute or oxygen tank as a precaution.  Sold Out?  Hmmmmm?
*** What’s this rumor about the Stanford and Notre Dame game being played in China in 2012?  That pretty much screws the local West Coast Alumni from watching the Irish play in 2012.  I thought the purpose of East and West Coast games were to provide a venue for the subway alumni?

*** Brian Kelly’s latest recruit has been added to the left side of the Blog.  Ronnie Stanley is one huge dude.  I’m all for as many linemen on both sides of the ball Kelly can recruit.
*** How long does this dead period last where recruiting is limited?  After the New Year?  16 recruits.  It appears that 22 is the magic number.  Also depending on the 5th year status.  Kapron Lewis-Moore, Braxton Cave, and Jamoris Slaughter appear the sure lock-ins.  Obviously Dayne Crist took himself out of the equation.

*** We are hoping Dayne Crist finds a home where he can start.  Pulling for Kansas and Charlie Weis.
*** It will be interesting to see if Theo Riddick can make a go at running back.  I have never known the bouncing around of talent and positions to benefit the player or his career. 

*** Here at the Station there was a lot of grousing over Michael Floyd not being selected for the AP All-American team.  Everyone talks up Michael as a first round NFL draft pick.  Turns out he was 9th in receptions and 25th in receiving yards.  Guess if Notre Dame had been 10-2 or ranked it may have put him on the radar.  He’s All-American in our book for just coming back his senior year and then dealing with his issues.
*** Recruit Quarterback Gunner Kiel probably will choose the Irish.  He will be an early enrollee and jump into the quarterback competition in the spring of 2012.  Wow.  Four quarterbacks.  Tommy Rees, Andrew Hendrix, Evertt Golson, and Gunner Kiel.  Kelly needs to sort that out and start grooming.  We do not need a repeat of 2011.  Don't expect any announced decision coming out of spring ball though.  Kelly will want to keep all four actively in the hunt. 

*** So what do the Irish players get as far as swag from the CSB?  A $420 shopping trip to a local Best Buy and a Timely Watch.  Mother NCAA limits the sway value to $550 maximum.  Phooey on the CSB.  A crappy trip to Best Buy?  So if the guys go over the $420, they have to pony the difference.  The real winner is Best Buy.  The best gifts and swag are the ones with Bowl logos, a real memento and keepsake, not a camera or electronic device. 
*** We will have a later post on the various sway awaiting players from the major bowls coming up.

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Go Irish, Beat Free Shoe U.

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