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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Morning Musings From Saturday Night

Moth Balls
They can wrap up the green jerseys, bright gold pants, flesh colored undershirts, and gaudy helmets until Soldiers Field and the Hurricanes next year.  If they store them with moth balls maybe no one will want to wear them.

The Irish sell-out Notre Dame Stadium at 80,795 every home game.  This "home game" at FedEx Field was a different breed of Turtle.  91,704 seats to fill and they only could get 70,251 to show-up.  Does this “home game” go against the consecutive sell-out streak?
Hurry up already

The Irish offensive tempo was just super.  Guess Tommy Rees and the offense are starting to click.  He looked poised and in control.
Limited Duty

Manti Te’o started at ILB but was not very effective and was eventually pulled and replaced by sophomore Kendall Moore.  Manti had 4 tackles and at times appeared to be slowed and out of position by his ankle injury.  Moore ended up with 4 tackles himself and looked very good.

George Atkinson III was credited with a fumble, his second or third returning kick-offs.
Spread the wealth

No one had more than six tackles on defense (Gary Gray and Danny Spond) and 7 different receivers caught passes.
Did not see action

DE Chase Hounshell nursing a shoulder injury although cleared to play did not get in the game.
One pain tolerant dud

DE Aaron Lynch hobbled with an ankle injury where in the Wake Forest game he limped-hopped off the field twice, limped off again in the Maryland game.  But once again Lynch came back in and harassed the quarterback and made 5 solo tackles.  To top it off he was held on almost every play.
Theo who?

Robby Toma getting his first start at WR had 7 catches for 73 yards in place of Theo Riddick who is sidelined with a hamstring injury.
Not fair

It was pretty clear that Notre Dame had the game well in hand and controlled the outcome early.  So why didn’t senior Dayne Crist see any playing time?  His last chance will be the Boston College this Saturday.  It’s senior game, Brian Kelly should start Crist.

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Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting Moore replace Te'o? A Hobbled Te'o is 10 times better than a healthy Moore. Te'o is "limited"...do you even know what that means? It means at the end of his "limited" play...he can barely walk! Do you think any other player would be out there with that type of injury? Moore did well, but he is no where near as impactful as Te'o.

Subway Alumni said...


No I am not suggesting Moore replace Te’o. Give me a break.

Te’o practiced all week and earned his start.

He was limited because he was playing hurt and not 100% . He could defend his gap but could not chase anyone down nor could he defend the pass.

Moore has played well for a sophomore/redshirt freshman.

Kelly went with the next man in when Te’o could not run anymore.

Subway Alumni

Anonymous said...

Subway Alumni,
Te'o "attended" practice all week, but "limited" means he was restricted from taking all the reps. That limitation also meant he was restricted to 1st and 2nd down on game day - per Coach Kelly. And also per Coach Kelly the plan was to pull Te'o out as soon as the game was out of hand, and NOT when Te'o couldn't run anymore. Besides, your article stated that Te'o was pulled because he wasn't being productive...now you're saying it was because he couldn't run anymore? Well, now you know...none of your asumptions were true.

Anonymous said...

It's usually in a bar or the kitchen at a cocktail party when you run into a guy that is born to argue. It goes from "I beg to differ" to "you're full of it". They'll sieze on anything and it's humorous and quite entertaining.

On keeping Rees in - why risk a broken clavicle or smashed wrist; the guy's young but have him 'practice' at home with a red jersey. I was all set to study Crist or Hendrix for at least a quarter. Hendrix gets a few reps of garbage time. If Rees goes down these guys have to be ready as can be. Get them ready, Gees.

Grim Jack