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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o Will Return For His Senior Year

Te'o - High School
The pundits, NFL analysts, bloggers, and Irish fans everywhere are starting to ask if Manti Te’o will return to anchor the defenses for his final year.

Of course he will oh ye of little faith.
Although the tom-toms are beating strongly that Manti will be drafted in the first round along with Michael Floyd it makes perfect sense for him to stay at Notre Dame.

**  His family and friends want him to complete what he started, his education.
**  He has to decide on taking a mission for his Mormon faith.

**  His best friend WR Robby Toma will still be at Notre Dame in 2012, going to class and playing football.
**  Manti’s best year is still ahead of him.  He’s still learning and mastering the middle of the field.

**  While he is being considered and in the running for almost every award and recognition, he will be in a much better situation next year to run the table on defensive awards.
**  He still has things to prove to himself.  87 tackles this year through9 games, 133 last year and 52 his freshman year.

**  The most compelling reason is that he has been playing through an ankle injury which has slowed him down considerably.  Manti Te’o comes from a very proud heritage, culture, and family.  He’ll be back to finish what he started.
Te'o - College
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You bring up an interesting point about the Morman mission and what the implications are for this and how it effects staying one more year at Notre Dame. The fact that he is morman and is attending a Catholic University may give us a hint as to wether or not he will go on mission. I doubt he will. It seems his intentions are to go to the NFL. Time will tell.