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Thursday, June 30, 2011

So You Think You Know Notre Dame Football? # 13

#13 What Year Was the IRISH Guard Formed?





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Pryor's Hang-Out

If you are ever in Columbus Ohio and need…

a tattoo

to sell some football memorabilia   

get a bag of weed

hang out with OSU football players

get a lead on where to obtain free loaner automobiles

This WAS the place.  Owner will be moving to Federal accommodations shortly.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

So You Think You Know Notre Dame Football? # 12

BTW - You can still answer/vote on the first 11 questions.  Can You Beat the Wizard? will run through July 31st.

# 12 Who holds the career rushing yards record for Notre Dame?

Autry Denson

Vagas Ferguson

Julius Jones

Allen Pinkett

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We do try to keep busy here at SAS.

Bleacher Report and SBNation are flooding the information highway with articles and ‘takes’ on sports in general and Notre Dame in particular.  In most cases, the articles are informative. 

We here at SAS would sure like to see some real life in the official Notre Dame Website as well as NDNation.  They represent the best source of news, opinions and rally points for Domers and Subway Alumni alike.  We are all hungry.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Notre Dame and Chris Martin

Chris Martin.  Anybody remember him?  He was a Scouts Five Star verbal recruit for Charlie Weis.  An outside linebacker with great speed, size and toughness, a perfect match to play next to Manti Te’o.  Pretty much a jewel in Charlie’s recruiting class and a much-needed defensive player.
We could not find a picture of him wearing a Notre Dame baseball cap, a Cal or Gator uniform.  Guess he never stayed put long enough.
Martin caused a stir when he decommitted from Notre Dame to go to California in December 2009.  Martin said he would go to Notre Dame as long as Charlie Weis was there.  Weis left and so did Martin.  Most of this got lost in the Weis firing and Brian Kelly hiring.
So, Martin went to the Golden Bears of California.  Where in July 2010 the Oakland native said, “My decision to transfer to Florida definitely does not reflect on the football program or the academics at Cal.”
“Rather, I feel like for me to focus and truly reach my potential I need to leave many of the distractions I have here at home in the Bay Area.  I need to venture away from home and start my college career somewhere else where I don’t have those distractions.”
Maybe he wanted to be reunited with Weis.  Well maybe not.
Fast forward to June 24, 2011, Florida head coach Will Muschamp released the news on Chris Martin today via a release from the Sports Information Department at Florida. 

“Chris and his family have indicated that it might be best for him to be closer to home, we wish him nothing but the best of luck,” stated Muschamp. 
Martin was arrested Jan. 29 for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and also made news in March after posting a message on his Facebook status insinuating he had been dismissed from the team.  He later said it was just an “early April Fools’" joke.
Rumor has it that Martin is headed to the state of Colorado where he actually played some football in high school once upon a time.
Chris Martin’s travels remind us of Randy Moss who went from a Notre Dame recruit, to FSU and marijuana, to Marshall and stardom.
Good luck Chris.  How many credit hours do you have?  Any transferable?
We think Notre Dame unknowingly dodged a bullet.
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Did Notre Dame’s Jeff Samardzija back in 2006 Make The Right Decision?

Let’s review.

First things first.  Jeff desperately needs a haircut.

He set single-season school records in both receiving yardage and touchdown receptions. Samardzija caught a TD pass in each of Notre Dame's first eight games in 2006, giving him the school record for consecutive games with a TD reception. Samardzija made 78 catches for 1,017 yards and 12 touchdowns in 13 games in the 2006 season to finish as the all-time Fighting Irish leader in reception yards with 2,593.  Of course Golden Tate has since taken that record.  He made the Football Writers Association of America All-America Team following the 2006 season.  He was projected as a first round draft pick in the NFL draft.  Great hands.  Super size.  Average speed.  Good head on his shoulders.

Jeff’s love was/is baseball.  The Chicago Cubs got some good players in rounds 1-4 of the 2006 Draft and held their breath until the 5th round and when their turn came again, they breathed a sigh of relief: Jeff Samardzija was still there, they wanted him.  After a protracted negotiation, the Cubs ultimately gave Samardzija a $2.5M bonus and a 5 year, $10M major league contract with a no-trade clause.  Man did he have some great agents!

So how has the Cub’s $12.5 million bonus baby done?

Four seasons in the majors, (2008-2011) Jeff has a win loss record of 9-8 with 1 save.  His ERA is 5.31.  This is the last year of his contract and it is safe to say Jeff’s baseball career is probably over.

Could he have done better in the NFL?  Who knows?

Did he save/invest his $12.5 Million?  We hope so.

Hopefully his degree, connections, ND networking will land him something to build a career on in the future.
Good luck Jeff.  We never tired of you catching the football for the IRISH.  Especially against UCLA.  What a game. 

Here it is.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

David Ruffer – Academic All-American

It has just been announced that David Ruffer has been honored as a Capital One/CoSIDA Academic All-American for 2010-2011.

Congratulations young man as you earn your masters degree from Notre Dame this coming year.  We are hoping that you will kick your way into fame and glory for the Fighting IRISH.

To be eligible, a student-athlete must be a varsity starter or key reserve, maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.30 on a scale of 4.00, have received sophomore athletic and academic standing at his/her current institution.

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Notre Dame - Odds and Ends - June 23 2011

Becky our summer intern came up with the idea of periodic posts concerning tidbits and Odds and Ends concerning Notre Dame Football too short to be worthy of a full blown article.  We let her ride the Yellow Line from beginning to end and back again.  Then she scoured the internet, wire services, and chat rooms to provide the following Notre Dame related short topics during the dreaded Dead Zone (here is the Dead Zone link).

** Apparently, former Michigan Head Coach Rich Rodriguez has landed a job with CBS Sports.  Obviously we will not see him on the Skunkbear sidelines anymore.  Rather when we watch Notre Dame play Michigan, Purdue and Stanford we will have a chance of hearing his expert analysis on CBS.
** Speaking of our enemy the Skunkbears, Brady Hoke their new Head Coach appears to fit right in with the linemen.  If we gave Sparty Head Coach Mark  Dantonio a heart attack last year, Hoke is eating his way to one.

Brady Hoke

** Rivals 2011 Recruit Class Rank:

1) Alabama
2) Texas
3) LSU
3) Florida
5) USC
6) FSU
7) Georgia
8) Oklahoma
9) Notre Dame
10) Ohio State
11) Michigan

We think it is safe to say we'll take a top ten recruit ranking every year thank you very much.  We'll let Brian Kelly and his boys train and develop them.

** With roughly two weeks remaining in FY 2011, the overall conference distributions from the Big Ten to each school in conference is $22.56M.  Of that amount, $16.63M is listed as television (Football and Basketball).  Nebraska will formally join the conference on 1 July.

For FY 2012, the budget shows overall conference distributions of $23.75M with $17.58 coming from television (Football and Basketball).

In comparison, the mighty Southeastern Conference (SEC) recently announced that the average distribution to its 12 members in 2010-11 was $18.3 million. That figure includes TV, bowls, the SEC football title game, SEC basketball tournament and NCAA Tournament distributions.

In addition to the revenue from television rights, the other sources of money for the conference distributions are from the NCAA men's basketball tournament, football bowl games and other miscellaneous sources.  Not exactly chump-change.  Although Notre Dame figures are private, it has been reported elsewhere that the IRISH are not far behind that figure.  Not bad for an Independent.
** Here is a better photo of the Retro Jersey to be worn by Notre Dame at Ann Arbor come September 10th.  We all like it except for the rather large Adidas logo.

** Well surprise, surprise the college football bowl schedule for the 2011-12 season has been announced, featuring 35 games in 23 days and ending with the Allstate BCS National Championship Game Jan. 9 in New Orleans.
The bowl season will open Dec. 17 with three games -- the New Mexico Bowl, the uDrove Humanitarian Bowl and the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl.

The traditional bowl date of Jan. 1 will have no games because it falls on a Sunday, when the NFL plays a full schedule of games to close its regular season, assuming a collective bargaining agreement has been reached.
The Rose Bowl Game Presented By Vizio is Jan. 2; the Allstate Sugar Bowl is Jan. 3; the Discover Orange is Jan. 4; and the Tostitos Fiesta is Jan. 5.

Money, the networks, money, advertisers, money, and more money have taken over college football.  35 games, Mmmmm that’s 70 teams out of 120.  Man you have got to be pretty bad to be staying home.  How many 6-6 or even 5-7 teams will be playing?
** So much for simple black and white football gloves.  I remember when they first came on the scene.  Someone got the idea of using scuba diving gloves because they gripped so well.  Check out what Notre Dame players will be wearing this year.

** Interesting Wall Street Journal article: read it here.
The NCAA’s Last Innocents.  The key article question: Are there any big-time sports schools that have never been slapped with a major NCAA rules violation?  Yes and they are Boston College, Northwestern, Penn State and Stanford.  It appears the infamous Kim Dunbar affair did Notre Dame in.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So You Think You Know Notre Dame Football? # 11

# 11 Who holds the career game passing record for Notre Dame?

Jimmy Clausen

Joe Montana

Brady Quinn

Joe Theisman

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eilar Hardy – Safety – A Notre Dame Man

Well summer school has surely commenced in South Bend.  The freshman football players have arrived at Notre Dame.  Lucky them, hello new world.  Some are more intense than others.  Some more dedicated to the Notre Dame Spirit.  Some more committed.   
You know the story about the breakfast meal of ham and eggs.  The chicken participates but the pig is committed.

Well Eilar Hardy is committed.  The 6’0”, 180 lb. future safety from Pickerington Ohio for the Fighting Irish went one-step further than expected.  He is showing his dedication, spirit and determination on his sleeve so to speak.

Check out Eilar’s right arm.

It will be interesting to see how much Eilar has bulked up and toned up to prepare himself as a future safety.  180 pounds will not cut it.  His average speed and toughness dictates his integration into the safety position.
Good Luck Eilar.  Study hard.  The degree is what matters.  If you happen crush a whole bunch of Notre Dame opponents, well that’s icing on the cake.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Did Kyle Rudolph Make The Right Decision?

Way back on December 12th, Subway Alumni Station posted an article concerning why we thought both Michael Floyd and Kyle Rudolph would return for their final season playing football for Notre Dame.  Here it is.  Well of course only Michael made the decision to return.  Rudolph saw his chances for the NFL draft being quite high due to the absence of quality tight ends in the 2011 class and grabbed the brass ring. 
So has the brass ring turned out to be a fresh cow pie?

Rudolph went in the draft about where expected/projected, 11th in the second round, 43 overall.  What was unexpected was the team – the Minnesota Vikings.  That got a lot of heads to scratching.  Of course, this is the team that played pretty-please to Brett Favre in 2010 and dumped a head coach that decided he was general manager and owner all in one.  One disaster of a year.

The Vikings currently have not one, but three tight ends on roster and of course, that does NOT include Rudolph who has been drafted but unsigned.
31 year old Visanthe Shiancoe (don’t ask me to pronounce his name) started and caught 47 passes, for 530 yards and 2 touchdowns. 

34-year-old Jim Kleinsassor had 17 receptions for 148 yards.

Third string Jeff Dugan who is 30 had 4 catches for 30 yards.  (If I were Jeff and Jim I'd be looking for a full-time job.)
Tight ends were not a favorite target of Viking quarterbacks in 2010.  We here at SAS don’t really follow the Vikings but it appears the opponents backfield were more the intended target in many cases than Viking receivers.  What a new head coach and offensive coordinator will bring to Minneapolis and the offense remains to be seen.

It appears Shiancoe is a respectable TE with some years left in him with a team and league that does not regularly throw in that direction but uses TE’s as blockers.  Anyway, it appears Kyle was too good of a deal to pass up.  Who knows he could become trading fodder.
Anyway, where does this leave Kyle?  He has a playbook and an agent.  He can particpate in private workouts with future team members and continue individual training and fitness.

He cannot negotiate a contract or threaten to boycott a training camp that does not exist. 
No contact with the Viking coaching staff.

No use of training facilities, trainers, or staff.
Kyle cannot fight/compete for a place on the roster or starting position because he has no venue to show his wares.

If the NFL greed mongers come to their senses and salvage the professional football season, it seems likely the rookies are going to be targeted for salary caps of some sort.
Thus, time is running out for Kyle and all the rookies to earn roster positions or even starting slots.

Kyle did not take part in any post-season bowl game, senior bowl, North-South Game, East-West Game because of his injury and surgery.  He passed on the combine in Indianapolis for the same reason.  His ‘try-out’ at Notre Dame went very well and probably solidified his second round pick.  However, he has not been able to show-off for the Vikings.  The clock is ticking. 
On the Viking website, management acknowledges that they have a lease on a summer training facility and the drop-dead date on exercising the lease option is July 18th.  The NFL has a month to come to their senses or the season is lost.  So could be Kyle.  The 2011 crop the TE’s appears to be richer that 2010.  Who knows what will happen to the 2011 draftees.
Kyle Rudolph could be enrolled in summer school at Notre Dame.  Earning a masters degree.  Engaged in the 7-on-7 practices, working with Paul Longo the ND strength guru and pretty much guaranteed the starting TE position.  Maybe an All-American?  Maybe a BCS bid for Notre Dame?  Maybe a first round draft choice in 2013?

Good Luck Kyle.  Go Vikings!  Sack England!
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Matt Hegarty - The Right Kind Of Guy For Notre Dame

Here is a great article about a smart young man with his head screwed on straight. This is quite refreshing after the OSU fiasco, the U$C Bush Heisman shame and pending debacles at UNC, Auburn, and TN. It seems all you hear about are the arrests, DWI’s, suspensions, felonies and misdemeanors committed by college football players.

Matt Hegarty is a 6’5” 4-star, offensive lineman from tiny Aztec New Mexico (pop. 6,300+) who will be attending summer school in South Bend. He brings a 3.8 GPA to Notre Dame.

Couple of interesting tidbits from that article.

Matt understands and accepts he will be redshirted his freshman year. That says two things. Our offensive line finally has some depth and that Coach Brian Kelly is bringing in players who understand that they need further development.

Matt has added 20 pounds to his high school season ending weight and thanks to the Notre Dame long distance conditioning program under Paul Longo, he weighs in at a respectable 292 pounds of lean muscle. Matt dedicated himself to the ND fitness program this past spring while finishing up at Aztec.

Bring your long underwear Matt, welcome to long Northern Indiana winters.

Here’s hoping you end up at left tackle guarding the next Notre Dame Golden Boy.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

So You Think You Know Notre Dame Football? # 10

#10 Which Jersey Number Has Notre Dame Retired?




 ND has not retired any numbers

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So You Think You Know Notre Dame Football? # 9

# 9 Terry Hanratty was on the Heisman Trophy ballot three years in a row.



Saturday, June 11, 2011

So You Think You Know Notre Dame Football? # 8

# 8 Which ND Heisman Trophy winner won the award while having a losing season?

Paul Hornung

Leon Hart

Johnny Lattner

Tim Brown

The Notre Dame Retro Uniform

Well Adidas, hosting UM, and Notre Dame rolled out there respective “old time,” “throwback,” or “retro” football uniforms for the much ballyhooed night game on September 10th in Ann Arbor.  As long as the IRISH pound those Skunkbears I could care less if, they were wearing pink tights and spiked heels.

Still it appears to be a gimmick to make $$$.  We talked about The Subtle New Marketing of Notre Dame Football back on April 2nd.  Adidas will of course make a bundle of money out of the Notre Dame Bookstore at $80 a pop for the jersey.  Some say it will help recruiting, but of course they say anything can help recruiting.  Thank goodness we are the visitors if that is what Adidas and Notre Dame thought would be cool retro uniforms.  If we were home team they probably would have rolled out some fluorescent green monstrosity.  At least we’re not going to be wearing leather helmets although the shamrock looks pretty tacky on our gold ones. 

But of course, the white shoes and green laces are just as bad.  Shouldn’t it be black leather high-tops?

Have not figured out if the jersey is supposed to be tucked in or not.

Oh well, it’s only for one game.  Hope the boys don’t autograph their game jerseys and try to sell them.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Notre Dame Numbers To Make Your Head Spin

Well between Michael Floyd and slim recruiting news, things are a little slow around the Station.  We are trying to keep alive the interest in Notre Dame Football with “The think you know Notre Dame Football and beat the Wizard quizzes,” but that is not going to be enough.  Subway Alumni Station has also piped in with the fiasco in Columbus (it appears Pryor is really gone (amen), ND grad Gene Smith the AD is next) and other interesting college football tidbits that influence Notre Dame Football and college sports in general.  As Thomas Paine stated so well, "these are the times that try a Subway Alumni's soul."

So, Brian Kelly has ten (10) recruits verbally committed to his Program and Team (Presswood will enroll in summer school).  This is June 2011, National Signing Day is February 1, 2012, many good prospects are still out there and uncommitted.  How many more can Kelly reel in?  It appears that a running back would be a good thing.

Here are some 2012 numbers.

Allowed 85 football athletic scholarships

If you account for Chris Badger (we would love to know why he bothered to enroll early for four months) coming back from his Mormon mission in 2012.

Add Jordan Prestwood coming to summer school this month.

There are 25 scholarships to give to 5th year seniors, walk-ons, and freshmen in the 2012 class. 

The other 59 scholarships are spoken for by underclassmen.

Again, 10 verbal recruits thus far.

14 possible 5th year seniors that could return.

The IRISH players with a possible 5th year of eligibility are:

Braxston Cave - C

Lane Clelland - OT

Dayne Crist - QB

Sean Cwynar - DT

Mike Golic - C

John Goodman - WR

Kapron Lewis-Moore - DE

Dan McCarthy - S

Anthony McDonald - IL

Brandon Newman - NG

David Posluszny - IL

Jamoris Slaughter - S

Deion Walker - WR

Hafis Williams - NG

An awful lot of factors will come into play.  Most importantly fall camp and 2011 performance on the field.  Injuries will impact.  Those younger players coming up the depth chart to overtake the seniors.  Possible depth chart weaknesses as well as strengths in 2012.  Obviously, the number available will increase if players transfer out, give up football, or leave for the NFL early. 

If Dayne Crist stays healthy, puts up big numbers and leads Notre Dame to a BCS win will be turn pro?  He won't have that many starts as QB.

Is Manti Te’o in it for the full four years or will he leave early?

Some very big decisions for Brian Kelly to manage his 2012 recruitment class, he has to assess his 5th year seniors now to recruit up to the 85 limit that includes the 59 returning, 5th years and the recruits.

Here are who we feel will return and be granted a 5th year:





Here are who are on the ‘bubble”:

Clelland - Step up to the plate

Lewis-Moore - Plenty of DE talent breathing down his neck

McCarthy - Needs to stay healthy

McDonald - Needs to stay healthy

Here are those that need to really shine:






Thus, we assess 9 5th year seniors returning, Badger, Prestwood, 59 underclassmen leaves you will a maximum of only 15 recruits.  This does not account for the one or two you must keep back for walk-ons or possible late recruits falling into your lap, i.e. your Prestwood types.  You really need to have a freshman class with more than 15 recruits in it.  Decisions.  Decisions.  2012 should be Brian Kelly’s run for the NC with the talent on-board, coming up the ranks, the wealth of 5th year seniors, and in the pipeline.  Go IRISH.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Terrelle Pryor and Jim Tressel Roast

Sometimes the guys on the Cartier Field Bulletin Board over at NDNation just have a blast with a topic.  What other hot topic is better than beating up Terrelle Pryor, Jim Tressel and Ohio State Football?  If that tattoo guy in Columbus hadn’t been part of a federal drug investigation we never would have had the scandal.  Funny how that works.  If Reggie Bush had promised to pay back that crooked sports agent, the U$C mess would never have surfaced either.  The whole college cheating and lying mess is a black eye on college football in general and we have not heard the last at UNC or what might have happened with Newton and Auburn. 
I wish I could give credit for the one-liners and the roasting but everyone uses ‘Handles’ over there.  Leisa our senior editor did the cut and paste.  Anyway, some great gallows humor.

Probably going into the sports memorabilia business with OJ.
This statement (Pryor speaking through lawyer) is priceless…  It begins, "In the best interest of my teammates . . ."
When has that guy done anything that was not in the best interest of Terrelle Pryor first, middle and last? For him to pretend, or try to make anyone believe, that he is acting on behalf of anyone but himself is transparently nauseating.

I think LSU Feek should use the ending of Breaker Morant as the inspiration of his tOSU .gif.  Tressel and Pryor walking hand in hand to the execution chair, the NCAA as the firing squad. tOSU is in for some epic penalties when all this is done.
Can he transfer to Auburn?
Do they have salary cap space left after Cameron Newton?
When will the IRS come calling?
Good news is that he could actually afford all those cars.
College sports just became a little cleaner today.
Headline: "OSU fans march in support of Tressel."
Fans marched a mile in unbearable heat to support Tressel in his really expensive home.
"This march included signs that read, "Thank You Jim," and "You're in Our Prayers" and "We Support You Jim." Several fans wore Tressel-specific T-shirts of support."

Beyond the Tressel house was a fork in the road.  Half the crowd went one way in search of a clue. The other half went the other way in search of a life.
Was there a single person among them who is a manager ...and would gladly look the other way if an employee lied to him/her and to a regulatory body, thereby triggering an investigation and punishment?

200 fans in an area that has probably 100,000 tosu alums I'd bet that there are more than 100,00 tosu alums living within 50 miles of the Columbus area.

Apparently 99,800 of them were rational for the day.
That was just a quick Facebook gathering.  It was organized in about 24 hours. The band will soon march to Tressel's house, and I am sure the crowd will be much bigger.

Don't these people have cars?  March to Jack Maxton Chevy.  Tell 'em coach Tressel sent you.

They don't have insurance.

(In response to a OSU troll)........

Like most OSU fans, you've been duped........ It shows just how little an education OSU provides that so many of your alums have been duped by this fraud.

And his calculated actions are going to crush your precious football program.  Yet, you still love him.

I love how OSU fans refer to this as him making a "mistake".  Too funny.  Guys who push beyond the limits of the rules for two decades don't make mistakes.
They all have forgotten he has been a weasel for 20+ years.
Tressel should do what a self respecting coach does when a scandal breaks out, go coach the Seahawks.
Another osu standby: "everybody does it”  This is not just their excuse, rather their mantra for why it is OK for Ohio State athletics to bend the rules whenever they need to. Every osu fan I know says this as though it somehow makes it OK. It's like saying: well, sure I broke your window by throwing a rock through it, but everybody does it. It must be OK.
Possible sanctions:  Loss of all tuba band scholarships so they can’t dot the i.  Loss of “the” in their name, the Ohio State University”.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So You Think You Know Notre Dame Football? # 7

# 7 Which two ND Head Coaches had never coached at the college level before coming to ND?
Kuharich and Faust
Brennan and Faust
Devore and Kuharich
Devore and Leahy

Monday, June 6, 2011

Welcome Jordan Presswood to Notre Dame??

Well we added back to our Mug Shot Gallery on the right side of the Blog --- Jordan Presswood. 

6’ 6”, 280 lbs., offensive tackle from Plant City Florida.

If you follow such things, you will remember Jordan verbally committed to Notre Dame in April 2010.  Then when the IRISH did that infamous tailspin in October with the Navy and Tulsa debacle he decommitted late-October (interesting that Microsoft spell-check swears decommitted is not a word) and eventually signed on with FSU in November 2010.  His explanation/reason/excuse was that he did not feel comfortable playing so far from home. 

Then he early enrolled in January at Free Shoe U. 

We can assume he did not like conditioning, spring practice, and/or his future roll in the scheme of things with Jimbo Fisher.  Who knows what goes through a kid's mind and thoughts of greatess.

Guess playing so far from home was no longer an issue.

Knowing Notre Dame Football Players, Alumni, and Subway Alumni, Jordan is going to have to prove himself.

Here’s hoping he does not get homesick or forget to bring long underwear and  warm clothes.
Good Luck Jordan.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Notre Dame Beer Sales During Football Games

The only time I had a beer at a Notre Dame Football game was a ND vs. Navy game at M&T Bank Stadium (Ravens) in Baltimore.  Not only could you order beer but mixed drinks as well.  Quite an eye opener for a country boy.  (By the way, ND won.  Ah, the good old days!)

One of the reasons Notre Dame has avoided home night games has been the fear of well oiled fans pouring (literally) into the Stadium after a full day of tail-gating.  Heck, Notre Dame works the Spring Class schedule to ensure Saint Patrick's Day falls during spring break and an empty campus.

Well now hear this.  What folly.
Now WVU is joining their Big East Conference brethren in creating mayhem.  (Only Rutgers does not sell beer at football games.)   

In an effort to “improve fan behavior,” beer will now be sold at all home WVU football games.  Or so says the WVU AD, Oliver Luck in response to the West Virginia University Board of Governors recent vote and approval of beer sales.  It appears their was a problem with fans getting “out passes” to go to their cars and chug down some hooch at half time.  The Board did the right thing in now banning “out passes” but to placate the fans, instead will now allow beer to flow in the Stadium.  Understand it applies to beer only.  Not moonshine.  Did I get that right?  Was it out passes or pass out?  Hmmmm.

It appears WVU wants to maintain the mantel of one of the East Coast's biggest party schools.  Can't see where selling beer to already crazy football fans will hurt.

Of course restrictions do apply.  No beer will be sold near the student section, a two-plastic cup limit per customer, and the right to refuse any ‘Mountaineer’ that apparently has had enough.  Yup, that will sure stop drunkenness in Morgantown and in the Stadium.
Agreed that nothing good will come of this, unless you happen to be someone who enjoys watching acts of needless destruction and deplorable behavior on YouTube.     

We predict that their will be an increase in the number of old sofas dragged out and burned after a rare WVU win.  Surely a boon for future furniture sales in Morgantown.  So much for bringing your family to watch a football game in WV.

Oh, did we mention that WVU expects to clear $500,000 per year in new revenue?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

So You Think You Know Notre Dame Football? # 6

6 # Why is former Michigan coach and AD Fielding Yost reviled by ND fans?
He led a boycott against Big Ten teams playing ND

He blackballed ND when they tried to join the Big Ten

He abruptly cancelled the 1910 game in South Bend because ND had won the previous year in Ann Arbor

All of the Above