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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Notre Dame - Odds and Ends - June 23 2011

Becky our summer intern came up with the idea of periodic posts concerning tidbits and Odds and Ends concerning Notre Dame Football too short to be worthy of a full blown article.  We let her ride the Yellow Line from beginning to end and back again.  Then she scoured the internet, wire services, and chat rooms to provide the following Notre Dame related short topics during the dreaded Dead Zone (here is the Dead Zone link).

** Apparently, former Michigan Head Coach Rich Rodriguez has landed a job with CBS Sports.  Obviously we will not see him on the Skunkbear sidelines anymore.  Rather when we watch Notre Dame play Michigan, Purdue and Stanford we will have a chance of hearing his expert analysis on CBS.
** Speaking of our enemy the Skunkbears, Brady Hoke their new Head Coach appears to fit right in with the linemen.  If we gave Sparty Head Coach Mark  Dantonio a heart attack last year, Hoke is eating his way to one.

Brady Hoke

** Rivals 2011 Recruit Class Rank:

1) Alabama
2) Texas
3) LSU
3) Florida
5) USC
6) FSU
7) Georgia
8) Oklahoma
9) Notre Dame
10) Ohio State
11) Michigan

We think it is safe to say we'll take a top ten recruit ranking every year thank you very much.  We'll let Brian Kelly and his boys train and develop them.

** With roughly two weeks remaining in FY 2011, the overall conference distributions from the Big Ten to each school in conference is $22.56M.  Of that amount, $16.63M is listed as television (Football and Basketball).  Nebraska will formally join the conference on 1 July.

For FY 2012, the budget shows overall conference distributions of $23.75M with $17.58 coming from television (Football and Basketball).

In comparison, the mighty Southeastern Conference (SEC) recently announced that the average distribution to its 12 members in 2010-11 was $18.3 million. That figure includes TV, bowls, the SEC football title game, SEC basketball tournament and NCAA Tournament distributions.

In addition to the revenue from television rights, the other sources of money for the conference distributions are from the NCAA men's basketball tournament, football bowl games and other miscellaneous sources.  Not exactly chump-change.  Although Notre Dame figures are private, it has been reported elsewhere that the IRISH are not far behind that figure.  Not bad for an Independent.
** Here is a better photo of the Retro Jersey to be worn by Notre Dame at Ann Arbor come September 10th.  We all like it except for the rather large Adidas logo.

** Well surprise, surprise the college football bowl schedule for the 2011-12 season has been announced, featuring 35 games in 23 days and ending with the Allstate BCS National Championship Game Jan. 9 in New Orleans.
The bowl season will open Dec. 17 with three games -- the New Mexico Bowl, the uDrove Humanitarian Bowl and the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl.

The traditional bowl date of Jan. 1 will have no games because it falls on a Sunday, when the NFL plays a full schedule of games to close its regular season, assuming a collective bargaining agreement has been reached.
The Rose Bowl Game Presented By Vizio is Jan. 2; the Allstate Sugar Bowl is Jan. 3; the Discover Orange is Jan. 4; and the Tostitos Fiesta is Jan. 5.

Money, the networks, money, advertisers, money, and more money have taken over college football.  35 games, Mmmmm that’s 70 teams out of 120.  Man you have got to be pretty bad to be staying home.  How many 6-6 or even 5-7 teams will be playing?
** So much for simple black and white football gloves.  I remember when they first came on the scene.  Someone got the idea of using scuba diving gloves because they gripped so well.  Check out what Notre Dame players will be wearing this year.

** Interesting Wall Street Journal article: read it here.
The NCAA’s Last Innocents.  The key article question: Are there any big-time sports schools that have never been slapped with a major NCAA rules violation?  Yes and they are Boston College, Northwestern, Penn State and Stanford.  It appears the infamous Kim Dunbar affair did Notre Dame in.
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