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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Notre Dame Beer Sales During Football Games

The only time I had a beer at a Notre Dame Football game was a ND vs. Navy game at M&T Bank Stadium (Ravens) in Baltimore.  Not only could you order beer but mixed drinks as well.  Quite an eye opener for a country boy.  (By the way, ND won.  Ah, the good old days!)

One of the reasons Notre Dame has avoided home night games has been the fear of well oiled fans pouring (literally) into the Stadium after a full day of tail-gating.  Heck, Notre Dame works the Spring Class schedule to ensure Saint Patrick's Day falls during spring break and an empty campus.

Well now hear this.  What folly.
Now WVU is joining their Big East Conference brethren in creating mayhem.  (Only Rutgers does not sell beer at football games.)   

In an effort to “improve fan behavior,” beer will now be sold at all home WVU football games.  Or so says the WVU AD, Oliver Luck in response to the West Virginia University Board of Governors recent vote and approval of beer sales.  It appears their was a problem with fans getting “out passes” to go to their cars and chug down some hooch at half time.  The Board did the right thing in now banning “out passes” but to placate the fans, instead will now allow beer to flow in the Stadium.  Understand it applies to beer only.  Not moonshine.  Did I get that right?  Was it out passes or pass out?  Hmmmm.

It appears WVU wants to maintain the mantel of one of the East Coast's biggest party schools.  Can't see where selling beer to already crazy football fans will hurt.

Of course restrictions do apply.  No beer will be sold near the student section, a two-plastic cup limit per customer, and the right to refuse any ‘Mountaineer’ that apparently has had enough.  Yup, that will sure stop drunkenness in Morgantown and in the Stadium.
Agreed that nothing good will come of this, unless you happen to be someone who enjoys watching acts of needless destruction and deplorable behavior on YouTube.     

We predict that their will be an increase in the number of old sofas dragged out and burned after a rare WVU win.  Surely a boon for future furniture sales in Morgantown.  So much for bringing your family to watch a football game in WV.

Oh, did we mention that WVU expects to clear $500,000 per year in new revenue?

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