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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Notre Dame and Chris Martin

Chris Martin.  Anybody remember him?  He was a Scouts Five Star verbal recruit for Charlie Weis.  An outside linebacker with great speed, size and toughness, a perfect match to play next to Manti Te’o.  Pretty much a jewel in Charlie’s recruiting class and a much-needed defensive player.
We could not find a picture of him wearing a Notre Dame baseball cap, a Cal or Gator uniform.  Guess he never stayed put long enough.
Martin caused a stir when he decommitted from Notre Dame to go to California in December 2009.  Martin said he would go to Notre Dame as long as Charlie Weis was there.  Weis left and so did Martin.  Most of this got lost in the Weis firing and Brian Kelly hiring.
So, Martin went to the Golden Bears of California.  Where in July 2010 the Oakland native said, “My decision to transfer to Florida definitely does not reflect on the football program or the academics at Cal.”
“Rather, I feel like for me to focus and truly reach my potential I need to leave many of the distractions I have here at home in the Bay Area.  I need to venture away from home and start my college career somewhere else where I don’t have those distractions.”
Maybe he wanted to be reunited with Weis.  Well maybe not.
Fast forward to June 24, 2011, Florida head coach Will Muschamp released the news on Chris Martin today via a release from the Sports Information Department at Florida. 

“Chris and his family have indicated that it might be best for him to be closer to home, we wish him nothing but the best of luck,” stated Muschamp. 
Martin was arrested Jan. 29 for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and also made news in March after posting a message on his Facebook status insinuating he had been dismissed from the team.  He later said it was just an “early April Fools’" joke.
Rumor has it that Martin is headed to the state of Colorado where he actually played some football in high school once upon a time.
Chris Martin’s travels remind us of Randy Moss who went from a Notre Dame recruit, to FSU and marijuana, to Marshall and stardom.
Good luck Chris.  How many credit hours do you have?  Any transferable?
We think Notre Dame unknowingly dodged a bullet.
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