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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Road Trip to Notre Dame

It was Julia’s idea.  She heads up our photo department here at Subway Alumni Station.  Running down the hall she yelled “Road Trip” into everyone’s office and declared that the Yellow Line Train was leaving in ten minutes.  What’s a fellow to do?  It’s only nine hours one way at 80 miles an hour to South Bend by car.
The objective was to take pictures of the foyer of the “Gug” (formal name – Guglielmino Athletic Complex).  Julia heard about some recent changes and decided she needed pictures for a story.  We ended up writing two posts, what the heck, might as well get our monies worth out of gas at $3.79 per gallon.    

We posted some of the best ones at the bottom of the Blog along with those we took during last year’s road trip.  Enjoy.

If you are ever within a hundred miles of South Bend and Notre Dame, you must stop and see the Gug, Grotto, inside the administration building (Dome), a walk around the Stadium and the Hesburgh Library at a bare minimum.  A photo standing in front of Touchdown Jesus is mandatory as well.  Just ask a passing student to take it for you; it’s a very friendly campus.
For those unfamiliar with the “Gug” the official Notre Dame website has bragged it up rather nicely.  Check it out here.

Basically Notre Dame has consolidated a number of trophies and awards and placed them in one location.  Previously, some were housed on the second floor of the JACC or not even displayed.  Now Coach Brian Kelly can take a prospective recruit out by the receptionist and say “son, we want to put your name on the list here below Golden Tate’s on the Biletnikoff Award”
 or maybe “son, how would you like your name on the Golden Arm trophy next to Brady Quinn’s?” I could go on, but you get the picture.

Here is the last National Championship Trophy from 1988.  Way long overdue for a new one.  Speaking of trophies we did not see the 2011 Sun Bowl Trophy or the one Charlie got in Hawaii in 2009.

They did a great job with the Heisman Trophies and the picture on the wall of the Notre Dame recipients.

and the picture on the wall of the Notre Dame recipients.

It appears they ran out of space and even used the ceiling.

During the summer if you go really early to the "Gug" you can run into players coming and going from working out in the training and weight rooms.  Same thing early Friday of game weekend.  Players are coming and going from meetings and last minute preparations before heading to the hotel for the night.  It's one of the better secrets of Notre Dame Weekend.

Just inside the exercise room in the Loftus Center they have set-up a snack/nutrition counter with fresh fruit, power bars, and special drink for the athletics.  Nothing too good for these men and women of Notre Dame.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Four Issues Notre Dame Must Address For A BCS Run

Brian Kelly and the Fighting Irish have four major hurdles to overcome if they intend making a BCS and National Championship run.   

A Healthy Dayne Crist. 

Academic senior and eligible junior Dayne Crist will start for Notre Dame.  Sorry all of you out there thinking Tommy Rees will be returning as the quarterback of choice for Kelly.  There is no quarterback controversy period.  Can we count on Crist?  Two years ago he went down with a non-contact, season ending injury that left Charlie Weis with a nagging injury ridden Jimmy Clausen and a quarterback want-a-be Evan Sharpley.  Then in 2010 Crist got nailed with a near out of bounds hit by a Tulsa defender that possibly cost the Irish the game and ended his season once again.  How long will Crist last?  He has the maturity, talent, and knowledge to be a winner for Notre Dame.  The durability is highly questionable.  He is being counted on as a leader and his loss will be a blow to the offense.  

Dayne Crist

Avoid Injuries To Skill Players.

Last year was a disaster.  Dayne Crist, Armando Allen, Theo Riddick, Michael Floyd, Kyle Rudolph, all went down for various or permanent lengths of time.  Cierre Wood and Jonas Gray were dinged up as well and that only includes the offensive side of the ball.  Sure injuries happen and guys have to fill-in however championship teams win with their starters.

Utilize A Platoon Quarterback System.

This is a must.  Dayne Crist and Andrew Hendrix will have to share time on the field.  A limited pocket passer and a mobile quarterback with the true spread offensive system will wreck havoc with opponent’s defensive game plans.  The possibilities are intriguing.  Example one:  Crist starts against South Florida and Hendrix starts against Michigan.  Would the Skunkbears be prepared for that, heck no.  Example two: How about if Hendrix started the second half after Michigan thinks they have adjusted in the locker room to starter Crist?  Example three: How would Sparty plan for that possibility the next week?
Andrew Hendrix

Establishment Of A Running Game With a Dearth of Running Backs.

The Irish have Wood and Gray.  They also have Gray and Wood.  However you say it, they still only have two running backs.  No one wants former running back Theo Riddick in the backfield, he belongs complimenting Michael Floyd.  Cameron Roberson is just not going to be ready early on if at all in 2011.  Incoming freshman George Atkinson is an interesting possibility.  However who wants a freshman running back stepping up to the plate that early.  We see a heavy dose of the “Leprechaun” with a number of speedsters to take pressure off Crist and a thin back field.  

The most critical issue is the running back position and Kelly has not even recruited a running back in the 2012 class.  He is pinning his hope on longshot possible Irish recruit William Mahone.  Mahone has delayed his decision after a great visit to Notre Dame and that can only be good news for the Irish.

William Mahone
If these isssues are not addressed the Irish are a 8- 3 or a 9-3 Team.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why Notre Dame Should Be Wary Of South Florida

Various Websites, ESPN, Newspapers, Blogs, Bulletin Boards, Sports Magazines, Mike and Mike In The Morning, and Mark May are going to be talking and writing about Notre Dame versus South Florida.  Why? 
Have you been living under a rock along with that weird GEICO Guy?

Skip Holtz of course.

We here at Subway Alumni Station pride ourselves in being first, always innovative in providing different slants to stories and always on top of what’s really important concerning Notre Dame Football.
Skip Holtz wants to beat Notre Dame in the very worst way.  His father Lou would love to see his son beat his all-time favorite College Football Team.  We understand he will be in the ESPN studios watching the game.  The rest of the Holtz family will be at Notre Dame though.

What goes around comes around.  History does repeat itself.  Remember a certain Head Coach at lowly Northwestern.  Ara somebody?  Beat mighty Notre Dame and when the time was right, no longer had to lick them but rather joined them.

This is exactly what Skip would like to do.

Keep in mind, Skip Holtz is 47 and Brian Kelly is 49. 

Skip wants to follow in his father’s footsteps in the worst way and become the next Head Coach at Notre Dame.  He attended Holy Cross Junior College in South Bend, Ind., for two years before transferring to Notre Dame in 1984.  A normal path to earn academic recognition to be accepted at Notre Dame.  He earned his bachelor’s degree in business management in 1986 and was a football letter winner for the Irish that same year, appearing in all 11 games as a special team’s member and backup flanker.

Dad got Skip a job at FSU through his friend Bobby Bowden as a football graduate assistant.  Skip came back to his Alma Mater and from 1990-1993 was WR Coach and Offensive Coordinator, although we all know that his father outlined the Game Plan and called all the plays.
Look for an untypical game plan from USF as you can imagine.  They have one goal in mind since the game was scheduled.  Use the game to recruit and upset the Irish.  The emphasis from day one of fall camp is to prepare and beat Notre DameOf course, this is no different from any other Team except for the Holtz factor.    

Skip and his staff have been working on a game plan to use against the Irish forever.  When they open practice early this fall, the trainers, players, mascot, and the janitors will soon realize one thing only.  Beat Notre Dame.  It will be written on the locker room white board, shouted ending every practice huddle, texted, twittered, e-mailed and embedded in every players brain.  They will want it more than anything else all year and it's only the first game.

On paper USF is no match for Notre Dame but that same logic did not stop Navy and Tulsa last year or Connecticut in 2009 or even Syracuse in 2008.

Here is what Skip had to say recently on another website interview:

On Coach Holtz going back to Notre Dame:

"Well, I mean from a personal standpoint with all the emotions with my father's success there. Being an alumni there. Having played there. Coached there for four years, there will be a lot of emotions on my standpoint. But I just gotta make sure that regardless of how much people will want to talk about how it will be an emotional game for Skip Holtz, it is a huge game and a huge opportunity for South Florida. As probably one of the youngest Division 1 programs in the country against one of the oldest and most prestigious when it talks to accolades and awards and those types of things."
On how excited Holtz is for the season opener:

“It’s going to be a great opportunity for us. It’s going to be fun. Forty four days and mark one off every single day. I got my calendar out, I’m ready.”
The USF athletic site has a great bio on Skip and his staff.  Much better than Notre Dame’s It even provides a phone number and e-mail address to contact Holtz.  Sure, he has screeners but at least he is accessible.   

Don't look for a cake walk with a cupcake Team.  Skip is serious business.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

So You Think You Know Notre Dame Football? # 20

Editors Note:  Well this is the end of the line and final question in the 2011 series.  All 20 questions are posted on the left side of the Blog.  Be sure and try to answer all 20 and remember your answers.  Results will be posted August 1. 

We are excited about Fighting Irish Football and the start of fall camp on August 6th. 

Look for new posts and some other things to keep you up to date with Notre Dame Football and the college football scene.  We here at SAS leave no Blarney Stone uncovered in providing very cheap entertainment and reading.


#20 How many undefeated football seasons has Notre Dame had?
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

So You Think You Know Notre Dame Football? # 19

#19 Knute Rockne coached for 13 seasons at Notre Dame.  Who coached the second most seasons?

Lou Holtz

Frank Leahy

Ara Parseghian

All of the Above

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Notre Dame Recruiting Complaints Addressed Here

Even with a slow summer as far as news from Notre Dame Football goes, one issue has bubbled up to the surface for Irish fans.  It has some scratching their heads, others jumping out basement floor windows and still others wailing and grinding their teeth as if they were thrown into the dark of night.
The 2012 Notre Dame Football Recruiting Class.  You can check out the current 12 recruits on the left side of the SAS Blog.

The Issues:

** No quarterback.  There should be a quarterback in every recruiting class so say the pundits.

** No running back.  The Irish are weak on running back with the graduation of Robert Hughes and Armondo Allen.  Plus, the serious injury this spring to Cameron Roberson.  Read about the injury here.

** Only 12 recruits so far while some schools are fast approaching their scholarship quotas.

** Lack of recruitment results in Ohio in the wake of the Tattoo Scandal at OSU.

** The apparent outstanding 2012 recruiting class being built by Brady Hoke and the Skunkbears.  Our second most bitter rivalry.

** Lack of 4 and 5 star recruits.

** Fear that the 2012 recruit class will be a flop after the apparent great success of the 2011 class.  (A theory abounds that a championship team needs two outstanding classes in a row to succeed.)

** A recent less than positive article/interview by Tom Lemming a guy who makes his living reporting and analyzing college recruiting.

** While National Signing Day is not until February most of the highly regarded and sought after recruits have already verbally committed to other schools.

** The alleged waste of scholarships on ‘athletic-types’ and a pure long snapper.  (See Notre Dame Long Snappers below here.)

So what does this all mean?  Let’s take the complaints one at a time.

**** Quarterback.  Notre Dame has four quarterbacks on the books.  Dayne Crist will start and he is a senior with two years of eligibility.  Tommy Rees is a true sophomore.  Andrew Hendrix was a redshirt freshman last year.  Everett Golson is a true freshman.  If you were a hotshot quarterback coming out of high school would you sign up for Notre Dame?  Of course not.  Yes, transfers and injuries are possible but only a fool would want to be a quarterback prospect in the 2012 class.

**** Running back.  Cierre Wood is a junior.  Jonas Gray a senior.  Cameron Roberson cannot be counted on.  We hope and pray he can recover 100%.  Maybe next year.  George Atkinson is coming in as a freshman and does WR and RB.  Brian Kelly has already tapped him as a RB.    Theo Riddick is an ace in the hole.  Yes this position is thin this year and a running back would be very nice addition to the 2012 class.  This position of course receives a lot of down-play because of the Kelly Spread Offensive.  That has scared away some very good running backs this year.  Our enemy schools bring this up in the recruiting process all the time.  Can Kelly come through with the  talent he needs for the future?  This complaint has some validity.  It is worrisome. 

**** July 19 and only 12 recruits.  Kelly will be only able to take about 20 recruits all total.  He’s got 5th years to consider and has to have a scholarship for returning missionary Chris Badger and redshirt Jordan Presswood.  At last count he still had over 100 offers on the table in recruitment land.  However that number is shrinking everyday as more and more recruits are verbally committing earlier and earlier in the recruiting process.  I think we have to assume that Kelly and his staff are trying their best and laying off the golf course.  This is pretty much a wait and see deal.  Look at the last minute additions last year, it was a rare recruiting coup for the entire Notre Dame staff. 

**** Ohio fertile recruiting grounds.  This was a lean year for recruitment and the positions Notre Dame was looking for in Ohio.  This complaint is hogwash.  (Or should it be Hogwarts in honor of J.K. Rolings and her billions.)  

**** Skunkbear recruiting class.  Hoke needs to build his defense and with the addition of Greg Mattison he is going to do it.  He is a very good defensive coordinator and was outstanding at Notre Dame and Florida.  Good for him.  Bring it on Skunkbears.  You were so lucky the last two years in beating us.  Bring it on.  Why worry and complain over the fortunes of someone else’s recruiting efforts?

**** Lack of 4-5 Star Recruits.  Plenty of studies have shown that national championship teams are built on 4-5 Star Recruits.  I like Kelly in his efforts to get every 4-5 Star Recruit that he can, when that fails he goes for the Right Kind of Guy (RKG) who he and his staff can develop, train, and throw into the mix.  Too many other programs just take what’s left at the positions they need and hope for the best.  I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on this issue until it is proven wrong.  I like his physical training program and how he teaches the lads.

**** Two great recruiting classes in a row.  The jury is still out.  You can only answer this complaint after the dust has settled and the BCS games played.

**** Lemming and his dire prediction.  Tom Lemming puts food on the table by his analysis and predictions.  Someone needs to keep track of his crystal ball pronouncements just like those people that predict the number of hurricanes each year.  (See above response.)

**** Highly regarded recruits already committed.  See above comments about RKG, last minute acquisitions to the 2011 recruiting class and 100 offers on the table.

**** Waste of scholarships on athletic-types and long snappers.  Give me a break.  I’ll take a steady long snapper over anybody.  These guys are critical.  I’ll also take a guy who Kelly and company feels is a diamond-in-the-rough who they can develop.

Notre Dame is not in crisis mode over the recruiting class of 2012.  Kelly has invited almost every potential recruit to the ND vs. USC game come October 22.  Let's review the status of the 2012 class after Notre Dame beats USC.

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So You Think You Know Notre Dame Football? # 18

#18 Who posted the “Play Like A Champion” sign on the locker room stairs?
Lou Holtz
Frank Leahy
Knute Rockne
None of the Above
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Notre Dame Long Snappers

Probably the most overlooked and misunderstood position on a football team is the Long Snapper.  Next year (2012), Notre Dame will have two.  Both on athletic scholarship, both recruited and performing a very specialized task with unique talents.  When a Team only has 85 scholarships to awared, two are taken up at a unique, and special position, those guys had better be worth it.
Remember snapping long is not the same as a center hiking the ball to the quarterback when he is in the shotgun formation.
Normally, traditionally, and usually Long Snappers come from the walk-on ranks.  Either preferred or simply walking-on during tryouts (like Rudy) in the Spring or in Notre Dame’s case, the Fall.  Some coaches will recruit Long Snappers to either ‘Gray Shirt’ or ‘Walk-On’ in a preferred status. 
In the case of ‘Gray Shirting’, the Long Snapper can enroll part time (at his own expense) at his chosen university or attend classes at a junior college.  When the coach has a scholarship come available for whatever reason, he will (if he’s honest) offer it to the Long Snapper.
Also, a coach will tell a potential Long Snapper recruit that he will guarantee him a spot on the Team and a scholarship when and if he earns the starting assignment.  This is a ‘Preferred Walk-On’ and the normal path for Long Snappers.  Coaches have to be careful here as well as they can only carry 105 football players on the team.
Thus, it was quite surprising when Charlie Weis in his next-to-last recruiting class offered Jordan Cowart (6’2”, 215 lbs.) a full scholarship to long snap for Notre Dame.  Many assumed that it was a package deal to get Punter Ben Turk since both played for Saint Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale Florida.  

Jordan Cowart Jr.
Well Brian Kelly has done the same thing in his recruiting class of 2012 by offering Scott Daly (6’3” 235 lbs.) from Downers Grove Illinois a scholarship to long snap.  Scott also had a scholarship offer from Northwestern on the table, a rather unique situation for a Long Snapper.  Thus, Daly will be Freshman and Cowart a Senior in 2012, an ideal situation for training and transition.

Scott Daly Recruit 2012
It is interesting to note that long snapper camps exist for potential recruits and that one in particular actually ranks high school long snappers and offers the 12 most qualified to attend a special long snapper camp.  Guess which Long Snapper was ranked #1 coming out of that camp?  Yup, Scott Daly.
A quick look at the physical size of those 12 guys ranging from 6’0” – 190 lbs. to 6’ 3” – 255 lbs. placed Scott at the high end with his athletic 6’3” 235 lbs.
Chris Rubio runs probably the best known kicking and long snapping camp.  Check it out here. 
It was interesting what he had to say in coaching long snappers.  Try to drill a spiral right through the punter, aiming at his right hip.  Chris emphasized, speed snapping in .78 seconds or better), accuracy, consistency, snapper size/bulk, athleticism (ability to run down the field and tackle the punt returner) and blocking ability.
Long Snappers are used for punting and placekicking, there is nothing worse than having a snap go awry in a critical situation.  We see it on occasion and cross our fingers that the snap will be true for Notre Dame.  Guess that’s why it’s worth a scholarship.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

So You Think You Know Notre Dame Football? # 17

#17 Which school has produced more Academic All-Americans than Notre Dame?





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Friday, July 15, 2011

So You Think You Know Notre Dame Football? # 16

#16 How many losing seasons have the Irish endured?





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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Scraping The Bottom Of The Notre Dame News Barrel

Well it’s pretty much comes down to this, scraping the bottom of the barrel for Blog posts.  Most of the SAS staff is on vacation (Green Line) or are in a funk waiting for August 6 and the start of Fall Football Camp.  I am reduced to stealing and cutting and pasting from the NDNation Bulletin Boards. 
Here are two items that I plucked off the Ethernet:
The unexpected retirement of Jim Tressel moved Brian Kelly up to number 4 among active head coaches in winning percentage, just behind Paterno. Kelly also advanced to sixth in wins.  Unfortunately some dumb AD is going to give Jim a second chance, you just wait and see.


1. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma......806

2. Gary Patterson, TCU.......778

3. Jim Tressel, Ohio State...751

4. Joe Paterno, Penn State...747

5. Brian Kelly, Notre Dame...741
 This is one tough question.  You have to really know Notre Dame Football.  It even stumped the Wizard.
Stolen from NDNation Cartier Field Bulletin Board posted by “Olson.”
6 Opponent Head Coaches have won at least 8 games against Notre Dame during their respective careers.  Two of these 6 coaches are tied for the most coaching victories over ND with 10.

Name all 6-highlighting the two with the most wins all time vs. Notre Dame.  Answers below, no fair peeking!

10 wins: Mollenkopf (Purdue)10-4; Daugherty (Mich. St) 10-7-1
9 wins: Paterno (Penn St) 9-6
8 wins: Robinson (USC) 8-3-1, McKay (USC) 8-6-2, Carroll (USC) 8-1

7 wins Howard Jones (Iowa & USC) 6-8-1 at USC and 1-0 at Iowa
5 wins O'Brien (BC), Carr (Mich),Sutherland (Pitt)
The only piece of news besides Romeo Okwara becoming recruit number 12 (see left side of Blog) is that apparently Brian Kelly and Notre Dame are going to host a ton of recruits for the ND-USC game and weekend.  It will be sweet when we knock USC off for the second time in a row in front of all those recruits.
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hush Money or Bribe – OSU and Jim Tressel

The farce continues at OSU.  We thought we were done writing about the scandal at Tattoo U, but it just will not go away.  The latest smell came attached to the statement that OSU would vacate the twelve wins in 2010 including the Sugar Bowl win over Arkansas.  Oh, they also placed themselves on probation for two years.  We are not sure what that means or what consequences that would bring with a violation of said imposed probation. 

The self-imposed vacating and probation is to head-off the NCAA and possible real meaningful sanctions like loss of athletic scholarships and no Bowl appearances.  This combined with the player suspensions, Pryor leaving school for the NFL and Tressel quitting is what OSU hopes will keep them out of further hot NCAA water.
The really funny part is what Jim Tressel got out of agreeing to cooperate with the NCAA investigation.

"...the university also said Friday it is waiving a $250,000 fine imposed on Tressel and changing his resignation to a retirement."
Therefore, this deal saves Tressel a quarter of a million bucks, and he gets the benefit of a State of Ohio retirement package.  Remember he coached and cheated at Youngstown as well.

The university will pay him $52,250 - the equivalent of the salary and benefits he would have earned through the end of June.   Remember he resigned on May 30th.
Tressel also will collect his unpaid sick and vacation time up to 250 hours and will be eligible for health-insurance coverage for himself and his family under the plan available to all state retirees, according to the settlement.

Tressel agreed that he would not sue the university.  What the heck does that mean? 
Throw me in that Briar Patch.  What a sham.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Tyler Eifert TE for Notre Dame placed on the John Mackey Awards Watch List

Let’s be honest.  OK brutally honest.  It was just announced that Tyler Eifert, TE University of Notre Dame has been placed on the John Mackey Awards Watch List.
Big Deal?!  What does that mean?

Tyler Eifert is 1 of 34 players so honored.  It that an honor?  Is that a true watch list or a publicity stunt by the Mackey Foundation to perpetuate something other than a true award?  Will we have to wait with baited breathe through the season to the final few and then the award?  Afraid so.
There are 120 Teams represented in Old Division I, we forgot what the NCAA has renamed it.  Are their 34 players or truly 5-6 who should be on a watch list?  

Tyler Eifert should be in the half-dozen catogory.  Limit it to that and move on the season to watch those six. 

34 players out of 120, not much of a watch list.

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So You Think You Know Notre Dame Football? # 15

#15 Which Team has played Notre Dame the most in Bowl Games?



Texas A & M

All of the Above

Note From The Wizard:  We will run the questions up to 20 and keep them on the board for voting until July 31.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jarron Jones A Notre Dame Man?

We just flew our star reporter Becky on SAS’s Gulfstream III and sent her to Notre Dame to light a candle at the Grotto.

Expensive?  Yes!  To cover all the bases, absolutely!

Read here. 
Jarron Jones is a five-star  DT recruit out of Aquinas Institute, Rochester NY.  We are going to color him Madonna Blue cuz we think he's a comin.
For cryin out loud, he's at least wearing the correct words on his jersey!
Man, a nice feather in Brian Kelly’s recruiting bonnet (hopefully and prayerfully.)

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Subway Alumni Station First Annual Football Scheduling Cupcake Award

Hands down the University of Michigan (Skunkbears) have won the Football Cupcake Schedule Award for 2011.  No contest.  We surrender. 
The person who negotiated and worked the schedule should be given a raise, a free tattoo, access to “loaner vehicles” in Ann Arbor and free Skunkbear sports memorabilia for life.  Wow, the person is a scheduling genius. 

Rich Rodriguez was just sick when he left Ann Arbor in shame after being fired.  Knowing he had this powder puff schedule in 2011 facing him and redemption after getting thoroughly trashed by Mississippi State 52-14 New Year’s Day 2011 in Jacksonville.
Eight home games and four away.  Let’s type that again.  Eight home games and four away.  Notre Dame, Ohio State and Nebraska all at HOME in the renovated Big House.  Playing eight games in front of 112,000 drunken Skunkbear morons.  Those idiots have no class, understanding of sportsmanship or sense of fair play.  They would root against their mother's if they were playing the Skunkbears.   

The away games are a cupcake walk except for Michigan State which appears on paper the toughest team the Skunkbears will face.
Western Michigan (7-5)
Notre Dame (8-5)

Eastern Michigan (2-10)

San Diego State (9-4)

Minnesota (3-9)

@ Northwestern (7-6)

@ Michigan State (11-2)

Purdue (4-8)

@ Iowa (8-5)

@ Illinois (7-6)
Nebraska (9-4)

Ohio State (12-1)
Brady Hoke has to be loving life in Ann Arbor.  Throw me into that briar patch he says.  What can Notre Dame do to make the schedule a little less enjoyable?

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So You Think You Know Notre Dame Football? # 14

#14 Who is the single game rushing leader for ND?
Autry Denson

Varas Ferguson

Julius Jones

Allen Pickett

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Subway Alumni Station A Notre Dame Blog - The Best 28 Blog Posts

We asked our summer intern Claire Marie as part of her orientation to Subway Alumni Station Blog to read all 245 past blog posts.  To review all the polls, quizzes, pictures, ND recruit mug shots and general information.
Claire Marie

The next thing we knew she redesigned the entire Blog!  Yikes.  So if things look a little bit different, blame Claire Marie.

Then she came up with her favorite blog posts (28) and asked that they be listed as a new post.  Her choices are rather strange, some are on the most read list, others very popular and some not so.  Anyway here they are and when you get bored during the Dead Zone time frame, read a few.
BTW we think we are going to keep Claire Marie in a permanent employee status.
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1.  The Dead Zone Cometh Once Again

2.  Lou Holtz Quotes

3.  God Bless Texas


5.  Ten Ways to Meet Your Football Coach Behind Closed Doors

6.  Anatomy of a First Class Jerk Coach - Jim Harbaugh – Stanford

7.  The Cut Block or Chop Block

8.  Utes or Yoots?

9.  Ah the Pageantry, the Rivalry, the Nostalgia

10. Women of Troy

11.  Requiem for the Huddle

12.  Notre Dame Punt Returns - An Exercise in Futility

13.  Sun Bowl and the Notre Dame SWAG

14.  How The Planets Are Going To have To Align For Notre Dame To Beat Miami

15.  Why Kyle Rudolph and Michael Floyd Will Be Back For ND Football In 2011

16.  tOSU Football Memorabilia For Sale – Cheap

17.  That’s a Well-Oiled Team

18.  Seizing and Safeguarding Mo

19.  The Education of Brian Kelly

20.  Notre Dame Football Traditionalism

21.  “Should Notre Dame install a Jumbotron?”

22.  Anatomy of a Sleazy College Football Program

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Notre Dame Student-Athlete Compensation

Every time a student-athlete transgresses from the NCAA Rule Book, whether it’s taking money, selling sports memorabilia, getting too cozy with a sports agent or someway profiting from their unique status, a hew and cry goes up from the uninformed. You have heard it a dozen times the latest just this spring with the OSU scandal.

“The student-athletes perform for the University, they should get paid. The University uses (abuses) them like borrowed mules. The NFL, NBA, MLB will pay them big $$ as soon as they leave the confines of the University and NCAA jurisdiction anyway.”
Keep in mind, athletic scholarships are merit and renewed yearly.
Only 1.8% of college football players become professional football players.

Athletic scholarships cover: Tuition and Fees, Room and Board, Books and Supplies. Simple reasoning dictates that an education at a top-notch university is not equal to an education at a small public college. The costs are greatly different and the playing environment is completely different. You get more for your scholarship money in the long run at a high priced university.
Let us look at some numbers.

Annual cost of a Notre Dame athletic scholarship is about:

Cost of Attendance at Notre Dame 2011-2012:

Tuition and Fees:
Room and Board:
Books and Supplies:
Total Cost of Attendance:

The costs rise yearly of course.
Summer school is all but mandatory for football players. Not to worry they are compensated by scholarship accordingly for the summer semester classes they attend, workouts and participation in unsupervised training and practice.

However, this is not all a student-athletic is entitled to or eligible to receive.

Pell Grants. The Department of Education has a formula based upon a parent’s wealth/earning power. It can be save to say that those in need get it; those that don't do not need it anyway. That is $5,500 per year that the student-athletic can do with what he pleases. It is a grant not a loan. No repayment, just part of our national debt.

Clothing Allowance. If student-athletics qualify for a Pell Grant, they qualify for a yearly $500 to spend on whatever they want to wear. Enforcement is up to the university Compliance Department and receipts are normally required. We do not know if Notre Dame or the Head Coach can say buy a suit for traveling or whether the student-athletic is allowed to purchase Nike shoes and hats. Notre Dame would not return our calls.
Student-Athlete Opportunity Fund. A pot of NCAA funds allocated to each school for all student-athletics, around $200,000 annually. If a football player needs gas money, plane ticket home, extra clothes, or emergency situation arises they can get it from the Athletic Department.

Room and Board. As noted above, that is $11,390 at Notre Dame. If a student-athletic lives off-campus, they get that amount instead of living in Sorin Hall and eating in the South Dining Hall. (Freshmen must live on campus) We could not find out if the mandatory Training Table evening meals were deducted from the 'board' those football players living off-campus. Also we are unsure of the Team rules for living off-campus at Notre Dame. Two or three football players sharing an apartment or house can probably make out OK with a little extra spending money to boot.
Some Miscellaneous Perks of the student-athletic (football player) receives that are not so tangible:

Free publicity, TV, multimedia exposure. Playing before millions. All Notre Dame game’s are obviously televised.

Limited number of football and bowl tickets that they must purchase.

Incredible networking in the sports world. Meeting former players, coaches, and people of influence.
Travel to some American cities they may not have had the opportunity to visit. In 2012, the Notre Dame Football Team is going Dublin Ireland.

Some of the best free health care, physical therapy, training rooms available.
Tons of educational assistance and tutoring.

Free football gear, shirts, hats, shoes, etc.
Bowl game goodies. Read here.

Possible championship ring.

Still some players with god-given talent abuse these incredible privileges and benefits the vast majority of us could never qualify to receive.

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