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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Subway Alumni Station First Annual Football Scheduling Cupcake Award

Hands down the University of Michigan (Skunkbears) have won the Football Cupcake Schedule Award for 2011.  No contest.  We surrender. 
The person who negotiated and worked the schedule should be given a raise, a free tattoo, access to “loaner vehicles” in Ann Arbor and free Skunkbear sports memorabilia for life.  Wow, the person is a scheduling genius. 

Rich Rodriguez was just sick when he left Ann Arbor in shame after being fired.  Knowing he had this powder puff schedule in 2011 facing him and redemption after getting thoroughly trashed by Mississippi State 52-14 New Year’s Day 2011 in Jacksonville.
Eight home games and four away.  Let’s type that again.  Eight home games and four away.  Notre Dame, Ohio State and Nebraska all at HOME in the renovated Big House.  Playing eight games in front of 112,000 drunken Skunkbear morons.  Those idiots have no class, understanding of sportsmanship or sense of fair play.  They would root against their mother's if they were playing the Skunkbears.   

The away games are a cupcake walk except for Michigan State which appears on paper the toughest team the Skunkbears will face.
Western Michigan (7-5)
Notre Dame (8-5)

Eastern Michigan (2-10)

San Diego State (9-4)

Minnesota (3-9)

@ Northwestern (7-6)

@ Michigan State (11-2)

Purdue (4-8)

@ Iowa (8-5)

@ Illinois (7-6)
Nebraska (9-4)

Ohio State (12-1)
Brady Hoke has to be loving life in Ann Arbor.  Throw me into that briar patch he says.  What can Notre Dame do to make the schedule a little less enjoyable?

Don’t forget to add us to your favorites list: http://subwayalumnistation.blogspot.com

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