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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Subway Alumni Station Staff Photo

We keep getting requests for information on the Subway Alumni Station staff.  Unfortunately divulging such data is strictly prohibited.  However, at the recent Saint Patrick’s Day office party where the Guinness was flowing free and easy, I did get a photo op we can share.
L-R Becky, Laura, Shelly, Megan
If these four staffers are not reason in itself to
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Then nothing is.

Notre Dame Unemployed

Two Irish are still in the hunt for jobs this fall.

David Ruffer

Gary Gray

Those now gainfully employed, adding to the social security trust fund and paying taxes are:

Michael Floyd              1st rd.   Cardinals

Harrison Smith             1st rd.   Vikings

Darius Fleming             5th rd.   49ers

Robert Blanton              5th rd.   Vikings

Jonas Gray                   FA       Dolphins

Taylor Dever               FA       Cowboys

Ethan Johnson             FA         Chiefs

Trevor Robinson          FA        Bengals

Thursday, April 26, 2012

BCS and Bowls Inc. Greed

We here at the Station are not necessarily great fans of Yahoo Sports, however this article is an eye-opener into corporate greed and in this case the BCS and Bowls Inc.  It is a must read!

Everyone should be rooting for College Football to institute its’ own playoff structure and take back the bowl system for the schools and fans.
The biggest travesty is the required contractual agreement for the schools to provide their bands which perform for free.  Yet, the schools pay airfare, lodging, meals, AND tickets for the band in the venue. 

Whoa we never realized that rip-off.
Bowls' extravagant revenues are closely examined as the NCAA mulls a playoff system

Read the article Here.
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Welcome, Welcome Back and Who We Are and What We Do

We do this every once in a while, just to highlight the Subway Alumni Station Blog. 
We get a lot of casual viewers and this gives us a chance to point out our features and say welcome aboard and come on back to see us.
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** We have posted over 400 times

** We are not always serious

** No hidden agendas and no rah-rah Notre Dame nor blatant bashing of players or coaches (although we do call a spade-a-shade and are not afraid to be critical).

** You can always e-mail us or add a comment, we answer just about all of them, even from the Trolls.

** Nope none of us every attended class at ND or SMC, we are Subway Alumni

A walk through the Blog left side:

** Recent Posts to case you’ve been away for a while

** Injury List.  This is a problem since the Irish are not forthcoming on this and who can blame them.  We try to keep it updated.

** Status of latest recruiting class.

** NSD incoming freshman class.

A walk through the Blog right side:

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** Total number of “hits” on the site.  The number is a lot higher but because we redesigned the site twice, the Google counter starts over again.  :+(

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** The 2012 schedule as it evolves with start times and broadcasters

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Bottom of the Blog:

Recent photos including the campus, Gug, team walk to the MSU game in 2011.  Well worth the time if we do say so ourselves.  We expect to include Navy and Dublin this fall.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Notre Dame NFL Draft Predictions

Well the NFL draft is almost here.  The scouting combine is over.  Notre Dame’s pro-day is here and vanished like Aaron Lynch.   Of course the media hype and speculation has gone off the meter as usual.  An event that at one time was not even televised is now a three-day love fest for the fans.  In 1970 there were 17 rounds, 26 teams and 442 players drafted.  In 2011 there are 7 rounds, 32 teams and 254 players drafted.  The owners of course over the years cut the size of their teams and thus a less number of replacement players are needed.  Plus it got just too darn expensive for the owners and player salaries were eating profits.
Who'd of thought Jimmy Clausen would be so far down the depth chart he did not even dress out for most of the 2010 season with the Panthers. 
How about Brady Quinn?  The Browns fed him to the wolves, traded him to the Broncos where he never played and is now trying to catch on with the Chiefs.
So time for the staff at Subway Alumni Station to fish or cut bait.  Here are our predictions on being drafted and which round.
The following Irish players were invited to the Scout Combine in Indianapolis:
Robert Blanton – S      4th round
Taylor Dever – OT      Undrafted (Free Agent Selection)
Darius Fleming – DB   7th round
Michael Floyd – WR    1st round
Jonas Gray – RB          Undrafted (Free Agent Selection)
Harrison Smith – S       2nd round
The following Irish seniors were not invited to the Scout Combine in Indianapolis:
Gary Gray – CB           Undrafted
Ethan Johnson – DE    Undrafted
Trevor Robinson – G   Undrafted (Free Agent Selection)
David Ruffer – K        Undrafted (Free Agent Selection)
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Notre Dame Blue - Gold Game 2012

We cannot remember a Blue-Gold Game that has been dissected, bisected, trisected as much at this one in 2012.  Maybe it’s the Brian Kelly bashers.  Could be the Tommy Turn-over bashers.  How about just hungry fans?  Might be the Notre Dame haters.  We suspect it is the Domers who year after year demand a 13-0 season.  They appear to be everywhere this spring.

Look people it was a scrimmage game.  Played for the fans.  Staged to bring people on campus to generate revenue.  Come on you saw the same game we did.
*** Rotation of quarterbacks to fulfill the expectation that the starting quarterback position was open to competition.  Made even more so by the fact that the QB’s were ‘live’ without the protected red jerseys.  It was real too.  Everett Golson took a huge shot as he got knocked out of bounds by two Irish defenders.  The camera did not show Kelly however he had to be besides himself.

*** You got a very small dose of Manti Te’oTyler Eifert, Cierre Wood, John Goodman et. al.  The coaches know how they can perform on the field.  Plus, why avoid injury.
*** Yes, there was way too much passing.  Remember it was a staged quarterback competition.

*** No Special Team’s play other that limited field goals, PAT’s and punting.  Well yes, that’s how players get hurt according to the NFL and NCAA.  We definitely don’t want that.  Plus, why show off your return schemes to the enemy scouts?
*** Some players never made it on the field or were limited to a couple of plays.  Yup.  Braxton Cave, Bennett Jackson, John Goodman, et. al. Why put a guy who is not 100% out there competing with guys that are 100% and have something to prove?  Dinged players do not need to become injured players.

*** The defense was held back.  Yes it was.  There was very limited blitzing and very little deception on the part of the defense.  It is our humble opinion that the defense could have totally dominated the game.  Again, this was to showcase the quarterback competition.  I think the running backs did very well showing speed and moves with the offensive line creating holes that the defense could not stop.
*** The plays were vanilla.  Yes they were.  Again a level playing field for the quarterbacks and not show the enemy anything that haven’t already seen.  Plus, the QB's according to Kelly were not prepared to execute much more.

*** Kelly rewarded an awful lot of freshmen, red shirts and walk-ons with a ton of playing time.  Yes he did and good for him.  He knows what his veterans can do, now he can watch film this summer and grade his younger players.
What did our 12 opponents learn from watching the Blue – Gold Game?

** That the quarterback they are going to face come fall will probably be Everett Golson.
** That if Brian Kelly wants to pound the football down their throats with a bevy of running backs and a strong, deep offensive line, they had better have a counter.

** The Notre Dame is going to be good, how good remains to be seen.
** There is still the possibility that they (opponents) can steal a victory through Irish turnovers.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

An Answer for Getting Plays Into the Game

What can Brian Kelly do to help Everett Golson become the starting quarterback for the Irish?  Kelly on a regular basis has commented concerning Golson needing to step up to the cerebral plate.  Meaning he’s got to learn the playbook, read defenses, make correct audibles, run through his receiver progression and execute the play as a quarterback.  Kelly indicated that Golson had the unofficial, voluntary summer workouts to get better after some wrong play, wrong snap count and wrong formation moments during the 83rd Blue-Gold Game.  Actually the statement was made for all four quarterbacks, however the comment had Golson’s name written all over it.

An Unhappy Brian Kelly
In a previous post we questioned why Kelly didn’t simplify the playbook for everyone as we were getting tired of the excuses that the coaches were slowing increasing the amount and number of plays that could be called.  And the fact that the number three and four quarterbacks was not getting enough repetitions and could not grasp the system.  So what does the playbook look and feel like, the New York phone directory?  (Do they still print such a thing?)

Kelly had to call two timeouts during the game because Golson did not receive and digest the play in enough time to beat the play clock.  It is unclear whether Kelly got the play to the red hat in time or if the red hat was slow.  Anyway Golson took the hit.  Last year how many timeouts were taken due to the play clock running down and how many delay of penalties were the Irish assessed?  A bunch.
If the quarterbacks are not processing the New York playbook from the red hat signals to the wristbands they are wearing to telling the offense and finally to executing the play, maybe the playbook or the signaling system is broken?  Kelly is never going to reach the stage where he can run a no huddle, fast tempo game at the rate he is going.

The staff here at the Station has a potential solution:
Talk About Signals
1.  Send the play in with a receiver or back who is substituting.  (duh)
2.  Signal the play onto the field as normally done.

3.  Designate and teach the center (senior Braxton Cave) the signaling system and he wears a wrist band as well.  He tells the quarterback and the quarterback then can verify by the substitute coming in, interpret the signaling, and finally what the center just told him.  If not the center, then the smartest and most experienced offensive lineman, if there is such an animal.  In other words, use all your options.
Notre Dame Red Hats In Action
This takes pressure off the quarterback and lets him concentrate on reading the defense, taking the snap, if a pass play then progressing through his receivers, and finally executing the play.
For cryin out loud, make it easier on him Brian.

Editors Note:  Good or bad, this is the 400th post on the Subway Alumni Station Blog.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Blue – Gold Game Aftermath

Well the entire SAS staff watched the Blue-Gold Game live and then on tape for a second time around.  Here are our thoughts. 

Take them with a grain of salt since we were pretty much happy with our video specialist  Laura’s choice of brew to keep us fortified and gitty during the game and replay.  We recommend Cigar City Brewery in Tampa for your choice of refreshment.  We enjoyed it.

**  We have a bunch of running backs that can run and catch passes and then run some more.  This is a good thing since none of the four quarterbacks threw the ball hard and deep.

**  The fade pass into the corner of the end zone we used year after year with Michael Floyd is a thing of the past.  Just simply terrible.  Even worse if the enemy is looking for it.

** Tommy Rees looked like the same Tommy Rees that led us to an 8-5 season last year.

** The quarterback scramble looks like this:  Kiel redshirting, Rees is a backup, Hendrix and Golson fighting and alternating as the leading QB.  Personally, we voted for Golson based upon his mobility, strong arm, and ability to connect on the short and intermediate passes.  The deal is getting the ball to the fastest guys coming off the line and over the middle.  It does not appear we have a deep threat.  The worry is that Kelly will keep going to the fade instead of a running play in the red zone.

** While George Atkinson had some ball handling problems, he is a terrible threat to any defense and must be on the field at all costs.  George is the fasted guy on the field. Get the ball to him Kelly.

**  The defense was changed out constantly, however it is going to be something to bear in mind coming this fall when it is at full strength.  Manti Te’o only played one set of downs.  We like the defense.  Watch out the rest of you on the schedule.

**  Theo Riddick handled the punts.  Watch out if he catches one, gets the important first block.  He will be in the end zone tossing the ball to the ref.

**  The possibilities on offense scare us all.  The problem is turnovers.  Kelly must decide on his entire backfield and get them ready this fall. 

**  Wood, Riddick, Atkinson.  The offense must be developed around them and not the receivers.

**  A limited view of the kicking game appears to be OK.  However, we only saw a portion of it.  The rule changes favor our two kickers  Kyle Brindza and Nick Tausch.  This is a good thing that will play out favorably. 

All the morons, idiots, and naysayers over at NDNation are complaining already.  Particularly about Kelly.  They need to get a life.  We here  as SAS see a 10-2 season at a minimum based upon a scripted Blue-Gold Game.

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Spencer Boyd – Safety USF

Spencer Boyd - Safety USF
Spencer Boyd a football player from USF recently made headlines when he tweeted that former Notre Dame All American freshman DE Aaron Lynch was making a visit to USF with the intent to sign up with Skip Holtz and the Bulls.  Both played high school football for Cape Coral (near Fort Meyers) Florida.

Hmmmmm.  That name sure rings a bell.
Of course that Spencer Boyd!  Former Irish 2010 early enrollee, safety, from Cape Coral Florida who lasted less than a semester at Notre Dame then transferred for “personal reasons” to USF and back to the sunshine state.  He was one of two position safeties; both EE’s who departed early.  (The other was Chris Badger who departed for a two-year Mormon Mission to South America).  Chris is due back on campus this summer.  The loss of two safeties from the same recruiting class is still being felt.

Well what has that rascal Spencer been up to?  The long and the short of it is that he sat out the 2010 campaign as a red shirt freshman ineligible to play because of the transfer.  In 2011 he saw action at safety and special teams in 7 games and recorded three tackles including one causing a fumble.
Spencer was suspended for the final three games for what has been described and reported as “in-house things”.  Then in January it was announced Spencer was gone from the Team.  The latest part of the soap opera includes a recent permission to practice with the Team this spring while still under scholarship.  He will be expected to participate in summer football activities while paying his own way for summer school.  A coaches evaluation will be made in time for fall practice as to his scholarship status and readmittance back on the Team.

Let’s hope Lynch does not follow down a similar path.
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Friday, April 20, 2012

83rd Annual Notre Dame Blue - Gold Game

Well the 83rd annual Notre Dame spring Blue – Gold game is tomorrow Saturday April 21, 2012.
The good folks at the National Weather Service are doing their part in calling for 50 degrees and some strong breeze (10-20 MPH) coming out of the North (natch).  Bring a good jacket or better yet, pick something comfortable at the Bookstore.  I’m sure it will be well-stocked.

I guess I’ve been to half a dozen spring games.  Got sunburned at one, drenched and frozen out at another.  You never know about the weather at the Bend in April.  Live too far away now to make the trip.
The world champion Crimson Tide had 70,000+ attend their spring game.  Our nemesis Boston College, had 200.  Yes, I typed that correctly.  Apparently, the problems with the program run deeper that player suspensions, scandal and new coaches.  The Irish can expect 20,000 – 25,000.

Why attend?
**  Well it only costs $15 bucks to get in.  Compared to the $175 to watch a real game (Miami at Soldiers Field this fall).  Man are the fans bitching and complaining about that fleecing.  It will really be something to listen to if the Irish coming limping into the game with two or more losses.

**  Parking is free, which of course is a rarity at Notre Dame.
**  Chance to drop some serious money at the Bookstore.

**  Be one of the first to own the 2012 version of “The Shirt”.
**  See one of the most beautiful college campuses in the springtime.

**  Get some autographs.  The players are very accommodating before and after the game if you go down to the first row seating.  Between 150 and 200 former players will be on campus, most to support a charity event by former player Brian Smith.  You can expect a pack of former alumni and notables walking around as well.
**  Take some pictures of players either early in the morning at the Gug or get seats right behind the team.  This is your best chance to get really good seats in Notre Dame Stadium.  Go early and watch the flag football game, some old players will be participating.

**  You can soak in the atmosphere on campus and in the stadium.  Man, if I could bottle it we all would be rich.
**  Tailgate and have a few brewski’s and grill some brats.

**  A bunch of high school recruits will be there.  Some who have verbally committed and some who just want to get out of high school classes or dreary towns.  You can recognize them by their varsity jackets.
What not to expect.

**  Chances are you will see the starting quarterback play who will lead the Irish in Dublin.  Unfortunately you and I will not know it until sometime this fall.
**  Do not expect to see recent defector, Aaron Lynch.  He is visiting USF this weekend and is expected to sign a letter of intent with Skip Holtz.  Bet his girlfriend will be with him.

**  High powered offense or smash mouth defense.  Got save those for Dublin and beyond.
**  Dinged players will not be participating.

Two things to watch.
**  If given the opportunity to throw deep, which quarterback does and how successful.

**  Watch the accuracy passing of Everett Golson.   It has called into question this spring.  The velocity, not the strength.  Accuracy.
Lou Holtz half-heartedly tried to discontinue the Blue-Gold Game.  His argument was that he would use the time for a straight practice and that the chances of meaningless injuries was too great.  He lost that argument just like he did trying to put achievement decals on the gold helmets.

The game is the next to last event before the dreaded DEAD ZONE arrives.  The last event is the NFL draft and where the Irish seniors end up.
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Go Blue beat Gold!
Go Gold beat Blue!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Notre Dame's Aaron Lynch - Let's Move On

The recent Notre Dame announcement concerning the spring semester transfer of defensive end Aaron Lynch has led to a tremendous amount of waling and grinding of teeth.  Even Lynch’s mother got involved in defending her son on Tweeter and the internet.  Way to go mom!  Her responses sounded very intelligent and coming from the heart. 
After all is said and done.  Phooey.  Let him go in peace.  It was not a good fit.  So be it.  Let’s move on.  Aaron will be missed however he was not dominant.  Not anywhere close.

Here are a few defections that the SAS staff pulled together over a couple of Cigar City Beers that really did impact the Irish.

Jimmy Clausen – Had a year remaining of eligibility and left a Team needing an experienced quarterback.  The Irish suffered through an 8-5 season with humiliating loses to Tulsa and Navy.  Some wins that got away, especially Michigan all due to poor quarterback play.

Golden Tate – Left early as well, just like Clausen.  Did not want to learn a new offensive, put up with a new coaching staff and smelled the NFL money and issues with a rookie salary cap.  We can only speculate what a receiving corps with Floyd and Tate could have been with Clausen throwing to them one more season.

Jerome Bettis – Left early and could have made the difference in another championship for Lou Holtz.

Rocket Ismail - Left early to support his mother and family.  Made some bad professional decisions and never achieved his athletic potential.  He also left Holtz with an offensive hole and possible championship run he could not fill.

Notice we picked playmakers, skill position guys who make a scoring difference.

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Editors Note:  The Blue – Gold Game is being televised by NBC Sports Network, on Verizon it is channel 590.  See if your cable or satellite company provides it for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bad News Coming Out of South Bend

Well the bad news coming out of South Bend just keeps getting worse.  Check out the injury list on the left side of the Blog.  Suspect John Goodman will be held out of the Blue-Gold Game.  Well at least I would hold him out.  Prince Shembo and Amir Carlisle should be ready for summer drills and training.  Luke Massa appears a medical red-shirt candidate.

Question:  What does the below list of guys have in common?
Ron Darby – RB/DB

Deontay Greenberry - WR
Aaron Lynch – DE

Tee Shepard – RB
Answer:  All in one way or another recently spurned the Irish.

Darby verbally committed to Notre Dame then decommitted and signed with FSU.
Greenberry left Brian Kelly at the altar on National Signing Day and went with Houston.  (Yes, Houston)

Lynch just left for apparently the Team that beat us opening day last year.  USF.
Shepard lasted six weeks and is taking a visiting tour of all the PAC-12 schools looking for a home.

It will be fun to watch these four guys over the next 4-5 years and see if any of them make it.  We refuse to honor any of them with blue lettering.
Our next fear is over losing Devone Neal WR, incoming class of 2012.  Remember him?  Held off signing until 2 weeks after NSD, postponed the announcement leaving everyone hanging, then transferred high schools.  Odds are this guy will be a no-show or early transfer as well.

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

LSU Coach Les Miles is an Idiot

A Happy Les Miles
Les Miles is a bonafide moron.  Would you expect no less from a “Michigan Man?”  No pun intended or implied.

In fact he is downright squirrely. 
Les Miles is Nuts
Why does the change of heart and decision made by now Notre Dame quarterback Gunner Kiel stick so deep in Les Mile’s craw?
Read the two comments HERE in a nice recap article by Eric Hansen of the South Bend Tribune.

Les needs to grow up and get over it.  It appears he can’t let it go.  You don’t hear other coaches bitching and attempting to belittle a young man if he changes his mind about were in intends to get an education and play football. 

We respect Coach Brian Kelly for publicly staying away from the nasty barbs being flung by Mile’s and keeping above the fray.  Of course a private phone call is a different matter.

I suspect if that were either of my sons, Les would know about it up front and personal.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Congratulations Notre Dame Ladies!

We are stepping out of our normal role of Notre Dame Football opinionated commentary and reporting. 
Instead, regardless of the final outcome Tuesday night in Denver, we here at Subway Alumni Station want to congratulate the Notre Dame Women’s Basketball Team.

Ladies, way to go. 

Good Luck.  Best Wishes.  God Bless.  Go Irish.
You have set the bar for both the men’s basketball and football teams.