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Monday, April 16, 2012

Notre Dame's Aaron Lynch - Let's Move On

The recent Notre Dame announcement concerning the spring semester transfer of defensive end Aaron Lynch has led to a tremendous amount of waling and grinding of teeth.  Even Lynch’s mother got involved in defending her son on Tweeter and the internet.  Way to go mom!  Her responses sounded very intelligent and coming from the heart. 
After all is said and done.  Phooey.  Let him go in peace.  It was not a good fit.  So be it.  Let’s move on.  Aaron will be missed however he was not dominant.  Not anywhere close.

Here are a few defections that the SAS staff pulled together over a couple of Cigar City Beers that really did impact the Irish.

Jimmy Clausen – Had a year remaining of eligibility and left a Team needing an experienced quarterback.  The Irish suffered through an 8-5 season with humiliating loses to Tulsa and Navy.  Some wins that got away, especially Michigan all due to poor quarterback play.

Golden Tate – Left early as well, just like Clausen.  Did not want to learn a new offensive, put up with a new coaching staff and smelled the NFL money and issues with a rookie salary cap.  We can only speculate what a receiving corps with Floyd and Tate could have been with Clausen throwing to them one more season.

Jerome Bettis – Left early and could have made the difference in another championship for Lou Holtz.

Rocket Ismail - Left early to support his mother and family.  Made some bad professional decisions and never achieved his athletic potential.  He also left Holtz with an offensive hole and possible championship run he could not fill.

Notice we picked playmakers, skill position guys who make a scoring difference.

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Editors Note:  The Blue – Gold Game is being televised by NBC Sports Network, on Verizon it is channel 590.  See if your cable or satellite company provides it for your viewing pleasure.

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