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Welcome Aboard!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Welcome, Welcome Back and Who We Are and What We Do

We do this every once in a while, just to highlight the Subway Alumni Station Blog. 
We get a lot of casual viewers and this gives us a chance to point out our features and say welcome aboard and come on back to see us.
** No advertisements

** No drop-downs that interfere with your reading or viewing

** No annoying tricks to steal your e-mail address

** No foul language although you make encounter some: @!#$!%$ from time-to-time

** We have posted over 400 times

** We are not always serious

** No hidden agendas and no rah-rah Notre Dame nor blatant bashing of players or coaches (although we do call a spade-a-shade and are not afraid to be critical).

** You can always e-mail us or add a comment, we answer just about all of them, even from the Trolls.

** Nope none of us every attended class at ND or SMC, we are Subway Alumni

A walk through the Blog left side:

** Recent Posts to case you’ve been away for a while

** Injury List.  This is a problem since the Irish are not forthcoming on this and who can blame them.  We try to keep it updated.

** Status of latest recruiting class.

** NSD incoming freshman class.

A walk through the Blog right side:

** Most read posts.  This is controlled by the Google computer and ends up being self-fulfilling by the number of hits and is not always indicative as to the most popular or most read.

** Exactly who are the people responsible for typos, misspelling, grammar errors, and stupid opinions.

** Total number of “hits” on the site.  The number is a lot higher but because we redesigned the site twice, the Google counter starts over again.  :+(

** The 2011 team record  :+(

** The 2012 schedule as it evolves with start times and broadcasters

** SAS Credo or kind of our rules

** Websites we endorse.  Only NDNation would reciprocate with listing us.  We used to have a number of blogs and websites however they are gone like the wind in this business

** Blog archives.  Great for a rainy day or a boring time at the office.

** Disclaimers.  Legal mumbo-jumbo to keep us out of jail.

Bottom of the Blog:

Recent photos including the campus, Gug, team walk to the MSU game in 2011.  Well worth the time if we do say so ourselves.  We expect to include Navy and Dublin this fall.

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Tulsa Irish said...

I do love the SAS. Great commentary, humorous postings, and the insight I seek for Notre Dame football. Keep up the good work!

Subway Alumni said...

Tulsa Irish:

Thanks for the kind comments. I wish you would add your two-cents more to some of the topics.

Subway Alumni