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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Notre Dame Football Pregame and Post Game Shows

You know what would be great?  A pregame show and a postgame wrap up with a Notre Dame home football game sandwiched in between.  You would think that this is something Jack Swarbrick would be negotiating for in the current and/or upcoming contract talks with the Peacock.  Part of the problem is that all the Notre Dame media types and the entire athletic department are in the stadium and not watching on television like us poor saps.  We deserve better.  Maybe another network would offer such a package?

What we get now is a few minutes of hype from Tom Hammond and some insight and analysis from Mike Maylock.  Then bounced back to NBC studios in New York, about ten minutes worth of commercials, watch the Irish run on the field, more commercials and then the kickoff.
After the game some chick with a microphone grabs each coach and asks a couple of dumb questions and that’s it.  If there is time left we get to see the cheerleaders and Team mouth the words to the alma mater along with the student body.  It there is really a lot of time left, we may get a few final words from the booth.  If the game is close, slow, timeout riddled at the end, forget most of the above.

If you have a decent computer and internet provider you can dial in the coaches post game press conference via streaming and the NBC Notre Dame Central website.
Heck NBC has their own sports network (NBCSN) now (formerly Versus), why can’t they produce something along those lines on that channel freeing up the NBC main channel for other regularly scheduled programming before and after the game?

If memory serves me, the first couple years of the contract, NBC did offer a pregame show and it was pretty good.  I don’t know if low ratings or small viewer audience killed it or what.
I would never in a million years try and tell ND and NBC how to program and produce a pregame and post game/wrap up set of shows only broadcasted seven times a year.

Or would I?  Hmmmm.  Well maybe I’ll think something up over a couple of brewski’s.  Anybody have ideas?
If NBC does not want to go down the road of a couple of new shows to sell advertising so be it.  Then I really would like to see a different opening than that tired music and same flashing of still photos that NBC has used for the past dozen years.  Tom Hammond needs to dial back on the pancake makeup as well.  The sideline chick needs to invest in a green miniskirt and quit chasing after the coaches asking dumb questions.

Alex Flanagan

Well OK, Alex can wear britches.
Go IRISH Sink Navy.


kreyfish said...

Concerning Alex Flanigan and her britches, I......I,er.....I.....I....forgot......I forgot what I was gonna say. Never mind.

Subway Alumni said...


That's the second time I've used that photo of Alex. I should be ashamed of myself.

Subway Alumni

kreyfish said...

Yes...yes you should. Currently wondering if my wife would a allow an 8x10 of this pic in our living room. Well, it's easier to be forgiven than it is to get permission. Hospital update to come later....