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Friday, July 20, 2012

“Happy Valley” Ain’t So Happy

Well what do you expect?  Two of its’ former residents have become infamous.  One’s in the slammer awaiting a long prison sentence and the others in the ground.  Three or four others are awaiting trial or have been disgraced.

The media is having a feeding frenzy during a slow time in national sports (unless you like baseball).  Golf is going on in Scotland and America’s best are in London.

Here are the headlines just from today:

Saban: Tax PSU sports to help kids

City of Grambling wants Paterno’s record vacated

PSU students protect statue

Ex-PSU board chair Garban resigns trustee post

Lawmaker slams Pinkel’s defense of Paterno

Recently Bobby Bowden came out of forced retirement (some say firing) to make the statement that the statue of JoePa needs to go.  What he really wanted to say is that JoePa’s winning record needs to be vacated so he, Bobby can claim the most wins title in college football.  Man Bobby looked real old, liver spots all over his hands, face, and arms.  Too much FSU sun?  Is that in the cards for me?  Liver spots I mean.

I’m not sure why Saban piped up, must be a slow week with the annual SEC media events going on and all.  I guess he’s considered an expert cuz of his NC rings.

When JoePa died they painted a halo over his head on this huge mural.  Well they just painted over it this week.

Outside the main gate to the stadium a tent city goes up before every game, it's called Paternoville.  Nope not any more.  Now it's Nittanyville.  BTW, what exactly is a Nittany lion anyway?

There has been some talk of the NCAA investigating PSU.  If they take as long as they did over the Reggie Bush/USC violation, everyone involved from Happy Valley will be dead. 

Wow.  The Paterno family has decided to conduct their own investigation and are hiring their own independent investigators.  Really?  These guys and gals are going to do a better job than Louie Freeh former director of the FBI and his solution company made up of former FBI agents and his law firm?  The Paterno family needs to quietly move out of the house in Happy Valley and keep low for a while.

Below is the statue of JoePa everyone is going ga ga over.

Some guy rented a plane and flew over Happy Valley dragging this sign.

That got two boys so worked up they decided to camp out and protect the statue.  Neither one of them look like they could fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

Looks like you could wrap a logging chain around an F-350 tandem’s rear axle and wrap the other end around JoePa and take off down the road.  He is only anchored by one leg.  Does bronze make sparks on asphalt? 
Heck leave the statue alone.  It makes for great photoshop fodder.

It must be a great time to be a lawyer in Happy Valley.  Seems like everyone is hiring one to either sue or afraid of being sued.

Oh well.  Irish fall camp starts August 6th.  I don't know about you, but I can't wait.

Go IRISH Sink Navy.


notredamemike said...

The mountain to the east of the Penn State campus is called Nittany Mountain or Mount Nittany. The name comes from a young Native American woman named Nit-an-nee, who it is said died on the mountain.

Supposedly, there are panthers or cougars up there.

Thus, the Nittany Lion.

Subway Alumni said...


Thanks for the info. I never knew that!

Subway Alumni