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Monday, July 9, 2012

How to Verbally Commit to Notre Dame in 2012

It is tough work being a fossil, an old dinosaur, someone living in the distant past.  A definite throwback to a generation, a time and place much different than today.

Used to be a high school senior football player would announce his intentions and choice of college in a very tame conventional manner.  Come National Signing Day, he would get his picture in the local newspaper sitting at a table with a fake blank piece of paper acting as a scholarship agreement.  His coach would be shown behind him over one shoulder and mom and dad smiling standing proudly behind the other shoulder.  Dad would be shedding tears of joy over now having the ability to buy a new care instead of financing a college education for junior.  There would be a nice accompanying article highlighting the young man’s accomplishments and hopes for the future.
The recent ga ga over Rival 4 Star recruit Alex Anzalone sure has brought reality back to us here at Subway Alumni Station.  What a bunch of old geezers we are sitting around here.  Now don’t get us wrong!  We are thrilled to have onboard the 17th verbal commitment to Notre Dame.  All of ND Nation is going out and getting drunk with joy over the prospects of glory and honor on the football horizon. 

Future high school senior-to-be LB Alex Anzalone can and hopefully will make a difference on defense.  The Irish recruiting class of 2013 now is ranked 5th by Rivals and probably will add another 5-6 recruits before it is all said and done in seven months. 

Here’s how you orchestrate the announcement today though.
Put the media word out that you are going to commit at the Nike sponsored “The Opening Camptelevised on ESPNU from Beaverton OR.  You previously dumped OSU because something stinks worse than a fish market in Columbus, the Program still has serious issues.  Your acknowledged choices are, Penn St. FSU and ND.  You put on a Notre Dame baseball cap and that is the name of that tune.

Alex went a little bit farther in his interview and statements.  He chose ND because of the ‘family atmosphere’ and bonding with fellow 2013 recruits led by future quarterback Malik Zaire.  This bonding started during summer football camps, twitter befriending, and visits to South Bend.  The reputation of the School of Business was pointed out as a plus.  He plans on enrolling early in January 2013 along with 5 others from the class.  He already has his jersey number, (#5) which is currently owned and operated by the guy he wants to replace in 2014, All American Manti Te’o.  Alex already knows his roommate, Mike Heuerman.
Alex probably knows what’s on the menu at the North Dining Hall for his first meal on campus come January.  Man things have changed.

Kudos’s to Brian Kelly and his staff.  Welcome aboard on the Green Line to South Bend Alex.  Hang-on son, it’s going to be much more than donning a baseball cap on TV.


Tulsa Irish said...

I love seeing this class come together. I hope they make a strong bond and bring some much needed talent to the field. It appears that BK's recruiting is just getting better and better.

Subway Alumni said...

Tulsa Irish:

Agree 100%. I don’t follow recruiting and who has offers and who goes where. I do enjoy reading about how the recruits seem to develop chemistry and get tight once they commit to ND.

Their reasons for choosing ND are so much different from the recruits choosing Columbus or LA.

All the BK bashers grudgingly admit he and his staff can recruit. They question his coaching ability, we shall we in Dublin. If he goes with Rees, then ‘Turn-Over Tommy’ had better become the second coming of Joe Montana, Tom Clements, Joe Thiesman, and John Huarte all rolled up into one. If BK makes the wrong decision on his QB, he’ll never recover to save his job.

Subway Alumni