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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

17 and Counting

Yes, well I’m bored.  It’s hot outside.  TV as usual sucks.  The political ads are driving me crazier than I am, thank god for the mute button.  Daily I check-out the Notre Dame Blogs and most are quiet.  NDNation Bulletin Boards have the usual rants against Brian Kelly,  possible conference affiliation, and JoePa.  The one exception is a Sports Blog called No Coast Bias; I put in a pitch for one of the writers, Lisa Kelly.  She writes about former Irish players and gets us up to date with their careers and lives.  Check it out HERE.

Since recruiting has all but dried-up due to the end of the college football camps for high schoolers and with most coaches taking a break before the start of fall camp, I decided to take an amateur look and comment on the 2013 recruiting haul thus far.
17 – They all appear to be firm.  No, “hey I’m going to Notre Dame because my cousin is coming as well”.  No cold feet and changing from Winsocky U to Notre Dame.  No momma twisting arms or crying girlfriends.  17 is a great number with seven months to NSD, expect 6 or 7 more with campus visits and invites to standing on the sidelines wearing your high school lettermen’s jacket watching the Irish pound somebody.

Not one recruit less than six feet tall.  Brian Kelly is recruiting his Right Kind of Guys.

No running back yet.

A quarterback, who is the shortest at 6’ 0” that twitters, texts, emails, calls, and is otherwide in constant touch with the other 16, plus the two 2014 recruits Kelly has onboard.  Malik Zaire, he’s going to be a guy to reckon with in the future.  I’m naming him “Glue” suspect that when he enters the huddle, everyone shuts up and listens.  Sounds like a leader, something the Team is currently lacking.

Two from Florida and two from Ohio.  The other 13 from separate states including one from Washington DC.  Quiet diverse huh?

Based upon Rival’s five star system: one 5 star, eight 4 star and eight 3 star.  I guess that’s good, statistics kind of show that the higher ranked guys end up performing well and have the best chances of making the NFL.

Ten are listed as offensive players, five defensive and two athletic.  Three are listed at TE, however Kelly has a way of moving guys around and some out-eat their original position.

One recruit, Mike McGlinchey – OL is listed at 6’ 9” and 280.  Holy smokes, he’s a senior in high school!?  Of course Steve Elmer - OL is a mere 6’ 6’ and 305.

At least 11 of the high schools appear to be Christian, Catholic, or private.  That sure helps with the academics.

I’m liking these 17 so far.

The Gold Line train will be departing come February guys, stand in line, be patient and welcome aboard!

Go IRISH, depth charge Navy.

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