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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ND QB Andrew Hendrix Where Does He Fit In?

Andrew Hendrix - 2011 Blue - Gold Game

Well the quarterback situation for the Irish has settled down for the time being.  One reporter at Brian Kelly’s Tuesday’s press conference did ask a number of poignant quarterback questions and got a couple of interesting responses.
Did sophomore Andrew Hendrix, who didn't play last season, or freshman Everett Golson, who enrolled early to take part in spring practice, solidify the No. 3 spot behind Tommy Rees?

"Not really," Kelly said of deciding the order Hendrix and Golson fit into behind Crist and Rees. "All four quarterbacks are prepared to play, and we are prepared to play all four quarterbacks. The circumstances of the game will dictate how that unfolds. Dayne stays the starting quarterback. If you look at it from the big picture, the younger quarterbacks are prepared to play if they have to go in there as well."

Kelly basically was saying that he could use either Hendrix or Golson, who are both more mobile than Crist and Rees, in specific packages that could help the running game.  When pressed, Kelly paused and with a sly grin mumbled that he didn't want to get into it anymore and refused to elaborate.

"We really need to work on keeping both of those guys in our offense," Kelly said. "There may be a rotation that we have to work with them (between the scout team and regular offense)."  That was the last bone Kelly would throw out on the subject.

Kelly has to have something for Hendrix to do other than wear a red hat and signal in plays.  It has always been our contention that he will be used to change the tempo and impact the opponents defensive scheme.  This most likely would occur if Dayne Crist is struggling or to surprise the opponents defense and game plan by either playing the package to start a game or after second half adjustments have been made by the other team.  It would be advantageous to insert Hendrix and this package, sooner rather than later in the season.  This gives the opponet defensive coordinators something else to worry and practice against.

Evertt Golson is a different story.  He is a true freshmen and if he doesn't get onto the field his first year, no big deal.  Hendrix has burned his red shirt and the clock is ticking on his eligibility.  If, if Crist applies for a fifth year next year, color Hendrix gone.  You cannot blame him with Rees, Golson, and probably a 4-5 star freshman coming in with the 2013 recruiting class.  Don't look for a quarterback this year (2012) with the stable of quarterbacks Kelly has amassed and inherited.

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tenn_subway said...

Not sure I agree about Hendrix leaving if Crist gets a 5th year. He will still be a SR with 2 years of eligibility left when Crist is gone. All he has to do is beat out Rees and Golson, which he will have to do anyway. Being a SR QB with 3 years on the bench/garbage time and 2 season to play is absolutely ideal, in my opinion. If he transfers to another school, he will lose a year and still have to beat someone out.

Anonymous said...

NOTE TO BOARD OPERATORS: Recruit Taylor Decker is from VANdalia, OH. Vandalia is the town; vidalia is the onion. Please correct.

Subway Alumni said...

Thanks for the correction, guess nobody from Ohio looks at the recruit list.

I had been drinking Fat Head’s Head Hunter and grilling burgers just before I updated the recruit site and may have had one to many.

Obviously, we put Vidalia onions on our burgers that could have been it.

Subway Alumni

IrishPT said...

It's not Vidalia, OH? Next you're going to tell me we don't get French benefits.

Anonymous said...

Hendrix is a "redshirt" freshman this year. Next year he is a "redshirt" sophomore. So when Crist leaves he'll have 2 years to start. Lets hope that Crist has such a good year that he doesn't come back and Hendrix has a shot to start for 3 years.