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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Subway Alumni Station Forum

The staff here at Subway Alumni Station have been debating the idea of setting up a Forum.  The Forum would allow everyone to join in discussions, set-up threads, make comments and enjoy the atmosphere of Notre Dame Football.  Game results, recruiting, DWI’s, injuries, predictions, etc. well you get the picture they all can be commented upon.

There are at least three well established ND Forums/Bulletin Boards out there.  Some are more restrictive than others and some more brutal.  One is dominated by ND graduates and they let you know that fact and they think the rest of us are pretty stupid.  One is very snotty, but of course we are Subway Alumni, not Domers so we don't fit in that well anyway. 

That's the reason for the Forum.   

Looking into developing a Forum would involve a number of issues.

1.  While the SAS Blog does not have advertising and pesky pop-ups, the Forum would.  That is the price of free space and storage.  SAS would not participate in any revenue from such advertising and commercialism.  It is suspected that any Forum success would entail additional crap on your screen.  They monitor all that stuff including hits and time on station.

2.  You have to register with an e-mail address and “Handle,” neither will be exploited by SAS.  We don’t care.  I guarantee you that.

3.  A whole bunch of work is involved in setting it up and getting it running.

4.  You will be able to access through the SAS Blog involving a simple click or can save to your favorites list.

SAS receives on average about 60 hits per day we are little guys/gals.  Half go straight to the home page to see if something new has been posted and the other half are Google Search Hits involving the posted pictures (at the bottom of the Blog or old postings).  It is amazing about some of the hits.  Many concern old posts which to be honest we have forgotten and dismissed.  We are gratefully for all the old posts that still solicit interest and draw bloggers to SAS.

Anyway, we would like to know what you think about a Forum/Bulletin Board.  The timing is ripe with Fall Practice starting Saturday.

We have set-up a (dreaded) poll on the left side of the Blog.  Please express your opinion or e-mail us at: dragonspress@gmail.com  or provide comments at the bottom of the Post.  We really value your thoughts and need your help.

Don’t forget to add us to your favorites list: http://subwayalumnistation.blogspot.com

Subway Alumni

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