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Monday, August 8, 2011

Notre Dame Football Player Weight Comparisons 2008 Versus 2011

Weight Room - "Gug" - University of Notre Dame
Recently “Mark From Seattle Posted” the below Height and Weight Comparison chart on NDNation’s Rock’s House. Not to let some interesting and honest research go to waste, Jennie our internet monitor thought that we should cut and paste it here at SAS. A bench press comparison would have been nice, maybe Jennie should research that on her own instead of lifting stuff off the internet.
 2008 Starters versus 2011 Potential Starters
DE: Morrice Richardson 6-2 244 - Ethan Johnson 6-4 300 (2" taller, 56 lbs heavier)
Ian Williams 6-2 300 - Louis Nix 6-3 326 (1" taller, 26 lbs heavier)
Justin Brown 6-3 261 - Lewis-Moore 6-4 300 (1" taller, 39 lbs heavier)

Brian Smith 6-3 233 - Darius Fleming 6-2 255 (1" shorter, 22 lbs heavier)
Mo Crum 6-0 230 - Carlos Calabrese 6-1 245 (1" taller, 15 lbs heavier)
Toryan Smith 6-1 245 - Manti Te'o 6-2 255 (1" taller, 10 lbs heavier)
Kerry Neal 6-2 245 - Prince Shembo 6-2 250 (same height, 5 lbs heavier)

Darrin Walls 6-0 180 - Robert Blanton 6-1 200 (1" taller, 20 lbs heavier)
Kyle McCarthy 6-1 207 - Zeke Motta 6-2 215 (1" taller, 8 lbs heavier)
David Bruton 6-2 207 - Harrison Smith 6-2 214 (same height, 7 lbs heavier)
Terrail Lambert 5-11 196 - Gary.Gray 5-11 195 (same height, 1 lbs lighter)

The chart speaks for itself. 2011 Notre Dame is bigger that Notre Dame 2008. I guess that’s why it’s called Strength AND Conditioning. The hurry-up, no huddle, spread offense of Brian Kelly depends on speed and stamina. Something not always present last year due to conditioning and familiarity with the offensive scheme. At times Kelly had to slow the pace down providing the opponent’s defense time to adjust and catch their breath. Whether all this translate into a smarter and faster Team will not be known until the evening of September 3rd.

To exit the Gug Training Room you have to pass by the snack counter. Juices, fruit, power bars. Nice.
Snack Counter Gug - Training Room
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