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Monday, May 21, 2012

Notre Dame and NBC in Contract Negotiations

NBC Field Reporter Alex Flannigan

It was plastered in every factory, every shipyard and sea port during WWII.  “Loose lips sink ships.” 
Apparently Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick let slip to the wrong person at the recent conference athletic directors meeting that ND and NBC were in negotiations for a new/extended TV broadcast rights contract.

Man don’t ya just hate leaks?

Out guess is that with all the tom-toms beating again concerning conference jumping, defections, championship games (Big Ten and PAC-12), probable 4 team championship playoff format,  new bowl games (SEC vs. Big 12) etc., that Mr. Swarbrick is trying to get some leverage and poker chips in front of him if all hell breaks loose.

Well we here at Subway Alumni Station have a number of suggestions that should enter into the negotiations and discussions.  Here they are in no particular order of merit.
**  Dump play-by-play announcer Tom Hammond.  We are tired of his tremendous grasp of the obvious and limp announcing.  He should stick to horse racing.

**  Move kickoffs back to the original 1:00 p.m. EST time slot.
**  Start with a half-hour pregame show headed up by Mike Maylock.  This was something that was done the first two-three years of the original contract.  Highlight teams, give injury status, new starters, etc.

**  Give Alex Flannigan more airtime.  It is strongly suggested that she wear a tight halter top and miniskirt.  (The female staff members were not happy about this issue, but hey it’s my Blog).
**  New opening song and graphics.  Got cryin out loud Mr. Peacock, you’ve had the same opening for a million years.

**  Institute a post game show and not just based upon the time remaining to fill air space.  Develop a format that includes highlights, postgame interviews on and off the field.
**  Cut the commercials and TV timeouts back.  Add them into the pregame show and postgame show.

OK Jack, we are waiting for your call, we have more ideas as well.  However, we need to keep them under wraps because, loose lips sink ships.
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Tulsa Irish said...

I'm slightly behind in catching up on SAS posts, but how will the potential "playoffs" impact ND?

Subway Alumni said...

Tulsa Irish:

The conference directors AND Jack Swarbrick will meet in June to finalize a four team playoff system. The one trial balloon floated from the meeting aftermath that seemed to continue to rise was one that included the top four teams chosen by computers and humans. 1 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3 with the winners playing for the title. Locations, dates, current Bowls were not discussed in public that I could see or find.

I would suspect that the present bowl system would stay intact and two new bowls/games would be created.

That’s how the networks and conferences will make the $$$.

Timeframe should be interesting with the NFL playoffs and all in the competition mix. Rest assured they all are experts in making $$$.

Personally, I would like to see the Major Bowls put back on New Year’s Day which for free up some post NYD dates for the two week match-up.

A 12 game schedule, some potential final four teams playing a conference championship game, then possibly two more games, man will that take a toll on a football team. What about school and classes?

To Notre Dame it means that conference participation will NOT be an issue. You just win games and hope the humans do not screw you (as in Steve Spurrier, Lloyd Carr or Mark Dantonio).

With the addition of schools to the Big East, it appears (at least today) that Notre Dame’s other sports will have competition and venues.

Hey, hows come you been gone so long?

Subway Alumni

Tulsa Irish said...

Thanks for the rundown. That clears a lot of things up. No reason for being gone- just busy with work, family, etc. Still checking in here, though, as often as I can. I'm sure my presence will increase as football season nears.