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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Notre Dame Down to Three QB's

Tommy's eyes look like the results of pepper spray

Well apparently Brian Kelly’s selection process in choosing a starting quarterback has just got a little bit easier.  Read about it Here.
The sports media and Notre Dame Bashers are going to be in ecstasy for some time to come.
We suspect the worst from the University.  Kelly may not have much to say or do about this alleged felony incident.

The Kelly Bashers are going to be saying that Kelly does not have a handle on actions of his Team and that he has lost control.  As in this drinking incident involving Tommy Rees and Carlos Calabrese and in the DWI of Michael Floyd.
A good friend of mine once said, “ Subway, life is tough and it’s even tougher if you’re stupid”.

Things are never dull when it comes to Notre Dame Football.  Unfortunately, Lou Holtz swears by the fact that bad news comes to groups of threes.  So hang onto your hats Irish sports fans.  Let's hope cooler heads prevail at the University, at the Athletic Department, and Prosecutor's Office.


kreyfish said...

So...I guess the QB controversy is a little less controversial. Stupid, just stupid.

Subway Alumni said...

Kreyfish, where you been? Long time no hear from!

Tommy Rees was Kelly’s ace in the hole. Kelly could go with Golson or Hendrix knowing he had a fallback position with Rees. Or bring Golson and Hendrix on slowly.

Well not anymore. If that felony charge sticks, Rees could be enrolling at Kansas.

Subway Alumni

kreyfish said...

Hey SA...I've been, what do the kids call it these day, learking?...but I check in with you guys just about ever day.

Yep, TR was definately the ace in the hole for Kelly. I, too, was hoping that Hendrix or Golson would be given a soft opening...as they say in the food business. But not any more. Even with the felony charges dropped, as they are, TR has moved to the bottom of the depth chart, for sure. This should motivate Hendrix or Golson to work as hard as they can over the summer.

Rees at Kansas...that was funny!!

I do have some good news...looks like I will be able to check off one on the "bucket list". I have been told that I am "in" for ND tickets for this year. Not sure which game I'll get to head to, but I have a friend that says I'm in. After 40 years of cheering for the Irish, I'll finally get to do it in person...can't wait. When that time comes, I'll be sure to pick your brain on the "do's and don'ts" of South Bend football!

kreyfish said...

Of course, in some places in America...they call it "Lurking". I'm an idiot sometimes.

Subway Alumni said...


Well it’s better you lurk than stalk.

Yeah, shoot me an e-mail this fall or open up a comment on a post. I’ll give you my 2-cents on what to see and do on campus to really have a great experience. Wish I was going this year to the Bend.

Subway Alumni