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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Football Humor

Ohio State's Urban Meyer on one of his players: "He doesn't know the meaning of the word fear. In fact, I just saw his grades and he doesn't know the meaning of a lot of words."


Why do Tennessee fans wear orange? So they can dress that way for the game on Saturday, go hunting on Sunday, and pick up trash on Monday.


What does the average Alabama player get on his SATs? Drool.


How many Michigan freshmen football players does it take to change a light bulb?
None. That's a sophomore course.


How did the Georgia football player die from drinking milk? The cow fell on him.


Two West Virginia football players were walking in the woods. One of them said, "Look, a dead bird." The other looked up in the sky and said, "Where?"


A University of Cincinnati football player was almost killed yesterday in a tragic horseback-riding accident. He fell from a horse and was nearly trampled to death. Luckily, the manager of the Wal-Mart came out and unplugged the horse. ___________________________________________

What do you say to a University of Miami Hurricane football player dressed in a three-piece suit? "Will the defendant please rise."


If three Florida State football players are in the same car, who is driving?
The police officer.


How can you tell if an Auburn football player has a girlfriend? There's tobacco juice on both sides of the pickup truck.


What do you get when you put 32 Arkansas cheerleaders in one room?
A full set of teeth.


University of Michigan Coach Brady Hoke is only going to dress half of his players for the game this week. The other half will have to dress themselves.


How is the Indiana football team like an opossum? They play dead at home and get killed on the road.


Why did the Nebraska linebacker steal a police car? He saw "911" on the side and thought it was a Porsche.


How do you get a former Illinois football player off your porch?
Pay him for the pizza.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ND - Sooner Photos

Very nice photo gallery of the Notre Dame – Oklahoma game taken by James Brosher over at (Link) the South Bend Tribune website.
We thought some of the captions needed to be enhanced just a bit though.  Note: SBT please do not sue us for copyright infringement, we are a low budget Blog.

 Carlo Calabrese celebrating with some of his people as in "My People Will Get You"
Freshman Chris Brown and his first college catch.  Get used to it America.

 Everett Golson getting ready to let it rip.  Kids don't let anyone tell you that you have to grip the ball along the laces to throw it.
 Former Heisman Trophy candidate Landry Jones meets Heisman Trophy candidate Manti Te'o
Louis Nix leaps high to tip a Jones pass.

Why Oklahoma only gainned 15 yards rushing. 
Cierre Wood 62 yard romp that broke the back of the Sooners.
Yes Notre Dame skill players wore play wrist band and pouches.




Irish versus Panther Prediction

After this past weekend’s old-fashioned butt whipping placed on the Sooners by the Fighting Irish, the mood around the Station here can best be described as euphoric.  8-0.  Wow.  Who’d of thought?  Great to be a Notre Dame fan.  Who cares if we were called “Papist Hooligans” and “French whores from Notre Dame” just a few days ago?  Bring it on.

Just read where it is now being reported at ESPN: “that maybe Oklahoma wasn’t as good as they thought they were”.  We got that same lame excuse from the pundits after we beat, MSU, UM, and Stanford. 
Well work here at the Blog has to be done, deadlines made, payrolls met.  Four games to go.

So let’s turn to Pitt.  First of all, this is NOT a trap game.  Pitt sucks.  Three coaches in three years.  You cannot look at their stats for any type of comparison between them and us.  By the way, the Big East sucks and you can’t use them for comparison either. 
Pitt is 4-4.  Wins over; Virginia Tech (4-4), Gardner-Webb (whatever and wherever that place is), Buffalo, and Temple.  Losses to; Youngstown St., Cincinnati, Syracuse, and Louisville.  The lone credit we will give the Panthers is only losing to (BCS #10) Louisville (8-0) by ten points.

We are sure Brian Kelly is scrambling to find things to point out to the Team to build Pitt up.  Good luck.  Wait until he starts searching for good things to say about Boston College and Wake Forest.
We are very greedy and really want the Irish to pound Pitt totally into the green grass of Notre Dame Stadium.  It is a great opportunity for the walk-ons and freshman that have not played very much to gain game experience.

Notre Dame 48   Pittsburgh 9

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Andrew Hendrix – BYU – Some Observations

Andrew Hendrix gains 14 yards against BYU          SBT Photo
This one picture points out a number of things about Andrew Hendrix.
** He can run with the ball and not just against Navy.
** Ball is carried in the correct arm.
** Ball is carried low and tight.
** Very nice stiff arm.
** Wrist band indicates Hendrix is ready if need to spell Tommy Rees for more than just a part of a series.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ND and the Non-Punt Return Play

Photo proof that Brian Kelly has sold out on punt returns.

The Irish defense basically stays on the field with the exception of Devonte Neal going back to field the punt. When the Irish are in this alignment they are not trying to set up any type of return. The entire effort is just to make sure BYU punts the ball.  Watch the direction the Irish punt return team is looking in the second picture as the BYU players blows past them unblocked.  They are looking at the punter as the Irish rush four.  Afraid of a fake punt?  BYU would be crazy doing that inside their own 20 yard line leading 14 to 10.  The Irish would have been smarter rushing ten to attempt a block.  We can make out; Manti Te'o, Danny Spond, Bennett Jackson, StephonTuitt, Lewis Nix and Kapron Lewis-Moore in the photos, it's the defense.

It looks like about 4 and 5 from the 30.  Not very good odds for a fake punt.

Not even a good effort to block the punt by the four rushing.  Afraid of a roughing the penalty call?

If Neal muffs the punt, decides not to catch it or fumbles, six BYU players are ready to pounce on the ball. 

If we are looking at these photos, don't you think OU is looking at the game film?

At the least, an opportunity to score is forfeited or a blocked punt and at the worst is a fumble and loss of possession.  History has shown this conservative play will eventually catch up to the Irish and bite them in the butt.

By the way, the Notre Dame Special Teams coordinator AND tight ends coach is Scott Booker. Who at this time last year was a graduate assistant.


Brian Kelly Comes Clean on Punt Return Fiasco

We have listened to and/or read every Brian Kelly press conference.  The pre-games, post games, media days, post practice, phone-call-ins, one-on-ones with the Notre Dame media department and singular interviews out in the hinterlands of America.   This is one reason we have a number of pet peeves with the local media that attend the Notre Dame press conferences who we have affectionately dubbed moronic. 

Here is the entire 30 minute conference on Tuesday.  Finally Kelly addresses punt returns.
During the below exchange we have no idea who asked the question.  Reporters do not identify themselves and unless Kelly responses with “Eric, Pete, Brian, etc,” we are at a loss to know who is the questioner.

It is slower but easier to read the transcripts than listen to the press conference.  Reporters do not use provided microphones and in some cases all you hear is the response by Kelly.
Some questions are simply stupid.  The below one is a good example concerning turnovers and special teams.  It was a setup question.  Kelly figured his punt return scheme would be questioned sooner or later, simply because it is terrible for the second year in a row.  The sad part is that Kelly’s response begs a couple of follow-on questions.  Of course there were none.

Irish Coach Brian Kelly

Q. So many times in marquee games like this it comes down to turnovers and special teams. Now, turnovers, you've been among the nation's leaders there in margin and everything. How would you rate your special teams effectively‑‑

COACH KELLY: A. A plus. It's a set‑up question.

Obviously we missed some field goals, and we're not pleased with that, but we've been pretty good kicking the football. We haven't been the best in the country. But it's not taking away from winning.
As it relates to punt return, we're fielding the ball much better than we did last year. We need to go north and south. We're not pleased with our kickoff return game. We think we've got some players in there that have to step their play up. And we're really thin on punt return.

When we lost Wood and we lost Jamoris Slaughter and had to pencil in players full‑time on the defensive side of the ball, we lost some really good cover guys. We're really thin there. And we're not going to be able to answer it until we get some reinforcement. This recruiting class should help us next year where we have depth in personnel.

We're still one click behind in special teams with the depth of the personnel that we need. And that's just the fact. We're playing some young guys there that have to get better. But I like where we're going to go. I think our punt return is going to be really good. I think we're going to have some guys that we'll be able to get on that team.

But we are who we are right now. We're clearly disappointed we have to do a better job. We have to give George Atkinson more room. We've gotta do a better job. And we can. We just have to be better at that area right now.

I was kidding about the A. I heard it coming, so I responded.

Let’s break down some of Kelly’s comments to the question.

Kelly:  As it relates to punt return, we’re fielding the ball much better than we did last year.
SAS comment:  Neal has a fumble which he recovered (MSU) and has let a number of punts go that were downed well inside the 20 yard line by our opponents.  His return yardage results are no better than John Goodman’s last year.

Kelly:  We need to go north and south.  We’re not pleased with our kickoff return game.  We think we’ve got some players in there that have to step their play up.  And we’re really thin on punt return.
SAS comment:  In Pop Warner ball they teach and stress running straight ahead on returns.  You can’t teach that to elite college players? 

SAS comment:  We would hope not.
SAS comment:  It they have not stepped up their play after seven games what have they been coached, trained, and standards practiced to?  Replace them with others that want a chance to play.  Maybe some of the 20 walk-ons would like a chance?

SAS comment:  With a 105 man roster you are thin on players that are called upon to do one thing on returns.  Block?  Oh my gosh.
Kelly:  When we lost Wood and we lost Jamoris Slaughter and had to pencil in players full‑time on the defensive side of the ball, we lost some really good cover guys. We're really thin there. And we're not going to be able to answer it until we get some reinforcement. This recruiting class should help us next year where we have depth in personnel.

We're still one click behind in special teams with the depth of the personnel that we need. And that's just the fact. We're playing some young guys there that have to get better. But I like where we're going to go. I think our punt return is going to be really good. I think we're going to have some guys that we'll be able to get on that team.

But we are who we are right now. We're clearly disappointed we have to do a better job.

SAS Comment:  What a bunch of hooey.   Last year the excuse was that there was no time to fix it during the season and that it would be an off-season priority.  We are disappointed both in the response last year and the response above.
Kelly:  We have to give George Atkinson more room. 

SAS Comment:  Wait a minute.  We thought you said George needed to go north and south?  Obviously both Atkinson and Neal need more room.  What they really need is a guy wearing a gold helmet to zero in on a guy wearing some other colored helmet and put him on the ground. 

Every team has special team issues with players.  You want to save your best for defense and rest them when you can.  On punt returns you have a return guy and usually two guys that rush the punter to keep him honest.  So that leaves eight guys to either block at the line or rush back and set up a return.  Eight guys.

EDITORS NOTE:  A losing battle was fought with the Google Blogger template and SAS lost.  Pay no attention to the white background on some of the text it is not meant to highlight anything.  Well maybe our stupidity in trying to manipulate text.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Irish versus Sooners - Prediction

Lads you should expect a whole stadium of red and noise
I don’t see Notre Dame winning this game.

*** Suspect offense.
*** Worrisome special teams play.

*** Young quarterback.
*** Playing in a very hostile camp.

*** Las Vegas making us an 8-10 point underdog.
*** Oklahoma is playing better every week after losing to Kansas State.

*** A secondary that will be sorely tested and thrown at by a pass-happy team.
*** Oklahoma used the Jayhawks as a tune-up for the Irish. They even had a kick return and punt return for touchdowns. Ouch Charlie.

Last week was a trap game as the Irish were leaning forward in the foxhole and almost got caught at it. That happens to teams. Especially after emotional wins over Miami, Stanford and the two Michigan teams it was inevitable that Notre Dame would be peeking. The schedule has been brutal.
Everett Golson is the key. After the concussion he did not practice with any contact. He did not play last week at all. If cleared, I suspect Brian Kelly will not want him running. A quarterback that can run can open up a game with scrambling. Tommy Rees became a handoff specialist in the second half of the BYU game, I’m not sure that is going to cut it against the Sooners.  Andrew Hendrix could of done that and he can run. 

Before the season I thought my wildest dreams would be a 10-2 season with loses to USC and Oklahoma. Secretly I thought loses to Michigan and Stanford were real possibilities.
Lads - Watch your step. They don't clean up after animals in Norman
I’m going with my heart and not my brains.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Oklahoma A Tough Row For The Irish To Hoe

The below was too good not to paste and post.  Got it from Rock’s House over at NDNation.  Poster is mmetzger.
It would appear the work will be cut out for the Irish.  A tough row to hoe.  The Sooners look tough on paper.

So far the best offense the Irish have faced is Purdue's at #49 in the country and they are 3-4. Oklahoma offense is ranked #5 and is the first team that can really throw the ball downfield. Defensively, the Irish are facing a top 20 defense for the 4th time this season.

Oklahoma scoring offense: #5
Oklahoma scoring defense: #12

#100 Navy
#49 Purdue
#109 Michigan St
#54 Michigan
#70 Miami
#67 Stanford
#89 BYU

#44 Navy
#72 Purdue
#11 Michigan St
#16 Michigan
#96 Miami
#24 Stanford
#8 BYU

Tyler Eifert - Part Two

Just a few posts back we showed a remarkable one of a kind photo of Tyler Eifert leaping in the air with two Stanford defenders around him.  You don't see those catches except once every couple years.

Oops.  We lied.  Bad SAS!

Tyler Eifert against BYU
For giggles and grins, cut and paste the photo to your desk top.  The small size we are limited to here at the Blog does not do it justice and it's a neat wallpaper for the OU game.
Grab a couple more against OU Tyler.  GO IRISH.

Irish Special Teams Report Card – BYU

While the Irish Defense cannot get much better and the Offense rides on the shoulders and play of the quarterback, Special Teams continues to struggle.  If the Irish expect to win in Norman they will have to bring the “A Team” and all of it.  This includes Everett Golson’s best effort to date, continued improvement in the secondary AND some help from Special Teams.


            Touchbacks:  2 (Brindza) 4 opportunities

Kick return yards allowed: 2-30 yds.

Kick returns:  2-37 yds. (Atkinson)
Kyle Brindza had an outstanding day from the 35 yard line.  Two touchbacks and two kicks that his teammates were able to capitalize on and corral the return guy for BYU.

George Atkinson III did not fare any better than the BYU return guy.  It appears that neither time was Atkinson given very much support in blocking.  All he needs is a little room to get going and a vision of the field.  He got and saw neither.
As a side note:  The Sooners ran a kickoff back for 100 yards against Charlie Weis and the Jayhawks.  Likewise they did the same thing with a punt return- a touchdown.

Kickoffs:  A   
Returns:  D


            Yardage:  4 – 175 yds. 43.8 avg. [1 TB 34 yds)] (Turk)

            Punt Return yards allowed:  1 - -5 yds.

            Punt Returns: 2- -3 yds. (Neal)

Ben Turk had his been game of the year punting with an average of 43.8.  Again his special teammates helped in allowing one possible return and it ended up being for a minus five yards.  Ben did draw the ire of coach Brian Kelly when he failed to kick the ball out of bounds inside the 20, resulting in a touchback and a net punt of 34 yards.
Devonte Neal was not given a chance and zero support from his punt return team.  It is one of the great mysteries of the year that the Irish punt return is a joke.  It is unclear why no reporters have broached the subject with Kelly during any news conferences, radio shows, or phonconferences.     

Punting:  B+
Punt Returns:  F


            Field Goals:  1-3 (24 yds.) (Brindza) Missed 40 yds. and Missed 28 yds.

            PAT’s: 2-2 (Brindza)
Those two field goal misses hurt after a couple of pretty nice drives that bogged down.  In a close game every point obviously counts and it appears the game this Saturday night fits the bill.

Place Kicking:  C+
While this was only one game, kickoff and punt returns have been dismal all year.  Atkinson has had a couple of nice returns however he did it all on his own.  Nothing like his two returns last year for touchdowns.  The best that can be said is that neither Neal nor Atkinson have had any muffs or fumbles.  Maybe that’s all Brian Kelly wants.

This statement is attributed to Kelly and is probably paraphased.  According to Kelly, with all the rule changes that the NCAA made to protect players, its 'almost' impossible to return a punt. He brought up the rule change about how players can come off the line, how they can no longer form a wedge, and pretty much said he has given up on the punt return, at least for now.

Tell that to Stoops and the Sooners.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tyler Eifert Notre Dame All American

Apparently tight end Tyler Eifert will not have All-American numbers come end of season for the Irish.  The double teaming either with a cornerback and safety or a linebacker and safety have pretty much thrown a blanket over his reception totals and touchdowns.  He has to fight for every catch.

Notre Dame does not have a wide receiver capable of taking the pressure off Eifert and forcing defenses to choose their poison.  Instead, Eifert gets most of the attention.

What will get Eifert into the NFL is receiving efforts like this:  Everett Golson to Eifert.  Touchdown that tied the score at 10 - 10 in the Stanford game.

 Tyler Eifert touchdown reception versus Stanford

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tailgating at the Joyce

We have decided there is nothing like a Hang Tag with a big J on it.  It sure beats the North White lot.  Our first time ever to hobnob and hangout with the big boys in a paved parking lot.  We ended up close to the bookstore, a stone’s throw away from decent toilets in the JACC (apparently the female staff members thought the pora-potties a little too well used) and just a zip up the sidewalk to Leahy Gate and into the stadium.
Now the weather was downright awful.  If you did not have a tent or foul weather gear you were in a serious situation of being drown.  This forced a considerable number of fans to sit in the back end of their SUV’s with the hatch up and look sad and dejected.  In addition, we observed a considerable number of drown rats walking around.  The Subway Alumni Station staff on the other hand was dry, well-oiled and totally well fed.  Hot wings and potato slices cooked in boiling peanut oil and after the game brats, dogs and chips.  Yum.  Now we did have a sad event with the homemade brew however, a backup plan went into effect and everything turned out just fine.  I love "Plan B's"

Plans are being formulated, calendars and schedules reviewed for a return engagement in 2013.
Below are few pictures.  Some are also posted as part of the ESPN article.  Unfortunately, the rain prevented utilizing the Cannon digital in the stadium.

"Outlined against a blue-gray October sky..................."  That is surely what the sky looked like over the campus.

Speaking of that era, the Four Horsemen were tailgating as well.  No that is not diet coke in the cups and yes they had Miller, Crowley, etc names on the backs.

Not to be out-done, hula-boys were out and about, however the cool weather pretty much kept them covered up.  It takes a powerful lot of drinking to get anyone on the staff to wear that stuff.

This was one of the nicer tables.  Fall center piece, mums, great bar.  Gives us a standard to shoot for next year.

Couple unsavory characters that could not be shooed away from the tent and food.

It would not be a tailgate party without bagpipes.

A tailgate alley before the rain.

Yup.  It got dark and windy too.

Planner, Chief Operations Officer and Tailgate Manager.  Kind of cute too huh?

Subway Alumni Station tailgate just set up.  Before the brew disaster.

Proof that some of the staff stayed until the ushers kicked them out of the stadium.

ESPN Invasion of the Notre Dame Campus

Well ESPN GameDay showed up on campus for the Stanford game.  Many members of the Old Guard ND Nation Community thought the whole idea revolting.  Some pointed to the Notre Dame resurgence and return to prominence being validated by ESPN showing up.  Still others consider the entire ESPN a circus from Mark May and Lou Holtz back in the studios to the sham of feeding bread to the masses on the road that bring out all the morons and idiots.  Many "Joe 6 Paks" feed on the stupidity.  Part of the idiot deal is the wearing of mascot hats and masks by Lee Corso a former itinerate college coach.

Maybe it is a little bit of everything.
We here at the Station avoid ESPN except when it comes to viewing ou favorite broadcasted games.  In many cases we hit the mute button due to crappy broadcasters, long commericals and only punch it again to listen to replays or announcements by the referee concerning penalties and reviews of plays for validation. 

Here and below are the best we can provide as far as photos of the event.  Some snatched from the internet, the rest snapped by our crack staff photographers Alex and Shelly.  It is strongly suspected that the latter photos will be snatched from us.
Setup Friday October 12
View Monday October 14
It is simply amazing that the grass is not trampled nor torn up and muddy.  It's like the entire event never happened.

 Kurt Herbstreit had the first session.  He really is polished, knowledgable, and a likeable guy.  He caught a jet down to the LSU and South Carolina game to team up with Brent Musburger who by all accounts needs to retire yesterday.  I'm sure everytime he says "Herbie" Kurt would like to strangle Brent.

Chris Fowler and Kurt Herbstieit and the back of some guy's head
The ESPN GameDay bus 

Transport trucks for all the ESPN stuff
Lee Corso walking to Notre Dame provided office space prior to broadcasting.  He had two security guards, don't know if they were Campus or ESPN types.  To his credit, Lee was in a hurry however he stopped for pictures.
The best sign.  Louis should be very proud.
Funniest sign.  The Four Horsemen.  Or should it be the Four Jackasses?

Home Depot had a large presence.  Giving away tons of plastic orange hard hats and T-shirts.

Some of the mob.

Game Trap Catholics vs. Mormons Prediction

This game really scares me.

Mormon Temple - Salt Lake City

The tendency is to look past BYU towards Oklahoma.
After coming off emotionally charged games against Sparty, The Skunkbears, Da U, and now The Tree, staying focused and not falling into being bushwhacked is going to be a chore for Brian Kelly and crew.

It happened to WVU last week when Texas Tech caught them off guard after tight wins over Baylor and Texas. It has happened to the Irish against BC a number of times.  You just are mentally and physically drained.
The issue is what Irish offense is going to show up. The one that can move the ball on the ground and not put it on the ground or another scary victory eked out by a strong defense.

Notre Dame Basilica - South Bend
Well let’s see how did we do last week?

Predicted Notre Dame 28 and Stanford 17

Final score Notre Dame 20 and Stanford 13
I think we would have hit it really close if the rain had not been a factor, it kept the scoring low that's for sure.

This week?  Hmmmmm.
The match up is BYU's bowl game for all intented purposes.  Being independent they don't have a lot of options, kind of like the Irish.  Either we get a BCS bid or watch them all on TV.

The drums along the Saint Joseph River are pounding that Everett Golson may NOT start against BYU. Tommy Rees and Andrew Hendrix are getting reps while Golson waits on the medical staff to clear him to play.  Concussions are obviously tricky and it is important to medically get it right.

So is that a good thing or bad? BYU now has a more complicated defensive game plan to put in place.
Notre Dame 31 and BYU 9

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Manti Te’o Lott IMPACT Player of the Week

Well this is beginning to sound like a broken record.  Of course it gives fodder to the Notre Dame bashers and haters.

Manti Te’o for the third time this year (7 weeks) has been named Defensive Player of the Week.  The award and trophy goes to the best defensive player at the end of the year.

Manti had 11 tackles against Stanford and was once again all over the field and involved in just about every defensive play.

Check out his statistics on the top right of the Blog.
I’m not convinced I would want Manti running at me with or without his helmet on.

Anyone know what the “574L” stands for on his pouch?
BTW, he plays inside linebacker.

Notre Dame Bandwagon

Well 6-0.  If you are thinking now is the time to jump on the Irish bandwagon, you are just a nad too late.
Notre Dame Bandwagon

Had a poster complain that I should include the position of the player when mentioning his name in a post.  This technique would help him learn the players.
The example was given that Everett Golson should be stated as “quarterback Everett Golson”.

My response was, if you need help in learning who Everett Golson is, you have no business reading this Blog.

Notre Dame, Stanford and the Last Play

Elbow down?  Forward progress stopped?  Phantom whistle?  Second effort score?

Well we couldn’t tell ya.  Our seats were in the South end zone and about as far away as you can get and still be in Notre Dame Stadium.  Heck we didn’t know Everett Golson fumbled and Stanford recovered until the Tree Guys came hooping, hollering and running off the field.  Then we saw the referee standing there with his two arms stretched high in the air.  Dang.

Anyway, check this out Here.  Someone has way too much time on his hands and has dissected the final play into extricating detail.
Apparently Coach Shaw needs to get over the whining.  Its’ done.  Move on.  They were Pac-12 officials and Big East replay guys, none bought, sold, or paid off by Notre Dame.



Thursday, October 11, 2012

ESPN GameDay Setting Up

And so the madness begins.

Rendezvous At The Bend

Well the subway lines are going to be busy this weekend.  The entire staff is migrating to Notre Dame for the Stanford game.  Silver line from Florida.  Blue line from Kentucky.  Gold line from Minnesota. 
We even have a parking pass for the Joyce parking lot thanks to one son.  We have never tailgated in a reserved lot before, always up in the North White lot.  The other son is bringing everything for tailgating, home brewed beer, food, and plans to deep fry chicken wings and potatoes slices.         

We are hoping to get a choice spot for tailgating when the lot opens.  It is going to be a long day.  Apparently a wet one as well with rain in the forecast as well as potential thunder storms.    If any of the followers of Subway Alumni Station plan on being on campus, shoot me at email and I’ll make sure you can find us.  dragonspress@gmail.com
Planning on taking pictures of tailgating, activities, events, ESPN GameDay, and of course the game.