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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Random Thoughts On The Miami Game

Bet Miami is having second thoughts on buying into a home and home series PLUS playing at a neutral site.  Chicago turned out to be as neutral as Miami playing FSU in Gainesville.  Irish band, 75-85% partisan crowd, 90 miles from South Bend and having to wear away uniforms while the Irish showed off their Shamrock duds.

Speaking of the Shamrock duds and helmet.  Everything is quiet about the fashion statement.  Guess it shuts us up when the lads won.

For recruiting purposes and NCAA compliance rules, the Irish coaching staff were not allowed to make contact with the recruits making trips to Chicago.  There was a fairly large contingent made up of those already verbally committed, those offered and taking an unofficial trip, those offered and verbally committed elsewhere and a number that have not received an offer but would sure like one.  The largest group attended the Michigan game and a pretty good crowd of recruits is expected for Stanford.  Anyway, how could you not want to play for the Irish after that display of offense and defense?  By all calulations, Coach Kelly can only take about half a dozen more.

If Tommy Rees had driven the Team down the field and scored would he have been under center for the second series?

We are not blocking or setting up blocks for Devonte’ Neal to return a punt.  Same as last year.  Even more frustrating is when faking the fair catch and the ball is downed at the three yard line.  Why we are missing out on this opportunity to score is beyond me.

While NBC performed its’ usual stellar job in bombarding us with long TV timeouts and commercials.  We were not subjected to any political commercials, at least any I could remember.  Of course I did spend a lot of time running to the bathroom or sticking my head in the frig.  We watch very little ‘live’ TV except for news; however the disgust level with political commercials has reached the point that they are muted.

I’m not sure Mike Maylock’s heart is in his job as color commenter this year.  He may have too much on his NFL plate.  Mike got the history of why Notre Dame played so many games at Soldier Field screwed up as well as why the Irish started playing a national schedule.  Hint:  Michigan had a large role.  Also, he kept inferring that Miami is about to turn the corner and Coach Golden is bringing the Canes back.   Doesn’t he read the papers?  The Miami AD just bailed and the NCAA is about to lower the hammer big time.

George Atkinson III leads the Irish in rushing with only 29 carries.  For god’s sake get him the ball, particularly in space.  That shovel pass in the third quarter was a thing of beauty.

Manti Te’o had a ho-hum game with only 10 tackles.  Are you kidding me?  8 were unassisted.  He struck fear into everyone he ran at.

Ben Turk one punt 32 yards.  The one punt is great and reflects a working offense.  The 32 yards sucks and exposes his inconsistency again.

Without unduly exposing Everett Golson, a few designed runs a game will force the defense to take that threat into consideration.  I know that has been talked to death however it finally happened against Miami and Stanford will now have to account for Golson.

The Notre Dame band did a nice job.  Unfortunately the Shamrock series is not a home game although only 90 miles from the Bend.  No true student body section although a ton were present, just scattered about.

Along with a zillion commercials strategically spread out during the 20-25 minute half-time break, NBC uses some of the time to hawk their Sunday NFL matchups.  I would much prefer more highlights and scores of other college games; however that is asking way too much.  They won’t even run a score ticker across the bottom of the screen.

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