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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tailgating at the Joyce

We have decided there is nothing like a Hang Tag with a big J on it.  It sure beats the North White lot.  Our first time ever to hobnob and hangout with the big boys in a paved parking lot.  We ended up close to the bookstore, a stone’s throw away from decent toilets in the JACC (apparently the female staff members thought the pora-potties a little too well used) and just a zip up the sidewalk to Leahy Gate and into the stadium.
Now the weather was downright awful.  If you did not have a tent or foul weather gear you were in a serious situation of being drown.  This forced a considerable number of fans to sit in the back end of their SUV’s with the hatch up and look sad and dejected.  In addition, we observed a considerable number of drown rats walking around.  The Subway Alumni Station staff on the other hand was dry, well-oiled and totally well fed.  Hot wings and potato slices cooked in boiling peanut oil and after the game brats, dogs and chips.  Yum.  Now we did have a sad event with the homemade brew however, a backup plan went into effect and everything turned out just fine.  I love "Plan B's"

Plans are being formulated, calendars and schedules reviewed for a return engagement in 2013.
Below are few pictures.  Some are also posted as part of the ESPN article.  Unfortunately, the rain prevented utilizing the Cannon digital in the stadium.

"Outlined against a blue-gray October sky..................."  That is surely what the sky looked like over the campus.

Speaking of that era, the Four Horsemen were tailgating as well.  No that is not diet coke in the cups and yes they had Miller, Crowley, etc names on the backs.

Not to be out-done, hula-boys were out and about, however the cool weather pretty much kept them covered up.  It takes a powerful lot of drinking to get anyone on the staff to wear that stuff.

This was one of the nicer tables.  Fall center piece, mums, great bar.  Gives us a standard to shoot for next year.

Couple unsavory characters that could not be shooed away from the tent and food.

It would not be a tailgate party without bagpipes.

A tailgate alley before the rain.

Yup.  It got dark and windy too.

Planner, Chief Operations Officer and Tailgate Manager.  Kind of cute too huh?

Subway Alumni Station tailgate just set up.  Before the brew disaster.

Proof that some of the staff stayed until the ushers kicked them out of the stadium.

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