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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Irish versus Panther Prediction

After this past weekend’s old-fashioned butt whipping placed on the Sooners by the Fighting Irish, the mood around the Station here can best be described as euphoric.  8-0.  Wow.  Who’d of thought?  Great to be a Notre Dame fan.  Who cares if we were called “Papist Hooligans” and “French whores from Notre Dame” just a few days ago?  Bring it on.

Just read where it is now being reported at ESPN: “that maybe Oklahoma wasn’t as good as they thought they were”.  We got that same lame excuse from the pundits after we beat, MSU, UM, and Stanford. 
Well work here at the Blog has to be done, deadlines made, payrolls met.  Four games to go.

So let’s turn to Pitt.  First of all, this is NOT a trap game.  Pitt sucks.  Three coaches in three years.  You cannot look at their stats for any type of comparison between them and us.  By the way, the Big East sucks and you can’t use them for comparison either. 
Pitt is 4-4.  Wins over; Virginia Tech (4-4), Gardner-Webb (whatever and wherever that place is), Buffalo, and Temple.  Losses to; Youngstown St., Cincinnati, Syracuse, and Louisville.  The lone credit we will give the Panthers is only losing to (BCS #10) Louisville (8-0) by ten points.

We are sure Brian Kelly is scrambling to find things to point out to the Team to build Pitt up.  Good luck.  Wait until he starts searching for good things to say about Boston College and Wake Forest.
We are very greedy and really want the Irish to pound Pitt totally into the green grass of Notre Dame Stadium.  It is a great opportunity for the walk-ons and freshman that have not played very much to gain game experience.

Notre Dame 48   Pittsburgh 9

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