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Monday, August 13, 2012

Notre Dame the Coaches Poll and Fairness

If you follow college football you probably chuckled over Lane Kiffin, head coach at USC.  Seems in the USA Today Coaches Pre-Season Poll he voted his Trojans number one.  No big deal, except that he denied it.  USA Today called him out on the lie.  Kiffin did not expect the Poll to reveal his vote since they keep it private until the season is over and everyone would have forgotten.

Now it seems Kiffin quit the Poll all together.  It is a little hazy whether he did it in protest over the outing or the Poll told him to put up or shut up.  Anyway he’s out.  I have to agree with one thing.  Good for him voting the Trojans number one.  If not, where is your confidence in your Team?  Put your money where your mouth is so to speak.  Every voting coach should vote his team number one or no coach allowed to do so.
The Coaches Poll should be flushed down the toilet. 

Only a select number of Division I coaches get to vote, 59 I believe.  By the way, Brian Kelly does.
Do the coaches have time?  How many college games during the season other than their opponents to the coaches have time to watch or read about? 

It would make more sense for the coach at Western Michigan to vote.  He does not have a horse in that race.
If memory services me, I remember Charlie Weis delegating his duties to others, and then reviewing the submission before faxing it in.

Steve Spurrier was notorious for voting down the Irish three or four slots from the general consensus.  Of course that’s back in Charlie’s first couple years when we had BCS caliber teams.  Spurrier’s dislike for Notre Dame goes back to the ass-whippings Lou Holtz put on the Gaters. 
Say a team in one of the major conferences is neck and neck with Notre Dame for a BCS slot; do you honestly think all the coaches in that conference would be objective in their voting?  Of course not, they would vote the conference team ahead of the Irish.  So much for independence.  It's a stacked deck.

Change the Poll.  No voting for your team allowed.  Let all 120 Division I coaches vote.
Speaking of voting.  Have you voted yet for who will the Irish QB against Purdue?  You can do so on the right side of the Blog.

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IrishPT said...

Great points and valid. How much weight does the coaches poll have in the BCS computer equation?

Subway Alumni said...

Yup. Sure. Easy.

You take the heavily weighted coaches poll who are against the Irish, add in the Notre Dame hating media poll (AP) and throw in the mumbo-jumbo computer strength of schedule rating and input it all into a hugh Cray computer or the IBM one they got at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Get the results and head down to Sun City Arizona.

At the Sunset Estates find Edna who is sitting in a wheel chair watching the grass grow and the waiting for the dinner bell. Wake her up and show 85 year old dear Edna your raw data.

She will pick the opponents to the Orange, Sugar, Fiesta, and Rose Bowl. She does it every year and no one bitches.

You notice there is no Cotton Bowl. Who the heck wants to sit in seats with their knees in someone else’s ears and worry about your car since you had to park it in someone’s front yard?

Anyway, I digressed.

The power brokers and money people are doing away with Edna in 2014. New system. Edna will probably be early for dinner then.

IrishPT said...

Hey, I've parked in a front yard at the Cotton Bowl. I think we paid something like $35 and didn't even get some vasoline.

Subway Alumni said...

"we" paid $35? You spent all your money on a bootlegged/knockoff T shirt.

Hey at least the rental was still there.