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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Notre Dame Football Helmets

Third year coach Brian Kelly and Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick if nothing else have made their mark with the subway alumni.  Notre Dame.  Love them or hate them.  Shamrock Series football helmets.  Love them or hate them.

Here are a bunch of pictures as you wait patiently for the Navy game.  I know a lot of you have given up checking out the latest news on the Irish.  It’s been all bad and depressing. 
Here is a 1920-30's helmet when we used to kick butt.

1950's when we weren't so good.
Ara and Lou Era's one that the students painted.  No need to tell you if we kicked butt.

Michigan 2011.  We lost.  First time Jack and Brian started screwing with the headgear.
Maryland 2011.  We won.  Had to come up with something to counter the crappy Maryland uniform and helmet.
USC 2011.  Yeah we lost.  The helmet the students are not allowed to paint.  Only the designer, manufacturer students.  Note a savve Eric Hansen in the blue shirt with the Man.

Here is the old and the new.  You decide.

Jack and Brian's effort to come up with the second ugliest helmet in the history of college football.  Some say it beats out Maryland for the ugliest.  I think it's a toss up.


1 comment:

kreyfish said...

I must be weird...I liked the Maryland helmets....now, don't be hatin'on me!!

That said, I kind of like the blue/gold helmets, too. And, yes, I liked the hammered gold helmets, and the new gold helmets.

Though, I never did care for the student painted helmets...they looked brown on TV and they were always flaking off by the end of the first quarter.

Quite frankly, I don't care if they come out in there PJ's, as long as they win this year!