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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chickens Come Home to Roost

Jim and Joe, Graduates of Lairs U.
Where are the liars now?  Who?  Why former big-time college football coaches Joe Paterno and Jim Tressel of course.

Well we know where JoePa is hangin out however where is Jim?

Right or wrong we have enjoyed kicking around former college football head coaches.  Serves them right for being so arrogant and above reproach and accountability.  We have taken particular delight in pile-driving Jim Tressel and the late JoePa.

Here are a couple of the old posts on Jim that we wrote:




Click down in our archives and you can find some stuff on the living now dead legend of PSU.

OK, back to Jim.   Where is he now?

Tressel played football and graduated from Baldwin Wallace College in Ohio.  His first job was a graduate assistant at the University of Akron. He coached the quarterbacks, receivers and running backs, while earning a master's degree in education.

After his resignation and disgrace from OSU he signed on with the Colts as a game day consultant working from September 2011 until February 2012.  Obviously Jim has some connections with the Colts and the Colts have $$ to share.

Anyway, meet Mr. James Tressel the University of Akron’s new Vice President of Strategic Engagement.  New as in newly created position.  Jim must have forged some great connections and networking at Zipper U during his graduate assistant days.

If you don’t understand the newly created job title, then there is no way in hell you are going to understand the job description.

As the Vice President for Strategic Engagement, Tressel will identify, recommend and support strategies and efforts that promote success in all facets of student life, including alumni and friend engagement, and collaborations and partnerships with community organizations that have an influence and impact on UA students and their futures.

No, we can’t make this stuff up loyal followers of the Subway Alumni Station. 

Base salary: $ 200,000.  Wow.  I never made 200k in my life.  Of course I was not a lair either.

Obviously the job was created to perpetuate Tressel’s state of Ohio’s retirement package remember he started at Akron, then Youngstown, and OSU.  Jim still has friends in high places; his final package may rival Paterno’s sweetheart deal at PSU.

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