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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ESPN Invasion of the Notre Dame Campus

Well ESPN GameDay showed up on campus for the Stanford game.  Many members of the Old Guard ND Nation Community thought the whole idea revolting.  Some pointed to the Notre Dame resurgence and return to prominence being validated by ESPN showing up.  Still others consider the entire ESPN a circus from Mark May and Lou Holtz back in the studios to the sham of feeding bread to the masses on the road that bring out all the morons and idiots.  Many "Joe 6 Paks" feed on the stupidity.  Part of the idiot deal is the wearing of mascot hats and masks by Lee Corso a former itinerate college coach.

Maybe it is a little bit of everything.
We here at the Station avoid ESPN except when it comes to viewing ou favorite broadcasted games.  In many cases we hit the mute button due to crappy broadcasters, long commericals and only punch it again to listen to replays or announcements by the referee concerning penalties and reviews of plays for validation. 

Here and below are the best we can provide as far as photos of the event.  Some snatched from the internet, the rest snapped by our crack staff photographers Alex and Shelly.  It is strongly suspected that the latter photos will be snatched from us.
Setup Friday October 12
View Monday October 14
It is simply amazing that the grass is not trampled nor torn up and muddy.  It's like the entire event never happened.

 Kurt Herbstreit had the first session.  He really is polished, knowledgable, and a likeable guy.  He caught a jet down to the LSU and South Carolina game to team up with Brent Musburger who by all accounts needs to retire yesterday.  I'm sure everytime he says "Herbie" Kurt would like to strangle Brent.

Chris Fowler and Kurt Herbstieit and the back of some guy's head
The ESPN GameDay bus 

Transport trucks for all the ESPN stuff
Lee Corso walking to Notre Dame provided office space prior to broadcasting.  He had two security guards, don't know if they were Campus or ESPN types.  To his credit, Lee was in a hurry however he stopped for pictures.
The best sign.  Louis should be very proud.
Funniest sign.  The Four Horsemen.  Or should it be the Four Jackasses?

Home Depot had a large presence.  Giving away tons of plastic orange hard hats and T-shirts.

Some of the mob.

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