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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Notre Dame Monday Morning Quarterbacking and 20-20 Hindsight

Brian Kelly has had a rough two years.  A number of self-inflicted wounds, a whole lot of unfortunate turnovers and now the incident with Tommy Rees.   Who was basically his starting quarterback for the past two years and potential starter or backup in 2012.

We sat down with some coffee and fat pills to discuss what Kelly would take back and what he would do differently if he had a chance to do over again.  We suspect his Irish pride would not agree, but what the heck, we want to write about something other that Tommy Rees.  BTW, the coffee did have a wee bit of the old world in it to add some kick.

**  Pull Dayne Crist after the first half of the USF game.

**  Give Crist more chances and more snaps prior to his USC snap fumble.

**  At the USC post game press conference, not throw Crist and a couple other players under the bus.

**  In 2010 and 2011 prepare his backup quarterbacks a little bit differently because of the unexpected game day issues with consistency and injury at the QB position.

**  Had a plan B or the ability to develop and present a punt return game after initial issues with Theo Riddick.

**  Brought in assistant coaches a little bit quicker.

**  Kick a field goal against Tulsa.

**  Had supervision and monitoring system in place concerning filming on windy days.

**  Place more emphasis on the defensive plan against Navy.

** Gotten Hendrix on the field more in 2011.

**  Run the ball more in the Red Zone.

**  Realized that recruits with reluctant verbals are going to scatter to the four winds and create last minute recruiting holes.

**  Keep the defensive pressure on and not lose a 14 point lead to FSU.

**  Close out football games.  

**  Blowup on the sidelines.

**  Create a situation of Weis recruits versus Kelly recruits.

Did we miss anything?
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