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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Come On Jump On The Notre Dame Football Bandwagon For 2011

Well it started with the separate Brian Kelly and Michael Floyd press conferences and interviews on Wednesday last.  It progressed to the Friday press conference opening all practice to the short video clips of Saturday’s practice.  Culminating with the Kelly post-practice media interview Saturday afternoon, which was hard to follow by the way.  (The audio was jumpy and you could not hear some of the questions.) 

Anyway, we hauled out the ole bandwagon, load up our bedrolls, beer, brats, toilet paper, a few stray goats, some chickens, and are ready to roll.  We cannot remember the last time we were so pumped up for the start of Notre Dame Football.  [OK, Becky our statistician just reminded us of Charlie Weis’s first fall camp, geez that is something to forget.]
Come on we’ll pull you up between the cheerleaders and the tuba player.

Two points from Brian Kelly’s Saturday afternoon interview with the press.

1.  They are addressing the return game.  Hurrah!  We were dismal last year.  100th in punt returns and did not make the top 50 in individual kick-off returners (that is the only statistic the NCAA provided).
Kelly indicated that they are looking closely for sure-handed return men.  By name:

Michael Floyd – We hope not, he’s got enough on his plate.

John Goodman – We hope not, we remember last year.

Robby Toma – We hope so, smart, good hands, decent speed.

Harrison Smith – We hope not, let him concentrate on destroying receivers and stray running backs that get past Manti Te’o.

Everett Golson – Ok, but he’d better be good to burn his redshirt.

Theo Riddick – No, no, no.  He has to worry about getting open when Floyd is double-teamed.

George Atkinson – Yes, give him a good look.  Anything to get him on the field, this guy is going to be great.

Cam McDaniel – Ditto.

Why wasn’t Bennett Jackson mentioned, good hands and speed, he can only get better returning kick-offs.

2.  No mention of the running back position.  We consider that a plus.  Since Dayne Crist is starting at QB (read it here and here) and Michael Floyd is back.  There are really no issues out of the return game and finding a third running back to insert in the game to relief Cierre Wood and Jonas Grey.  We hope they spend a lot of time on that issue.

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Go Irish!

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