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Monday, August 15, 2011

Notre Dame Fall Practice And Hope Springs Eternal

Ah, Fall Football Practice at Notre Dame and South Bend.  That short time of year when summer is desperately hanging on as fall tries to sneak in and invade to ruin the hot, humid and hazy days of the past two months.

It is a time when eternal optimism reigns supreme for the Irish and Subway Alumni everywhere.

No co-eds in significant numbers on campus yet.  Nothing to distract the lads from the work at hand.

The recruiting class members of 2011 have arrived early and are been busy with classes and workouts.  Everyone is eager for a look-see at the catch Coach Brian Kelly and staff have landed.

The returning underclassmen, starters and monogram winners are on campus and can show-off what they have done since spring ball.  Who has put on weight?  Has the training table had an effect?  Who has shed pounds?  Who has developed upper body strength?  Who over the summer took strength and conditioning Coach Paul Longo to heart?  Who is master of the weight room?  Who can kick anyone’s butt during one-on-ones?  Who has the best 40 time?

Great, no summer injuries, transfers, academic questions or lingering DWI/DUI issues.  Whew!

The walk-on tryouts have been completed and the preferred walk-ons are all here ready to be intimidated and punished.

Memories of the Sun Bowl, Miami looking rather chilled, the victory over USC and the four-game winning streak are still fresh in everyone’s mind.

The strides of the defense after the humiliation of Tulsa and Navy keep the hope alive for a BCS defense in 2011.

Not too many starting positions up for grabs, a very good thing.
New practice jerseys with three strips, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
Quarterback controversy?  Poop.  All for the media and to keep four quarterbacks fully engaged.  Dayne Crist will take the first snap from Braxton Cave out of the shotgun and either hand-off to Cierre Wood or hit Tyler Eifert over the middle.  Mark this post.  You heard it here first.

Plenty of ‘coach talk’ that such and such and so and so are 1 and 1a.  The “OR” word is thrown around a lot when discussing the starters at certain spots on the roster.  All good signs pointing to position depth and competition on the squad.

Oh, the preseason rankings are finally out.  A ton of educated and uneducated guesses where Notre Dame should be placed.  Who cares?  Bring them all on.  Great, we are somewhere well below the top ten yet thought about enough to at least be ranked.  Can we sneak up on a Team?  Probably not.  USF and Michigan are not ranked.  MSU will not be surprised.

Finally, the plethora of articles, stories, magazines, blogs, lies, websites, hate mail, bulletin boards, forums all to read, digest and wonder.  Opinions galore. 

Great to be a Notre Dame Subway Alumni.  Bring it on.  When will September 3rd ever arrive at the station?

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