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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Who? You Decide.

So who committed the greater sin against that unknown ten year old boy in the PSU shower room ?
The convicted pedophile?
The dead lair and cover up guy?


Anonymous said...

The answer is Sandusky.

Joe was just like our church authorities without a clue about this kind of abhorrent behavior. I don’t think he could convince himself that anything this grotesque could occur and relate it with his coordinator. Pedophilia, unlike other addictions, is often beyond one’s control and the subject simply has to be separated from society.

The Penn State affair has helped to alert people.God only knows how much has taken place over the decades under the parent’s noses.

When I discuss this matter with male friends, most of us can recall a bizarre event or two from childhood. Sometimes with a common perpetrator. No one went nuts over it, we’d just laugh our ass off about the weirdo and carry on. That was because nothing really serious happened.

Sandusky, however, was apparently very serious and relentless. One of several solutions would include having Odd Job take him out to the car crusher.


Subway Alumni said...

Grim Jack:

Well stated.

I would sic Voldemort after JS.

Subway Alumni