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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mace and Quarterbacking at Notre Dame

Tommy Rees entering court with his defense team (no not the football kind)
Well that’s a fine how-do-you-do.  Last day of finals, I go over to my friend John Goodman’s apartment/house and that night I get maced.  – Tommy Rees

Although a fictional statement, after reading the latest on the Tommy Rees saga we are stunned that he got maced.  We have devoured everything written concerning that incident and never read/heard that Tommy had to be maced!  This just came out in an article from WNDU concerning Tommy’s hearing being delayed a week until July 24th.  The defense needed more time.  Well we should say.  My goodness.
Here is the latest what the SBPD are saying:

“According to police, Rees ran from officer Brandon Stec. Rees ran out onto Notre Dame Avenue. Police say a cab driver saw the pursuit and blocked Rees's path. They, they say Rees raised his knee into the officer, knocking the wind out of him. Officials say the cab driver then grabbed Rees and kept him from running away. When the officer tried to arrest Rees, police say Rees scuffled with him and they both fell back on the pavement. Stec sustained scrapes to the arm in the struggle.

Officers say Rees continued to try and resist arrest and was maced before being taken into custody.”

Hmmmm.  Notice the "officiers" plural.  Remember the cabbie as well.  Bunch of witnesses.
How do you try and get four misdemeanors reduced to community service, fines, or mandatory alcohol training when they include; two charges of resisting law enforcement, one count of battery to law enforcement and one count of minor consumption.
Remember Rees still has to face ResLife and Brian Kelly.

Man we hope Everett Golson has shaken the cobwebs from his brain and picked up on the offense.  We don’t see Rees making the trip to Dublin.

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