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Friday, April 20, 2012

83rd Annual Notre Dame Blue - Gold Game

Well the 83rd annual Notre Dame spring Blue – Gold game is tomorrow Saturday April 21, 2012.
The good folks at the National Weather Service are doing their part in calling for 50 degrees and some strong breeze (10-20 MPH) coming out of the North (natch).  Bring a good jacket or better yet, pick something comfortable at the Bookstore.  I’m sure it will be well-stocked.

I guess I’ve been to half a dozen spring games.  Got sunburned at one, drenched and frozen out at another.  You never know about the weather at the Bend in April.  Live too far away now to make the trip.
The world champion Crimson Tide had 70,000+ attend their spring game.  Our nemesis Boston College, had 200.  Yes, I typed that correctly.  Apparently, the problems with the program run deeper that player suspensions, scandal and new coaches.  The Irish can expect 20,000 – 25,000.

Why attend?
**  Well it only costs $15 bucks to get in.  Compared to the $175 to watch a real game (Miami at Soldiers Field this fall).  Man are the fans bitching and complaining about that fleecing.  It will really be something to listen to if the Irish coming limping into the game with two or more losses.

**  Parking is free, which of course is a rarity at Notre Dame.
**  Chance to drop some serious money at the Bookstore.

**  Be one of the first to own the 2012 version of “The Shirt”.
**  See one of the most beautiful college campuses in the springtime.

**  Get some autographs.  The players are very accommodating before and after the game if you go down to the first row seating.  Between 150 and 200 former players will be on campus, most to support a charity event by former player Brian Smith.  You can expect a pack of former alumni and notables walking around as well.
**  Take some pictures of players either early in the morning at the Gug or get seats right behind the team.  This is your best chance to get really good seats in Notre Dame Stadium.  Go early and watch the flag football game, some old players will be participating.

**  You can soak in the atmosphere on campus and in the stadium.  Man, if I could bottle it we all would be rich.
**  Tailgate and have a few brewski’s and grill some brats.

**  A bunch of high school recruits will be there.  Some who have verbally committed and some who just want to get out of high school classes or dreary towns.  You can recognize them by their varsity jackets.
What not to expect.

**  Chances are you will see the starting quarterback play who will lead the Irish in Dublin.  Unfortunately you and I will not know it until sometime this fall.
**  Do not expect to see recent defector, Aaron Lynch.  He is visiting USF this weekend and is expected to sign a letter of intent with Skip Holtz.  Bet his girlfriend will be with him.

**  High powered offense or smash mouth defense.  Got save those for Dublin and beyond.
**  Dinged players will not be participating.

Two things to watch.
**  If given the opportunity to throw deep, which quarterback does and how successful.

**  Watch the accuracy passing of Everett Golson.   It has called into question this spring.  The velocity, not the strength.  Accuracy.
Lou Holtz half-heartedly tried to discontinue the Blue-Gold Game.  His argument was that he would use the time for a straight practice and that the chances of meaningless injuries was too great.  He lost that argument just like he did trying to put achievement decals on the gold helmets.

The game is the next to last event before the dreaded DEAD ZONE arrives.  The last event is the NFL draft and where the Irish seniors end up.
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Go Blue beat Gold!
Go Gold beat Blue!


Anonymous said...

Wish I could be there, will try to next year.

Subway Alumni said...


Me too. I wish I lived closer. The game is a great “fix” waiting for fall practice. After the disappointing finish last year, we need something to hang our ND ball caps on. The Kelly bashing has taken a turn for the worst if you follow many of the Websites and Blogs. --- Subway Alumni