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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Blue – Gold Game Aftermath

Well the entire SAS staff watched the Blue-Gold Game live and then on tape for a second time around.  Here are our thoughts. 

Take them with a grain of salt since we were pretty much happy with our video specialist  Laura’s choice of brew to keep us fortified and gitty during the game and replay.  We recommend Cigar City Brewery in Tampa for your choice of refreshment.  We enjoyed it.

**  We have a bunch of running backs that can run and catch passes and then run some more.  This is a good thing since none of the four quarterbacks threw the ball hard and deep.

**  The fade pass into the corner of the end zone we used year after year with Michael Floyd is a thing of the past.  Just simply terrible.  Even worse if the enemy is looking for it.

** Tommy Rees looked like the same Tommy Rees that led us to an 8-5 season last year.

** The quarterback scramble looks like this:  Kiel redshirting, Rees is a backup, Hendrix and Golson fighting and alternating as the leading QB.  Personally, we voted for Golson based upon his mobility, strong arm, and ability to connect on the short and intermediate passes.  The deal is getting the ball to the fastest guys coming off the line and over the middle.  It does not appear we have a deep threat.  The worry is that Kelly will keep going to the fade instead of a running play in the red zone.

** While George Atkinson had some ball handling problems, he is a terrible threat to any defense and must be on the field at all costs.  George is the fasted guy on the field. Get the ball to him Kelly.

**  The defense was changed out constantly, however it is going to be something to bear in mind coming this fall when it is at full strength.  Manti Te’o only played one set of downs.  We like the defense.  Watch out the rest of you on the schedule.

**  Theo Riddick handled the punts.  Watch out if he catches one, gets the important first block.  He will be in the end zone tossing the ball to the ref.

**  The possibilities on offense scare us all.  The problem is turnovers.  Kelly must decide on his entire backfield and get them ready this fall. 

**  Wood, Riddick, Atkinson.  The offense must be developed around them and not the receivers.

**  A limited view of the kicking game appears to be OK.  However, we only saw a portion of it.  The rule changes favor our two kickers  Kyle Brindza and Nick Tausch.  This is a good thing that will play out favorably. 

All the morons, idiots, and naysayers over at NDNation are complaining already.  Particularly about Kelly.  They need to get a life.  We here  as SAS see a 10-2 season at a minimum based upon a scripted Blue-Gold Game.

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Joecaboose said...

10-2...you have got to be kidding.
I'm a Domer-Homer but we will be lucky to end up 6-6.

Subway Alumni said...


Well we here at the Station are always optimistic. Glass half full kind of people.

6-6? Really? Oklahoma and USC appear dismal. We should have beaten Michigan the last two years and will finally this year. I fear MSU in East Lansing, the rest are winnable.

We said 10-2 also because we don’t know who the Irish will face in a bowl game.

Subway Alumni

joecaboose said...

Love your optimism!
Wish I could share your "1/2 full glass". But this team is missing "something" and leads me to beleive the we will lose to:
Miami/Mich State
That's 5 loses.

Recent history tells me we will drop a game that we should win...remember UConn, Navy , some directional school in Florida, etc.

Subway Alumni said...

Good points Joe. We shall see.

Let’s have a rendezvous after the season, loser buys.

The only game I can make is in Dublin. If Tommy Rees starts, look for me rushing the field with a Guinness in one hand and the wife in the other.

Subway Alumni

joecaboose said...

I will send you a 6 pack of Guinness if, in the regular season, ND does better than 6-6.

6-6 or worse (OUCH) you send a 6 pack to me.


Subway Alumni said...


Sounds like a bet and a deal. Good Luck.