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Monday, April 23, 2012

Notre Dame Blue - Gold Game 2012

We cannot remember a Blue-Gold Game that has been dissected, bisected, trisected as much at this one in 2012.  Maybe it’s the Brian Kelly bashers.  Could be the Tommy Turn-over bashers.  How about just hungry fans?  Might be the Notre Dame haters.  We suspect it is the Domers who year after year demand a 13-0 season.  They appear to be everywhere this spring.

Look people it was a scrimmage game.  Played for the fans.  Staged to bring people on campus to generate revenue.  Come on you saw the same game we did.
*** Rotation of quarterbacks to fulfill the expectation that the starting quarterback position was open to competition.  Made even more so by the fact that the QB’s were ‘live’ without the protected red jerseys.  It was real too.  Everett Golson took a huge shot as he got knocked out of bounds by two Irish defenders.  The camera did not show Kelly however he had to be besides himself.

*** You got a very small dose of Manti Te’oTyler Eifert, Cierre Wood, John Goodman et. al.  The coaches know how they can perform on the field.  Plus, why avoid injury.
*** Yes, there was way too much passing.  Remember it was a staged quarterback competition.

*** No Special Team’s play other that limited field goals, PAT’s and punting.  Well yes, that’s how players get hurt according to the NFL and NCAA.  We definitely don’t want that.  Plus, why show off your return schemes to the enemy scouts?
*** Some players never made it on the field or were limited to a couple of plays.  Yup.  Braxton Cave, Bennett Jackson, John Goodman, et. al. Why put a guy who is not 100% out there competing with guys that are 100% and have something to prove?  Dinged players do not need to become injured players.

*** The defense was held back.  Yes it was.  There was very limited blitzing and very little deception on the part of the defense.  It is our humble opinion that the defense could have totally dominated the game.  Again, this was to showcase the quarterback competition.  I think the running backs did very well showing speed and moves with the offensive line creating holes that the defense could not stop.
*** The plays were vanilla.  Yes they were.  Again a level playing field for the quarterbacks and not show the enemy anything that haven’t already seen.  Plus, the QB's according to Kelly were not prepared to execute much more.

*** Kelly rewarded an awful lot of freshmen, red shirts and walk-ons with a ton of playing time.  Yes he did and good for him.  He knows what his veterans can do, now he can watch film this summer and grade his younger players.
What did our 12 opponents learn from watching the Blue – Gold Game?

** That the quarterback they are going to face come fall will probably be Everett Golson.
** That if Brian Kelly wants to pound the football down their throats with a bevy of running backs and a strong, deep offensive line, they had better have a counter.

** The Notre Dame is going to be good, how good remains to be seen.
** There is still the possibility that they (opponents) can steal a victory through Irish turnovers.

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