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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Subway Alumni Station A Notre Dame Blog - The Best 28 Blog Posts

We asked our summer intern Claire Marie as part of her orientation to Subway Alumni Station Blog to read all 245 past blog posts.  To review all the polls, quizzes, pictures, ND recruit mug shots and general information.
Claire Marie

The next thing we knew she redesigned the entire Blog!  Yikes.  So if things look a little bit different, blame Claire Marie.

Then she came up with her favorite blog posts (28) and asked that they be listed as a new post.  Her choices are rather strange, some are on the most read list, others very popular and some not so.  Anyway here they are and when you get bored during the Dead Zone time frame, read a few.
BTW we think we are going to keep Claire Marie in a permanent employee status.
Don’t forget to add us to your favorites list: http://subwayalumnistation.blogspot.com

1.  The Dead Zone Cometh Once Again

2.  Lou Holtz Quotes

3.  God Bless Texas


5.  Ten Ways to Meet Your Football Coach Behind Closed Doors

6.  Anatomy of a First Class Jerk Coach - Jim Harbaugh – Stanford

7.  The Cut Block or Chop Block

8.  Utes or Yoots?

9.  Ah the Pageantry, the Rivalry, the Nostalgia

10. Women of Troy

11.  Requiem for the Huddle

12.  Notre Dame Punt Returns - An Exercise in Futility

13.  Sun Bowl and the Notre Dame SWAG

14.  How The Planets Are Going To have To Align For Notre Dame To Beat Miami

15.  Why Kyle Rudolph and Michael Floyd Will Be Back For ND Football In 2011

16.  tOSU Football Memorabilia For Sale – Cheap

17.  That’s a Well-Oiled Team

18.  Seizing and Safeguarding Mo

19.  The Education of Brian Kelly

20.  Notre Dame Football Traditionalism

21.  “Should Notre Dame install a Jumbotron?”

22.  Anatomy of a Sleazy College Football Program

23.  Mentoring Ohio State Style

24.  Why Notre Dame’s Dayne Crist Will Start Against South Florida

25.  Notre Dame Sports Network

26.  Notre Dame Beer Sales During Football Games

27.  Did Kyle Rudolph Make The Right Decision?

28.  Notre Dame Numbers To Make Your Head Spin

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