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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why Notre Dame Should Be Wary Of South Florida

Various Websites, ESPN, Newspapers, Blogs, Bulletin Boards, Sports Magazines, Mike and Mike In The Morning, and Mark May are going to be talking and writing about Notre Dame versus South Florida.  Why? 
Have you been living under a rock along with that weird GEICO Guy?

Skip Holtz of course.

We here at Subway Alumni Station pride ourselves in being first, always innovative in providing different slants to stories and always on top of what’s really important concerning Notre Dame Football.
Skip Holtz wants to beat Notre Dame in the very worst way.  His father Lou would love to see his son beat his all-time favorite College Football Team.  We understand he will be in the ESPN studios watching the game.  The rest of the Holtz family will be at Notre Dame though.

What goes around comes around.  History does repeat itself.  Remember a certain Head Coach at lowly Northwestern.  Ara somebody?  Beat mighty Notre Dame and when the time was right, no longer had to lick them but rather joined them.

This is exactly what Skip would like to do.

Keep in mind, Skip Holtz is 47 and Brian Kelly is 49. 

Skip wants to follow in his father’s footsteps in the worst way and become the next Head Coach at Notre Dame.  He attended Holy Cross Junior College in South Bend, Ind., for two years before transferring to Notre Dame in 1984.  A normal path to earn academic recognition to be accepted at Notre Dame.  He earned his bachelor’s degree in business management in 1986 and was a football letter winner for the Irish that same year, appearing in all 11 games as a special team’s member and backup flanker.

Dad got Skip a job at FSU through his friend Bobby Bowden as a football graduate assistant.  Skip came back to his Alma Mater and from 1990-1993 was WR Coach and Offensive Coordinator, although we all know that his father outlined the Game Plan and called all the plays.
Look for an untypical game plan from USF as you can imagine.  They have one goal in mind since the game was scheduled.  Use the game to recruit and upset the Irish.  The emphasis from day one of fall camp is to prepare and beat Notre DameOf course, this is no different from any other Team except for the Holtz factor.    

Skip and his staff have been working on a game plan to use against the Irish forever.  When they open practice early this fall, the trainers, players, mascot, and the janitors will soon realize one thing only.  Beat Notre Dame.  It will be written on the locker room white board, shouted ending every practice huddle, texted, twittered, e-mailed and embedded in every players brain.  They will want it more than anything else all year and it's only the first game.

On paper USF is no match for Notre Dame but that same logic did not stop Navy and Tulsa last year or Connecticut in 2009 or even Syracuse in 2008.

Here is what Skip had to say recently on another website interview:

On Coach Holtz going back to Notre Dame:

"Well, I mean from a personal standpoint with all the emotions with my father's success there. Being an alumni there. Having played there. Coached there for four years, there will be a lot of emotions on my standpoint. But I just gotta make sure that regardless of how much people will want to talk about how it will be an emotional game for Skip Holtz, it is a huge game and a huge opportunity for South Florida. As probably one of the youngest Division 1 programs in the country against one of the oldest and most prestigious when it talks to accolades and awards and those types of things."
On how excited Holtz is for the season opener:

“It’s going to be a great opportunity for us. It’s going to be fun. Forty four days and mark one off every single day. I got my calendar out, I’m ready.”
The USF athletic site has a great bio on Skip and his staff.  Much better than Notre Dame’s It even provides a phone number and e-mail address to contact Holtz.  Sure, he has screeners but at least he is accessible.   

Don't look for a cake walk with a cupcake Team.  Skip is serious business.

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